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10 Best Games Of 1991

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Music lovers in 1991 got to hear Nirvana’s Nevermind, Metallica’s Black Album, and Pearl Jam’s Tenfor the first time, cinema-goers enjoyed the likes of Terminator 2: Judgement Dayand The Addams Family, and telly fans were introduced to great series like Bottomand The Ren & Stimpy Show. It was also a pretty decent year to be a gamer, so with that in mind, we’re back, once again, to tell you all about the cream of the video game crop of 1991. Here are the 10 Best Games of 1991.

VO: Ben Potter (@Confused_Dude)
Script: Cat Elliot
Video Editor: Charlie Walsh (@ATopLad)

#Castlevania #SuperMario #FinalFantasy


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  1. Just downloaded Super Castlevania IV on my 3DS today (last day of eShop service), playing it now and I see it on this list. Good game, RIP 3DS eShop.

  2. Mario Kart was partially made because Shigeru Miyamoto was dissapointed that F-Zero didn't have multiplayer. Gaming Historian did a video on it.

  3. I was not yet school age in 1991, but alive, lol

  4. Monkey Island 2 love that game one of my favorite adventure games of all time

  5. You should roll out some old cats like me when you wanna run the best the 80s. You might as well make a Commodore64 playlist for that early-mid 80s era.

  6. I was born in November, 1991.
    It was an alright year, in my book.

  7. I turned 5 in late 1991. I still remember getting my SNES bundled with Super Mario World and then opening up Super Bases Loaded and Lemmings for Christmas that year. It was one of the best Christmases I ever had.

    Sadly, my Lemmings game got stolen out of my house during the summer of '09, along with Robocop vs. The Terminator.

  8. Doesn't suck for us AT ALL that you weren't born then "boy Taylor swift". The world would have still turned and probably for the better had you not.

  9. I still remember getting super mario world in the post and had to share it with my sister, still have the cart to this day. Great memories! First ever game played at grand age of 4😂

  10. 1991 was awesome! One of my most fondly remembered years of my life. I remember towards the end of Summer Vacation my friend got his SNES and we played the Hell out of Super Mario World and F-Zero (honestly mostly F-Zero as we had never seen or played anything like it before and that soundtrack is from the video game gods). Then later in the year he got Act Raiser and Super Castlevania 4, which was more or less an event for us as we had played the trilogy on NES. I was the Sega guy so I got Sonic, Toejam and Earl and Streets of Rage that year. Plus the arcade scene with Terminator 2: Judgment Day the one with the awesome machine guns, and of course THE game for arcades that year: Street Fighter 2!

    It was so much fun!

  11. Ahh, '91, I was in 6th grade at a new school, it I had a NES to waste my time

  12. Always a top channel
    Funny too!!
    Keep up the good work guys
    and thanks

  13. I've been out with a girl from Transylvania. She had moved to the UK from Romania in the early 1990's. And I met her through an I.T. course in the mid 90's.
    I was playing FFXIV sometime last year, and chatting with the guys and gals in the chatlog and mentioned this fact when girlfriends/boyfriends was being discussed.
    The leader of the 'Free Company' (FFXIV version of guilds) who was an ex US marine who saw active service during the Gulf conflict said that he genuinely thought that Transylvania was a fictional place. Originating from vampire books and films etc.

  14. As a way to lead up to what I actually wanted to comment about: Hey, 1991 was the year i was born… With autism!
    Which makes me think quite alot about how things were made behind the scenes and such.

    So I'm pretty curious how they could've mentioned that there were going to be another Castlevania on the list but then when that entry comes they act like it's a surprise and that the audience even had a chance to guess it.
    I mean they have writers like they often mention, including in this video, so both writer and reader must've flubbed it somehow because I have a hard time imagining a situation where it's maybe two different writers or that there were a considerable amount of time in between to forget… Actually there might be a third person missing it, the editor, who even spent time on adding the cookies and stuff instead of editing out one of the mistakes so it makes sense.

    Like i mentioned, it's just how my mind works, i know it's not a big deal or anything but yeah I'm pretty surprised this made it through script, reading and editing lol.

  15. Super castlevania could should have been top 5. Don't understand the critics in 1991

  16. F Zero and Super Mario World both came out 1990 in Japan, 1991 in the USA and 1992 in Europe, meaning they could be on 3 different top 10 lists. Maybe pick just one region and stick with it.

  17. Super Tennis > CastleVania 2 GB > Super CastleVania IV.: I learned a lot on this video.

  18. Just saw this and decided to go through with all of these Best Games (worst games dont care about those too much) so only these, but to my surprise
    missing a lot of the best ones.
    So… is it me who cant find your videos about this Best of 2011-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21, i mean i clicked on the Worst & Best games compilation of every year. Worst are there, best arent. Just only until 2010 are the best of after that only the worst. Really, only bad games were released? Or u forgot to make videos. Or maybe in a different category different compilation on your YT channel? If so id like to see those too, cause i cant even find them.
    I would love to see what were the best of all these years too. I just dont know if u did forget to make those videos or deleted them, or as i said them are in a different compilation category on ur channel. But even if searched with ur channel name, never came up. Or are those country specific videos or what? Im guessing never been made.

  19. This list is absolutely nonsense. Half of those games are completely forgotten and weren't even that good back then. In the other hand, the list is missing absolutely timeless classics such as Street Fighter 2, A Link to the Past, Turtles in Time, Streets of Rage and Sunset Riders.

  20. every other weekend, my buddies hangout and one of them built a raspberry pi and we'll play random games. a few weeks back, I was looking through the list of games and came across el viento and we spent a little time on it. really amused to see it on this list. this is why pirating is important. especially if it's nintendo, even more so true bc the eshop closes today.

  21. 91 is the best as if you don't get born by then

  22. I was an 8 year old that lived on my bike when I wasn't gaming or playing baseball. It's funny how even the biggest gamers back then would still go outside and do things🤷

  23. I think you'll find street fighter 2 was probably missing from this list.

  24. Super Castlevania 4 and Belmont’s Revenge are my all time favourite SNES and GameBoy games ever made by Konami in the early 90s.

  25. Shinobi on Sega Game Gear was and still is fun for a Ninja game.

  26. Another great list from TTJ?
    … Anyone?

  27. I always thought AREA 88'Shin Kazama was a female until I saw the anime, boy did I feel dumb.😂😂

  28. I was -10 when these games came out. That’s wild for me to think about.

  29. Still got my copy of Castlevania 2: Belmont's Revenge, as well as my brick like, yellow OG GameBoy. Some of my earliest gaming memories right there, along with Super Mario Land, Alleyway, Tetris and The Blues Brothers GB game 😂

  30. 1991 was indeed a lovely year for many facets of life and entertainment. 🙂 I was approximately 8 years old, and the youngest of three, so I was exposed to all kinds of media and excitement. ^.^

  31. I was 24 years old and it was a great decade of gaming.
    Just as the 80s were too ❤

  32. I was born in the 80’s and it certainly doesn’t suck being born then. Growing up with all the Nintendo systems and having the N64 when I was 10 and having 4 player gaming sessions then was awesome. I wouldn’t change the year I was born in at all.

  33. I can't believe that I'm older than you yet you look older than me 😂🤣😂my snes came bundled with super mario world & super mario kart.

  34. Mario always beat sonic at everything & that will never change,these are facts.

  35. Mario World + Sonic The Hedgehog

  36. Question Im making to youtubers. Why you guys keep on saying "decent" instead of good?

  37. Oh man, you missed out on the evolution of big stand-up & deluxe sit-down arcade cabinets through the decades!
    Kids who go to mega arcades like Galloping Ghost in Illinois have a blast, but they have to pay respect to the three decades old + arcade goers who saw most of those games as they were growing up!

  38. I thought all the Triple Jump people were in their 50s!

  39. The eff is El Viento lol
    Never heard of it until just this video, every single person I knew when I was a kid had a genesis, nobody ever mentioned this game.
    Heck I had a lot of magazines….never heard of it. Never saw it on a store shelf or a vendor at a convention.

  40. Thanks for the "Bottom" tv series reference lol. Great videos

  41. I was 7 at the time but I still majorly got into these systems. Star Fox blew our minds, which made the transition to N64 with Starfox 64 an even bigger deal for us.

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