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  1. I never get how people are subscribing to such an a$$hole who just introduce every day another best mobile game (promotion..)

  2. Are you still playing Diablo Immortal? I watched a ton of your content about it leading up to its release. But I stopping playing a while ago… it was just too repetitive and ended up being boring for me.

  3. So where’s the list dumb))@)($)$

  4. I love the part when he said his top 10 mobile games

  5. Call of duty warzon mobile coming next year

  6. Boo now I’m purposely not watching anything else by you

  7. I love when he talks about the games, it's such a good list

  8. Well, his shorts are all scam 😀

  9. Roses are red violets are blue and we just got scammed and gave him some views

  10. Get some sleep bro damn. Bro's like, I'm not sleeping till 2024 so I can sleep through the whole year. XD

  11. I want to play everything and have it added to the giveaway from Bluestacks

  12. The kids named (Twenty, Twenty-three)

  13. When I saw his face, I was like "not this dude again with his fake shorts"

  14. Those games are so good thanks for telling me what they were

  15. Bro stop yapping about ur sponser

  16. 👇people watching in 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣4️⃣🎉🥳👏

  17. Man has mastered the language of yappanese

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