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10 Best Games Where You Can PLAY AS GOD

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Some games let you do whatever you want, but only a few games make you actually play as a god. Here are some of our favorite examples.
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  1. There is one God the Christ turn away from sins and trust in Jesus Christ to be saved

  2. I have an original Black & White. Original box, manual, case. That was 6 computers ago, when everything required a CD key. Now 8/10 games I purchase are on steam.

  3. Black & White is the reason I'm here 😅 I can't seem to find something this good.I wish they made a newer version..

  4. "You create yourself a sim or a family of sims and guide them through their life,hopefully doing a better job than you have done with your own life"
    -Gaming in a nutshell

  5. I wouldn't really consider Spore a god game, in it you ARE that species, not just some guy who decided "You know what, I'll evolve a species". Although, when you start to get REAL advanced in the space stage, you create entire species and destroy entire planets for fun.

    Also I would have put Worldbox on the list, complete indie sandbox god sim. Make entire planets full of life, and then throw a disaster in here and there to see what every one does. >:)

  6. I remember the 2 spore games they had on ds

  7. AR and treasure hunt and orienteering type stuff aside, cell phones are the worst imaginable platform for actual, classically defined "videogames". PLEASE don't encourage them. I mean…

    PLEASE don't

  8. i miss black and white wish it was easier to find

  9. I remember when the Spore creature creator came out before the game I spent hours in it making creatures that would blow themselves as they where walking. Good times.

  10. You forgot DOOM
    Literal DEMONS are scared of you

  11. hmm… seems like almost all of this is for pc…

  12. tell you the truth…I only clicked and skipped to Black & White…I miss so much a game like it, the first one was a masterpiece, the second they stripped a ton of good things and placed on appearance…
    Hope they remake it sometime is a game I would love to play. There is Fata Deum that even people who where working on B&W 3 dropped the project and started talking about it…but so far it seems quite confuse and with a lot more management than B&W, which already had plenty.

    Also, love your content =D

  13. I love Black & White 2, the only issue that I've really had with it is for some reason when I would get a melee group maxed out they would turn into archery units. Never could figure out why. Also, Dominions is a great game, although you are technically a "pretender" who is attempting to actually become a deity. Excellent game, although the AI can be a bit dipshitty with sending its best officers into a dangerous battle when their dying would result in the loss of the AI's ability to use that officer to summon advanced military units or perform various useful spells.

  14. As someone who has working copies of B&W 1 and 2 (and the expansions to both)… i feel a great swell of pity for those who have lost theirs; RIP!

    Also, sympathy for those who could not acquire them.

    On the other hand, as someone who occasionally dabbles in the game's 'evil side' , I have to admit… (I giggled a little)

  15. thought of my favorite game when he mentioned a dungeon master game, but its not quite like that one, its a mobile game (I think it costs a little bit to get it) but its Dungeon Maker, its a phone game and its great, no ads and everything can be earned by playing it or you can unlock things via buying it (essentially early unlock fees) and the game is so great I keep going back to it even after I get bored of it atleast once every month but when I do… its from the morning to near nightfall and I still haven't seen everything, and new content is coming out for it STILL and its just a really good game by Devs who actually care
    Edit: forgot to mention key things, you can pick one of several Demon Lords as your character which changes your abilities and you can add rooms to your dungeon (various traps, battle rooms with different effects as well as support rooms that boost damage/health for your monsters) you can recruit monsters and assign them to different rooms, capture and corrupt heroes to use in your dungeon (that comes later though as its waaay to easy to corrupt heroes early on so they made it accessible further on) as well as arming your monsters and collecting relics for different bonuses

  16. The fact that Okami isnt on this list, means you did this video wrong.

    Amatrasu is the goddess of the fucking sun, THE FUCKING SUNNNN..

  17. duude I remember a game that I think was free to play with xbox gold (it was the 360 at the time) and u were like a giant being and u had these tiny people civilizations that u could eat and throw them around and they would kind of prey to u also I think, the game was pretty bloody, medieval and if my memory doesn't fail, quite gray-ish, it was probably multiplayer, someone knows the name of it?

  18. "no piracy" but you know…its there if you wanna play it.

  19. from dust is the most fuckin annoying game ever that game is so fucking shit asss game

  20. I played the shit out of Black and White as it was the only game available to me at that time. Fun times.

  21. I cant find black and white 1 or 2 anywhere too download and I loved the game too!

  22. Universim kinda reminded me of the game "Topia World Builder"

  23. "Reus" actually means Giant in Dutch, and it's a single syllable word. But I can't tell you what it sounds like, because English doesn't have the Dutch EU sound in it… It's funny to listen to non-Dutch speakers try to pronounce it. 😁

  24. 32 seconds in "or whatever it's called". good fucking job dude.

  25. Eu queria saber inglês pra entender o que ele tá falando ):

  26. Spore and the sims in a goddamn list for godsims? Pathetic!!

  27. I want to create a new type of "Godlike" game called a "Worship me" game.

  28. Im trying to find some good quality games not these.. like good graphics a nice storyline

  29. The game devs are the new pirates and stealing from pirates is A-Okay.

  30. thank GODS. this video popped up on my facebook feed few minuts before i had to leave for work. now i found it here. bit more then a year after the video was made.
    I LOVE black and white. i have the Disc's but it dont run on new computers. and when you try and succed it needs certain files for some reason so it wont save.
    thank you GODS for finding me an old windows 98 laptop that i can play it on. love it. and ironically ive never finished the first game yet. always stucked on 4th world. i remember it aswell from when i was a kid. man how i played it good. and it is suprisingly hard to be the good god. i prefere the original first game, and the creature isle expanstion to it. didnt mind black and white 2 but i didnt like that you couldnt teach your pet as many magics and that it was more designed around warfare and making armies.
    thank you gameranx for this video.

    ive played from dust to but its not really the same.

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