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10 Best 2021 Video Games You’re Not Playing

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Scarlet Nexus deserves a MUCH bigger audience.

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  1. Game – Has synthwave soundtrack
    Scott – 10/10 best game of the year!!!!

  2. Seriously. Does the person making the titles of these videos NOT know how to count or do they not even bother to watch the first 30 seconds of the video? "10 Best…" "Here are the 9 best games of…" FFS, at this point it's gone from funny to just annoying that you care so little about the videos you guys post.

  3. Your right. I’m playing Dying Light. Again.

  4. I just downloaded Scarlet Nexus because I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about it. I hope I’ll find that is good.

  5. Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is the missing 10th game, I presume.

  6. Scarlett Nexus fucking surprised me, the story is fantastic and has lots of twists (If you play Yuito's story). And the combat is so fun.

  7. Eh… Necromunda still kinda sucks. You can just do their halfassed version of glory kills to run through the entire game while invulnerable. Scarlet nexus is definitely worth playing, though. The characters are boring anime tropes, but the story is bonkers and battle system is pretty excellent.

  8. Scarlet Nexus is such a good game. I just finished the Kasane story a couple days ago, it’s well worth playing. I’m sad to hear it’s not doing well

  9. This video would be useful if you put what consoles, mobile and PC they're for

  10. I agree with Scarlet Nexus needing more attention than what it's getting! I'm on my second playthrough of that game and am in New Game Plus mode which here they call Ex New Game and I'm rocking 41 Steam achievements in it! Scarlet Nexus plays and runs nicely on my Acer Predator Helios 300! I also have Necromunda: Hired Gun and liked it until I reached the final mission which the shadow assassin boss would constantly break the game on me where it would lock up on me which after that bull hockey happened on me too many times I finally gave in on that game and raged quitted! Scarlet Nexus is an awesome game and underrated as well! Basically Scarlet Nexus is an anime Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy where Necromunda: Hired Gun on the other hand in my opinion is a poor man's Doom: Eternal with a Warhammer 40k skin! I respect your opinions with all these games even though most are not my particular come of tea! Good list!

  11. Alba is awesome <3. I hope more people will give it a chance.

  12. Can we make “the wild at heart” or “loop hero” the missing number 10? :p

  13. It’s list is very true to me the only game on this list I have and heard of is Scarlet Nexus

  14. It sucks that scarlet nexus isn't selling well the combat is the most fun hack and slash game I've played since DMC 5 but it's been overshadowed by bandai namco other release tales of arise

  15. Scarlet Nexus is hyped up about weaponizing psychic powers.
    Did Scott, or the writer of this article, not play Control?

  16. I have friends playing Scarlet Nexus and they swear up and down on it tell me I should buy it that I would love but still haven't yet

  17. You guys really need to work on your titles. It's says 10 games, but then you say that there are 9

  18. 1o i love it the story the gameplay is amazing
    the others
    ah is like a remake of older games are copycut games

  19. Scarlet Nexus is one of 2021's most underrated gems ever. It deserves more love and attention.

  20. Scarlet nexus is fucking great, on my second playthrough, it's insanely underrated

  21. Necromunda is a travesty, it barely functions, and when it does – it's a bore.

  22. I feel like Scarlet Nexus is pretty competent but it also looks like and shares the premise of 98% of most other anime/JRPGs that most people have watched or played and unfortunately didn't do much to convince me to add it to my limited game budget. I'm probably wrong but my backlog doesn't want for company.

  23. I should have known when the first game was necromunda hired gun this list is a joke

  24. Looks on Steam Scarlet nexus 106.49 for deluxe edition… yeeeahhh I'll wait till it comes on Steam Sale four years from now.

  25. Scarlett nexus uses telekinesis very well which i haven't felt in an action game before seriously not a single starwars game could do this!

  26. maybe im not playing them bc i dont own a console…

  27. Hired Gun is an incredible game, even if you aren't an avid fan of 40k like I am

  28. Next time you guys do a list like this can you inclde the prices for the games?

  29. Gonna get Scarlet Nexus next month for sure! Only reason I didn’t buy it this month is that I’ve been putting off getting KH Melody of Memory for way too long and I wanted to finally play it

  30. holy smokes, why hasnt a fully fledged lego building sim been made yet?!?!

  31. What culture, can't count and can't judge the difference between good and bad games

  32. The card game looks helllllllllllllla boring

  33. Y'all sleeping on Maquette. An absolute gem for Playstation

  34. Video ended on a clifhanger…we all want to know what is the 10th game

  35. I MIGHT play the follow-up to journey the others, doubtful…

  36. Most people think that there is no place for anime in gaming industry. That's why scarlet Nexus is underrated

  37. Scarlet Nexus started out as a very promising, potentially really fun game but in the last dungeon they broke with almost everything that makes a good game. Who came up with the stupid idea to let the player fight the same enemies over and over again for more than two hours?! And you can't even skip any of those fights. The final boss is a mess as well. Too many things coming from everywhere and you can't see half of them because they are behind the player. That's not fun. It seems they just rushed out the final part of the game without thinking much of what they are doing.

  38. Does the question really need to be answered? Scarlet Nexus has a terrible plot, is tropey as anything I've seen in an anime recently, and even worse writing- and don't even get me started on the English voices, which are not to be discounted simply because it's a Japanese game. It's got great combat, but that's about it. 70% of the game is played in a visual novel format, with the majority of cinematics being told in glorified Metal Gear codecs. I can easily see why it's lacking an audience and isn't doing as well in the West.

    But maybe I'm completely wrong and my time with it, and the feedback I've heard from others is all just an alcohol fueled fever dream I had last night.

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