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Sometimes you SHOULD sweat the small stuff in games. What happened here?
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  1. I hate lack of detail, but I also have to ask myself why they thought there was high demand for a game where you play as Gollum, of all Lord of the Rings characters.

  2. Lol the archer was throwing her hand back to grab an arrow out of the quiver….but yea the arms being the only thing moving is crazy

  3. Golem was clearly a money grab with no effort put in

  4. Do an opposite where the bad games care about details

  5. Lol, saints row being where it is on this list even though it shouldnt be on it at all…game was really good, and remember its saints row and it is supposed to be dumb and goofy

  6. Have you ever been punched really hard in the butt? It will make you fall over like a wet spaghetti noodle.

  7. I am old enough to have used a cam corded. Mine had a tape too. Not even the memory card one!

  8. #2 I really wish you included those stupid clicking earrape sounds those aliens made XD

  9. The gollum game looks like an asset flip (both visually and functionally).

  10. I think GTA the "Defective" edition should be higher on the list. You should expect that a company like Rockstar that once prided themselves in their quality and attention to detail, would be more careful when releasing a remaster of their old games. The way they ended up doing it speaks more of a quick cashgrab to keep their investors happy while they take another 10 years to make GTA VI, than a labor of love and respect for their legacy and their fans.

    You said it yourself, they know they already have your money. Now they have carte blanche to do whatever the hell they want and you'd still pay for it. GTA VI will be a product of that, if it does get released this decade.

  11. I knew the Saints Row Reboot was going to make the list.

  12. Number 6 dont wantedto replicate GTA it wanted to replicate Payday but it failed at that completle 😅

  13. Dude that archer is awesome!!!!!!! for a single dev/animator cause I wanna make a small indie game and it seems awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! again for a single dev/animator and still so sh*tty considering the people backing this.

  14. Dude you are saying that the intend is make it look like 90's
    Than, you are coming up with some nonsense about mobile phones… and "i can accept any one beeing this old" what is this??? There is no camera phone in 90's and yes everyone was using cam corders… what is has to do with beeing old?

  15. 12:32 want a car crash simulator or a somewhat PLAYABLE game… ???

  16. 15:30 really? you're not sure about the humor of the game?
    while you show us a character wearing a dunce hat …

  17. Stranger of Paradise is possibly the worst square-enix was ever involved in, that or Forspoken.

  18. I definitely agree on the arcane. One cause dishonored is hands down over the best games I've played in this last decade. That's now 11 years old blows my mind. That's how old it is already, and every place you visit. In the original, dishonor has so much detail has objects. Furniture reasons to stop and look just to admire it. And then of course, it helps that the esthetic, the graphics, and the art style they went for has aged very beautifully in the last 11 years like a fine wine like. The game and game play even though some people consider the fps aspects. A little outdated still feel smooth and good like it did when I played it in 2012 on computer and I played it on my phone on a cloud service on Xbox. And oh my goodness, it didn't matter if I got on my Xbox or my phone. The game was awesome and epic and beautiful. And I beat it recently like 3 times just to see different outcomes. To use different powers and even go a whole game without killing people. Which I got that achievement. dishnored is the standard of single player games should all adhere to if theyre gonna be short winded with replay ability.

  19. the funny thing about the Alien game is someone literally had to go on a "Bug Hunt" 🤣

  20. thankfully I played Alien's Colonial marine on X-Box 360 so the AI were never dumb or easy.

  21. In regards to the gta definitive edition didn't the company that "released" it simply port a mobile port of the game?

  22. They never said it would be the definitively good version.

  23. love it when Falcon acknowledges he's a bird

  24. The new face of golum is 😬😬😬

  25. Redfall looks like you're running around in a tiny, model town.

  26. It's weird for an ini file to affect character behavior

  27. It was your fault wasn't it Falcon? "Let's not get into the details" is always code for "I screwed up, stfu, don't ask questions".

    But now I'm curious how does a bird of prey find themselves involved in a vehicular collision?

  28. God u made me feel old I recall old video cameras when they came out that made me feel really old lol

  29. Deadly Butt Punches are truly the worst it seems haha!

  30. yo, camcorders are not that old, I'm only 34 😂

  31. #7 reminded me of when a friend told me about what LARPing was like in the early 1990s when he went to his first larp. Like, in many modern larps you might get a character that's a dozen page long mini novel. Intricate story lines, personal connections, motivations, fears, desires etc.

    So my guy's first larp in the early 90's had two big factions who were in two different camps in the forest, connected by a road. This guy and his friend's characters were two guards, and the only thing they were supposed to do is stand on the road between the camps and ask for a coin as toll from anyone passing by. They did get written characters, but both were only a single sentence with only one word of difference:

    "You are loyal to emperor Augustus."
    "You are fairly loyal to emperor Augustus."

    And that's it. 😂 I laughed my ass off when he told me this story. 🤣🤣

  32. makes me realize how Rockstar Games set the bar so high that we get these kinds of lists

  33. I had many CamCorders over the late 1980's and into the 1990's. Always disappointing in various ways. I know some artists use them because of the texture their shortcomings offer, but… Digital CCD video cameras are just better in every way.

  34. GTA:SA should just get a full on remake.

  35. "You don't typically spellcheck an INI file" As a software developer, there is nothing I love more than the cspell tool. Not only is it spell check – it would have caught that capital "A" mistake too. A little automated quality assurance goes a long way!

  36. Redfall suffered from mismanagement. They forced a studio who does singleplayer immersive sims and said here make a multiplayer live service game. Then when they were asked ok what do we put it in they said "We're not sure we need to run some focus groups." Most games in development hell suffer from higher ups making demands that don't make sense and rewriting everything up until the last minute. Like Anthem and them taking out and putting back in flight over and over. Some concepts you have to build around.

  37. Another thing about aliens: colonial marines. You can finish any mission with an AI companion by doing pretty much nothing

  38. Redfalls idea was a cool one, but literally the compliments start and end at that, like why was it so hard to make a left 4 dead clone woth vampires? Like its such a simple premise. There's honestly no way in hell that they didnt screw the game up on purpose

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