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10 Best Modern RPGs That Are Always IGNORED

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Some RPGs don’t get all of the attention the deserve. Here are some underrated and awesome ones people don’t talk about enough.
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  1. Alpha Protocol is the most underrated game I have ever played.

  2. Child of Light is probably the only game with a turn based combat system that I actually liked.

    In fallout I used VATS exactly once. During the VATS tutorial in Fallout 3, and something that I like about fallout is that people like me can just pretend that VATS never existed.

  3. Kingdoms of Amalur is very cool. If you like fable and oblivion and dungeon siege II; you'll like this as well.

  4. Grim Dawn also is very cool.Think Diablo II + Dungeon Siege II type gameplay + Guns and pistols. Panetti's replicating missile is the best. I kinda suck at it, but I'm the eternal noob who sucks at games, so.

  5. 6:40 I haven't played it super recently, but I wouldn't call Outward a "hidden gem", more like it went out of it's way to be a gem and failed lol. I wanted to enjoy the game, but the fact it wasn't a very sensical game when it came to upgrades/earning money really ruined it for me. Like Oh, I found a new skill to upgrade. Only costs 50 gold. How do you earn gold? Idk, grind overpowered enemies? XD

  6. Nice video but boy does the voice sound major depressing

  7. I tried Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Twice. Seriously think it's one of the most overrated games of all time. And I'm a huge sucker for historical set pieces, especially the Holy Roman Empire.

  8. The main reason kingdoms of amalur suffered was because it came right after Skyrim when that craze was in full steam.

  9. Darkwood is one of the best games of the decade.

  10. Kingdoms of amalur is a really awesome game, it is Skyrim with less story based and more focused on combat

  11. I loved Kingdoms of Amalur, to me, it was a precursor to Witcher 3. Ahead of it’s time.

  12. i wish for Dragon Dogma with expansion of the amount of quests in Skyrim…

  13. Reckoning was AMAZING. It has amazing replay value.

  14. After 50 hours in game, I can sayGreedfall is great for 1st 10-15 hours, then it falls into repetetivness, and emptiness like other games from Spider, story is great, locations are gorgeous, but its still same game as Technomancer, Mars: War logs or Bound by Blood, same game, different setting, with not so much of improvement between each game (same combat style, same crafting, same mechanics) AND big downfall is fetch quests….which takes huge part of the missions. Combat is monotonous if you don't decide to experiment and will focus only on 1 playstyle, weapons have mostly 2 attack animations and thats all…don't get me wrong, Greedfall is good, but will bore you realy quick. Personaly for me last 15 hours of Greedfall was pure pain and was realy looking forward to finish the game as fast as possible.

  15. The best, but no so modern RPG, that is often ignored is The Lord of the Rings Online. Launched in 2007, it just released a new expansion, and in my opinion, continues to be the best recreation of Tolkien's Middle Earth.

  16. This list did nothing for me. Played all except the ones my potato pc can't run and I was aware of them.

  17. As someone who’s played everything on this list I recommend all of them only thing I will add play greedfall on the hardest difficulty it plays best on it

  18. You lost me at Alpha Protocol.
    So poorly done I don't know how anyone could like it.
    Despite being some kind of trained agent, your aiming reticules are ridiculously large when you start, like 25% of the screen, until you pump points into them Your character can't even step over a row of sandbags that are below the knee in height. I recall most of the mission being pretty linear, but you could choose when to do them.

    I gave up on it when I had to reload for some reason, 75% toward the end of a level. I found myself back at the beginning as as I ran through the level ALL of the enemies were gone and I was awarded some stealth achievement.
    The whole timed dialogue response thing put me off two – you were meant to read and react to some quite long statements in a shortish period of time. Not enjoyable at all.
    Maybe they have patched some of these things, but I'm sure you can get it for $1 somewhere if you are curious.

  19. I actually have the Alpha Protocol one, I couldn't play it because it was scratched and not working.

  20. The first game on the list was made by curt schilling he's was a baseball player from the Red Sox

  21. All Greedfall makes me think of is that things are about to get dicey and that im out of mana and should drink a potion.

  22. CRPISH ?? Sounds like you are missing a letter

  23. how can you call Divinity: Original Sin 2 an ignored RPG? It was more one of the most overhyped at that time and even earned more awards then it deserved.

  24. amalur has one big disadvantage tho, its easy as hell

  25. I’m sorry did you call curt schilling an executive? He was a baseball player and a complete moron. His ineptitude at running a company, and properly financing is what tanked 38 studios and screwed over an entire state.

  26. You really called it with both the Amular and Demon Souls remakes. They've both been amazing and have really widened the appeal of the games.

  27. 😑 I've played all of these. You got anything else?

  28. Great news! The Amalur remaster is one of this month's (November 2021) Playstation Plus's free games! Grab it now and enjoy…

  29. i know this is old but… grim dawn was not a spirit successor to diablo 2… it was a spiritual successor to titan quest. like literally. said by the company itself…. falcon… shame

  30. For me honestly, Alpha Protocol's fast dialogue is actually the worst part of the game. I hate it.
    It makes it impossible to play a consistent character when you barely know what the options are and barely enough time to see the words before having to pick.

    TellTale has similar problems and I don't like it. I would absolutely love playing the game if it could be modded to get rid of that timed stuff and actually give the lines like Fallout 3 or something.

  31. alpha protocol was super damn buggy on PC, it was unplayable at best.

  32. Dragon age Inq, I did not like the dumb barrier/armor solution to not have actual healing never made sense to me. I loved the encounters in Origins, setting up the tank and kiting the dragon to a corner while melee dps from behind and healing and magic at ranged. Could do that in Inq too but no matter the spec in barrier always still had me needing to rely on potions to much and you can only hold so many of them at a time.

  33. Theres a reason why Inquisition just was forgotten about, because it was a boring piece of shit MMORPG that got turned into a single player game at the last second when ubisoft realized that they dont want to pay for server costs for a MMO

  34. I've tried playing dragon's dogma 3 times and I keep quitting because of boring combat and constant walking.

  35. You started off great with Reckoning. I loved that game!

  36. And you ended great as well. Great picks!

  37. The guy that started 38 Studios, the company behind Kingdoms of Adumar, was Curt Schilling, a former baseball pitcher, not an executive.

  38. Dragon's Dogma was unbelievably fun. I brought it while not really hoping for much but my god did i enjoy it.

  39. KoA: Reckoning actually made the mistake of being released with few prior ads just a few months after Skyrim was first released. change those two things and it would have made billions, i bet.

  40. Another great rpg that is worth trying would be Risen (the first one).

  41. Greedfall is crap and so was kingdom come deliverance it was such a mess at release

  42. Great video man! I really enjoyed this one.
    Divinity OS crippled my ego and made me realize my 80s-90s love of RPGs wasn’t enough to translate my love of them into a modern juggernaut of a game. But by the time Divinity OS2 came out I was up to par with the learning curve. I now realize it was hard to get into and the learning curve was SO filthy because it’s such a deep game.

  43. Dragon Age Inquisition disappeared because the characters are all insufferable, ugly mouthpieces for BioWare’s extreme political views.

  44. I realize if anything’s gonna take flack it’ll be this comment but I wanted to mention Oceanhorn 2 to anyone who enjoys 3rd person RPGs. Yes I know it released on Apple Arcade initially but I really think that was a business move for moolah. It’s a fun and quick game that pretty damn satisfying to play.

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