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10 Best Action Games With NON-STOP Combat

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These games have some truly kick ass combat.
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0:00 intro
0:16 Severed Steel
1:32 Sifu
2:56 Vanquish
4:30 Dead Cells
5:34 Bulletstorm
7:05 Just Cause 3
8:24 Doom Eternal
9:40 Stranglehold
11:17 Devil May Cry 5
12:40 Bayonetta
14:12 Midnight Fight Express
14:34 TMNT: Shredders Revenge
14:46 God of War Trilogy


  1. I`m glad you mentioned Vanquish, that is a sick game I wish more developers will make tps like this. I love hack & slash games, no other game combat can beat it, through the years their are not a lot being mad however they starting to come back.
    Here are some H&S games to lookout for:
    Valkyrie Elysium
    Wanted Dead
    Stella Blade
    Project DE
    Project M
    Phantom Hellcat
    Lost Soul Aside
    Arise of Awakener
    Granblue Fantasy Relink
    Yasuke A Lost Descendent

    Shouts out to H&S games, they afre making a comeback.

  2. Everyone with a brain knows god of war trilogy was number 1 on the list

  3. Ninja Gaiden was pretty fun too, specially how they really never stop attacking you.

  4. what about yakuza/lost judgement? The combat is better than half of the games on this list

  5. Doom Eternal is just exhausting for me. That is a game!!

  6. Didn't mention sekiro can't belive gameranx forgot sekiro

  7. I feel like none of these games should be here except devil may cry and bayonette. the rest is just blah. even Vindictus should be better

  8. These are just FPS games… u could just add battlefield, call of duty and all other FPS games. this list is trash

  9. Bulletstorm. Still have it and have played it at times to this day… funny game, enjoy it.

  10. Hello. Salam. Shalom. Salute. Buenos Dias. Здравствуйте.
    1. This disinformation – NOT GAME'S NON-STOP PLAY. 😲
    Shadow Warrior's.
    And other's game's / series.
    Thank you. Спасибо. 😳🤔

  11. I love Bulletstorm and Doom but I've had some of the longest and most constant firefights in Borderlands 3.

  12. You could add metal gear rising revegeance

  13. I have most of them in my steam library. I gotta get Sifu.

  14. Imagine not mentioning the teenage mutant ninja turtle out of the shadow

  15. WET was soooooooo much better than Stranglehold

  16. Do you all forget about Jackie Chan Stuntmaster for Playstation one????? This game is a master piece!!!

  17. I couldn't finish Bayonetta , just too may cutscenes…

  18. FURI has non-stop action. And yes, hotline miami, what was named in video

  19. Ninja gaiden anyone?
    Also idk why, but I tried DMC 4 and 5 and also the DmC devil may cry and I only finished DmC, it was the one I enjoyed the most or even the only one I enjoyed

  20. where tf is Metal Gear Rising : Revengance..?!??!?!

  21. im late to the party, only playing doom eternal now, but man, playing in nightmare in my first atentp its torture but its awsome when you finaly beat that horde

  22. jet li RISE TO HONOR was one of y favs

  23. All ps3 games beat stranglehold, and wet and vanquish. All 3 is awesome 👌

  24. Stranglehold and Wet! Great games that are stupid fun!!

  25. Another good mention is ratchet and clank rift apart

  26. you can also check scarlet nexus quite fun also you can borrow your allies power making it a fun transition in combat

  27. Once I saw Devil May Cry 5 at number 2, I KNEW he was going to say to Bayonetta at number one. Falcon is in love with that game. 😁
    Nice list. I have to try s9me of these games. Happy Holidays! 12/26/2023.

  28. Mention of DMC5 and no mention of Vergil? That do hit different 🤔

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