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👻”Best New Free Games” No One Plays!

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“Best New Free Games” No One Plays!
These are the new free to play games of 2017 and 2018 that already are near dead with their populations and will be coming close to closure.

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  1. Tiger knight was awsome but I cant log on anymore for some reason.

  2. I played Fractured Space and it was fun, but progression was wayyyy too slow.

  3. I used to play Orcs must die Unchained before they deleted the Siege pvp mode…I haven't touched that game ever since…the other modes are boring

  4. Played most of those games already..pretty funny but not lasted longer…

  5. Hyper Universe could have been amazing. Maybe if Nexon of America wasn't the one publishing it in the west then I think it would have gone better.

  6. Have to admit that all these games look very mediocre, free to play is not an excuse for a mediocre game, quite the opposite. If the game isn't good people just won't buy anything and you make no money at all. If people pay up front at least you make something even if you are mediocre and ppl don't play for long. Devs if you are going free to play make sure the game is as good or better then anything else on the market.

  7. Fractured space has an open practice mode where you can play with and against bots and use any ship so even if noone is playing… The only early access I admit to buying into. It's chess to Dreadnought's checkers, both great games, but one is chess.

  8. I've played Duelyst for a few months, but stopped when I couldn't follow the meta tempo, all the new cards, packs, decks, tactics. It was a bit too much for a casual me, it required too much time.

  9. Yep, you are right, there is a WC3 map that was like spellsworn, that's very likely its root.
    On that note, AoW:RT also reminds me of the castle fight map in WC3…
    that editor man… it made so many things. It's even the primary spark for the popularity of MOBA (nope, not the first, not the point)
    Too bad blitz is wayyyy late on the scene. HotS really struggles.

  10. I played hyper universe since Alpha. I did a lot of community work. Nexon did not appreciate its players and literally killed this game. It will die for MapleStory2 to do well

  11. Duelyst had great potential, and I loved it initially, but they killed it with horrible design and mechanic choices. Shame. I'm still bummed about it.

  12. I know why they died or are dying, they are boring to hell and back, I myself hate brawlers moba and similar crap

  13. I sorta wanted to know what Snow has been through so i went to their website. It seems that the monetization didn't work quite as well and the developers almost ran out of money.They had to cut salaries, their office, SNOW multiplayer servers in order to make sure the company would stay afloat, and the core game servers could continue running. A larger game developer wanted to buy them but the deal fell through. Now with a small budget they are looking for ways to save the game they have worked on for 7 long years. I really like the game when it first came out but it saddens me to hear about this, I hope the devs can get the comapany back on their feet and make the game alive again 🙂

  14. Orcs Must Die Unchained, FUCKING Killed itself when it Removed its Fucking Moba Round. and they killed it

  15. 6:15 "For Honor mix with World of Tanks?" dude just say Mount and Blade.

  16. Did Orcs Must Die: Unchained go back to being a co-op game? They totally lost my interest when they hopped on the wanna-be MOBA bandwagon with it originally.

  17. Gunz the second duel no players left cant even find a match its been two days.

  18. fractured space is beautiful and well made

  19. I personally enjoyed tiger knights due to the time period it was based on. Being able to control your troops was just icing on the cake for myself as well

  20. I really love airmech arena, the artsyle, gameplay, and ideas in it are fun as hell. my main issue is that im stuck on console and can't play it aside from the old version which really isnt supported anymore if at all. if it still plays as well as the first version it'll probably be first on my list for downloads if and when i can get a P.C.

  21. it host is nexon but it first onba i love hyper universe is on on xbox1 now to

  22. Back in the days I played S4 League and I think its still pn of the best f2P game

  23. Shouldve mentioned quake champions. It does have a playerbase but much smaller than it should have

  24. Funny thing is that hyper universe died because of boobs censorship or something like that. We want to broad our playerbase said the developer, it ended up being the opposite.

  25. Ssooooo… Snow is just a crappy version of Steep then?

  26. Never heard of any of these..

  27. Top 10 games with potential that closed.

    Why did they have to close paragon 😢😢

  28. I liked the video but I would really like it if I knew the names of the piano songs

  29. All I am hearing out of you are a ton of negatives for these games, and a lot of rambling about them needing players and to be worked on to be good.

  30. Orcs Must Die! Unchained is sadly going to die soon, as Robot Entertainment fired most of the staff that worked on the game, and decided to move on to a new project, while only keeping the servers online for Hero Academia and OMD!U, with no intent to bring any updates or even bugfixes. That's sad, especially since this game had potential. I personally spent nearly 1000 hours on it, and I have no regrets.

  31. I love hyper universe, and now it’s on Xbox!
    It’s also doing really well on console with 3.6 stars and 174 reviews with most of the one star reviews being things that should be taken up with support instead of reviews of a game

  32. I actually played half of those… and still play art of war… I am crying because they are completely dead 😢😢😢

  33. Almost all these games should have exploded

  34. conqueror's blade? what about Total War. they made a game similar to Tiger Knight too. I thought it was actually a pretty fun play style tbh

  35. Me and my friend plays orc's must die unchained, fun to kill time either solo or with friends

  36. this is an emotional roller coaster lmao

  37. Ive played orcs must die unchained a while back. I had fun but the issue is my laptop is pretty shit. when it had an update i could not run it and it had unfun updates.

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