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10 Best Couch Co-op Games of All Time

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Looking to play offline with a friend or two? We’ve got you covered with our favorite co op game recommendations!
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  1. RIP army of two, you’ll always have a special place in my heart even tho you complete ruined it w the 3rd one

  2. How could you forget the call of duty zombies game modes

  3. Great list but Castle Crashers exists lmao

  4. I mean gears of war should be number one the older games besides halo 😇

  5. Somebody should make a video about couch coop with your girlfriend. Meaning all games have to be stupid easy.

  6. I’ve lost all my friends to friendly fire in overcooked

  7. If anyone here has played ark survival I think they should fix couch co-op because currently you have to be within a certain distance from the host otherwise it won’t let you move further away.

  8. The best co-op games of all time, and you don't mention ONE single Nintendo game, like, say, Super Smash Bros. WTF is this channel?

  9. New Super Mario Bros Wii and any of the followups that had you jumping off of and picking up your co-op buddies. The hilarity that ensued was some of the hardest I've laughed while playing couch co-op.

  10. Ohhh! And Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. Literally you need to make 7 more episodes of this!!!

  11. Playstation needs work on bringing back ps vita with new games

  12. Rainbow six Vegas Two. Especially in the terrorist hunt sections. My buddy and I still to this day just get together every once in a while, and pull all nighters trying to clear each map on the hardest settings.

  13. Bro force! It's all about that high five.

  14. RE Revelations 2 with my wife was the best co-op game I ever played

  15. Wow. Our taste is very different. In no particular order, my top 10 co-op games:

    1 Castle Crashers
    2 Diablo 3
    3 Titan Quest
    4 Streets of Rage 2
    5 NBA Street Vol 2
    6 Champions of Norrath
    7 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2
    8 Golden Axe
    9 NHL 94
    10 Divinity Original Sin 2

  16. Splinter cell conviction. It has a whole separate co op story mode that ties into the solo story


  18. Mario Kart and a lot of Wii games missed on here !
    He'll what about guitar hero or rock band ?

  19. Old video but seeing as Jake is a big fan of the series I was really hoping to see a mention of the splinter cell co op campaigns. Specifically chaos theory. Double agent was also pretty good but only on the og Xbox and ps2 versions of the game because 360 did not have co op.

  20. wait youre saying Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel wasnt good? its the only one i played and i liked it.

  21. They probably don't make these type games anymore because they make more profit when both people have to buy the game rather than just sharing on one console.

  22. Can I play Leggo Marvel Superheroes online with a friend ? I have never played the game and it looks pretty cool…..

  23. What heresy is this? Anti Army of two Devil cartel? Yet you mention overcooked?That's treason

  24. хуле названия не написал

  25. Splinter cell is the best co-op of all time

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