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10 BEST Games of 2001 We NEVER FORGOT

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2001 was a great year for video games of all kinds. Here are some of our favorites from GameCube, PS2, Xbox, PC and more.
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  1. The idea that halo gets the gps controller credit pisses me off… Unreal tournament and Timesplitters deserve that credit. I remember Halo being popular for the vehicles.

  2. It is 2021 if anyone's forgetting it. The year's not even over how are you going to make a list on top games from 2021?

  3. Wow was 2001 the greatest year in gaming history ?

  4. My all time favorite game will always be the first red faction game. Which i hope for a remaster. Even though it's never going to happen 🙁

  5. I didnt realise Max payne was 20 years ago , makes me feel old.

  6. When did that ENTER THE MATRIX ps2 game come out? I could not get enough of that game.. totally underrated!

  7. Max payne 2001 my first time pc game , my age was 10 yrs… All time favourite. .serious Sam also too…

  8. Metal Gear Solid 2 is possibly the greatest game of all time, it nailed todays climate 20yrs ago.

  9. Played the crap out of coolboarders back when I was like 9

  10. don't forget the success of Melee is why Nintendo has continued to implement a way to use a gamecube controller for Smash through the generations

  11. Bruh I still remember Christmas 2002. I got my ps2 and 3 games: DMC1, MGS2, and FFX…them 3 games alone held me down till the next Christmas haha

  12. Wouldn't it be awesome if Jake and falcon both did a video of their top most nostalgic games for them personally?

  13. Super Smash Bros N64 will always be my favorite

  14. Devil May Cry is my all time favorite series ever, glad to see its being appreciated

  15. I'm surprised Return to Castle Wolfenstein isn't mentioned

  16. 2001 I was 26, Return to Castle Wolfenstein was by far the best game of the year, also Max Payne and Silent Hill 2 were spectacular.

    Very surprised you didn't include Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction in the list or Serious Sam the First Encounter, but then again looking at the games that released in this year you could have made the list 20 entries long and still probably not fit in all of the great games released in that year.

  17. Halo CE is such a masterpiece. One of the few 2000s games that feels not a day old even today though that might be nostalgia kicking in

  18. Conkers Bad Fur Day is and always will be classic.

  19. They need to remake all the streets sports games

  20. Final Fantasy X should be higher on this list 🐸☕

  21. Max Payne is 1/12 games what I scored 10/10

  22. This is modes where max kicking normally his not

  23. Only clicked to see Deus Ex appear.

  24. GTA 3 is 20 years old. I’m gonna go carbon date myself now…

  25. You know I'll tote a lot that 7 and 10 are my favorite FF titles, but really 10 is the most nostalgic for me. I remember everything about the hype I had for that game. Hearing about it on TV, reading about it in Game Informer magazine, finally getting it from Gamestop when I was like 12, and rushing home from school every afternoon to play it. I remember being blown away by the notion of a voiced Final Fantasy game, and how engrossed in its story I got. And, of course, how badly I got spanked during my first encounter with Seymour Flux.

  26. There’ll never be a game like conkers ever again 😭

  27. Why does everyone rate GTA 3, San Andreas was the best hands down

  28. Auron was the best in ffx rikku was reallllyyyy good to but took a long time to get her up to par with auron and the story was absolutely incredible I'd give it a 10 lol pun intended

  29. 2001 was no joke for video games god damn so much came out. I was only 2 at the time and I really wish. I was just a little bit older so I could’ve experienced these games when they came out.

  30. You should have put Mafia 1 in this list

  31. i had every game on this list damn the times were good

  32. I think devil may cry 3 is better praised because it saves the franchise since 2 was such a train wreck and so bad

  33. Conkers bad fur day still is the best game ever made

  34. Every time I see that clip of John Travolta I want to punch a baby…😑

  35. Gta 3 was my first PC game experience and it's still one of my personal all time favorites

  36. I will NEVER be able to get the theme of SSX Tricky out of my head as long as I live lol

  37. Final Fantasy 10 was also the first Final Fantasy to have voice overs.

  38. How about Dark Cloud? Absolutely STUNNING for an RPG of the time.

  39. Amazing year, a lot of big franchises started there. Now we see tons of remakes and very little creativity. Still…my backlog is huge!

  40. SSX was absolutely awesome. I'm so mad there's no PS4 SSX Tricky

  41. Return to Castle Wolfenstein gets an honorable mention???

  42. After finishing Devil May Cry I had a mourning period – didn't like anything else. Finishing the game was like losing a loved one. Then the next game I picked up was MGS 2. You can imagine I lost another loved one when it finished.

  43. I was 10 in 2001 and this is giving me a nostalgia overload, I love it.

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