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10 BEST LATE GAME CHAMPIONS You NEED To Try – League of Legends Season 11

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0:00 Intro
0:18 Nasus
1:50 Veigar
2:51 Senna
4:08 QotD
4:27 Kayle
5:28 Kassadin
6:21 Karthus
7:18 Lulu
8:31 Vayne
9:27 Kog’maw
10:34 Master Yi
11:31 Vladimir (HM)
12:35 Outro

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  2. FYI, dont build ludens on kass, build everfrost

  3. As a jungle main I hate Leblanc can't catch her and my mid flames me for messing up my gank when she pressed w,r flash to run from under my tower to under their tower

  4. Kai'sa, have been perma banning her since facing her 2-3 times

  5. Qotd: Jax. Its just insanely op, his e is one of the most annoying things in league.

  6. i hate playing burst champs like Zed and Leblacn and Katarina, they're just too squishy

  7. QOTD: Lulu. Especially with a Vayne as adc

  8. Ekko litteraly outscales kassadin , ask any kass main . Veigar is more of a midgame champ than a lategame , gets outranged by a lot of mages and has medium range . Twitch outscales kog maw easily . These pro guides videos keep getting
    , i only watch the out of boredom tbh

  9. Qiyana with a fking a yuumi will be zoomin in the map killing everyone

  10. Qiyana with a fking a yuumi will be zoomin in the map killing everyone

  11. Kayle is surprisingly strong in lvl 1 cheeses, take E first and keep autoattacking with PTA, you can half health enemies and you can unlock your own sustain pretty quickly.

    Also taking Presence of mind can help keep up your mana to be able to spam Q and W, just E auto the enemy melee (or even ranged) before lvl 6 or just auto after lvl 6

  12. Lulu should replace shurelya with locket

  13. senna late game is AMAZING! making the enemies run slow while shooting faster than the flash could run plus the universal ult omg great character!

  14. QOTD: Fizz. I main Kata. Should I need to say more?

  15. Did you know that killing the spirit from Illoai's E gives dark harvest stacks

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