🏆UCL KNOCKOUT STAGE HIGHLIGHTS🏆 2021/2022 UEFA Champions League Best Games and Top Goals! - bestgamewiki.com

🏆UCL KNOCKOUT STAGE HIGHLIGHTS🏆 2021/2022 UEFA Champions League Best Games and Top Goals!

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00:00 Intro
00:04 PSG vs Real Madrid
02:10 Inter Milan vs Liverpool
04:12 Atletico Madrid vs Man Utd
07:57 Bayern Munich vs RB Salzburg
09:29 Real Madrid vs PSG
12:14 Man Utd vs Atletico Madrid
14:27 Juventus vs Villareal
17:41 Man City vs Atletico Madrid
20:41 Chelsea vs Real Madrid
22:12 Real Madrid vs Chelsea
23:40 Liverpool vs Benfica
25:13 Man City vs Real Madrid
27:00 Liverpool vs Villareal
29:56 Villareal vs Liverpool
32:05 Real Madrid vs Man City

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  1. Inter played much better then Liverpool and he is such a overrated defender

  2. Wijnaldum ruined his career with the move from Liverpool to psg

  3. Spurs is worse the Paris saint germain in my opinion

  4. has anyone realized how juventus have been knocked out ever since 2018/19

  5. What song was used in this video psg vs real Madrid what name song used it that video pls

  6. I have watch a couple of videos from this channel and I don't understand one thing , Salah Is always wearing a crown Moo Salah

  7. I don’t know why Suarez has a knife if he can bite them

  8. in inter vs liverpool who is that guy with the grey hair (man utd moment)

  9. Scoring karim😂 Good dance moves from real Madrid by the way😘

  10. Anyone know the song towards the end of the united vs atleti one .

  11. man i cant wait to go to the capital of Mbappe

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