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10 Best Games Where You Can PLAY AS GOD

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Some games let you do whatever you want, but only a few games make you actually play as a god. Here are some of our favorite examples.
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  1. thank GODS. this video popped up on my facebook feed few minuts before i had to leave for work. now i found it here. bit more then a year after the video was made.
    I LOVE black and white. i have the Disc's but it dont run on new computers. and when you try and succed it needs certain files for some reason so it wont save.
    thank you GODS for finding me an old windows 98 laptop that i can play it on. love it. and ironically ive never finished the first game yet. always stucked on 4th world. i remember it aswell from when i was a kid. man how i played it good. and it is suprisingly hard to be the good god. i prefere the original first game, and the creature isle expanstion to it. didnt mind black and white 2 but i didnt like that you couldnt teach your pet as many magics and that it was more designed around warfare and making armies.
    thank you gameranx for this video.

    ive played from dust to but its not really the same.

  2. The game devs are the new pirates and stealing from pirates is A-Okay.

  3. Im trying to find some good quality games not these.. like good graphics a nice storyline

  4. I want to create a new type of "Godlike" game called a "Worship me" game.

  5. Spore and the sims in a goddamn list for godsims? Pathetic!!

  6. Eu queria saber inglês pra entender o que ele tá falando ):

  7. 32 seconds in "or whatever it's called". good fucking job dude.

  8. "Reus" actually means Giant in Dutch, and it's a single syllable word. But I can't tell you what it sounds like, because English doesn't have the Dutch EU sound in it… It's funny to listen to non-Dutch speakers try to pronounce it. 😁

  9. Universim kinda reminded me of the game "Topia World Builder"

  10. I cant find black and white 1 or 2 anywhere too download and I loved the game too!

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