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10 best games like Minecraft

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Are you all mined out of Minecraft? Here are 10 engaging games that are worth digging into. Hear it all with the PRO X Gaming Headset:

Games in the video:
1 Satisfactory
2 Terraria
3 Staxel
4 Stardew Valley
5 No Man’s Sky
6 LEGO Worlds
7 Subnautica
8 Astroneer
9 Forager
10 Portal Knights

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  1. No it's because my mom can't afford Minecraft

  2. Portal knights number one once sandbox game i really like that

  3. i like how minecraft is a nice game like minecraft

  4. I have played minecraft so much I’m trying to make a new fav game I’m not able to
    Trying for a whole year

  5. im surprised harvest moon is not on the list

  6. oh my god, finally a video like this that didn't call terraria a minecraft clone, and recognised it for how good it actually is

  7. Games like minecraft
    1st = roblox
    2nd = pk xd
    3rd= reworld

  8. me who clicked on this with the cool hp mouse
    logitech: wait thats illegal

  9. very well done video thanks a lot. this is what I needed after losing my enchanted set in nether I spent tens of hours putting together 😀

  10. i was waiting for survival craft.

  11. just moved to iPhone and i can’t restore purchases so i don’t have minecraft anymore :/

  12. Westbrook Close to Minecraft and like Minecraft want to watch the nearest like and it doesn't cost money

  13. I can't remember how many years ago this game was a thing but I remember this game that had blocky graphics and you created a pick out of a sharp stone and a tick and I think the hunger bar had was bread slices or mushrooms I can't remember too much since it was so long ago but if anyone could tell me please tell me I wanna find it again

  14. Blockman go is should be 1st number to be similar Minecrat XD

  15. ok i was about to dis on this video for putting terraria on the list and how terraria is its own game but you actually gave terraria the respect that it deserves

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