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10 Best NEW Games To Play In March 2023

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Some cool looking games on this months list! Here are the Best New Games To Play In March 2023! Download Clash of Clans for free here: Thanks to Clash of Clans for sponsoring today’s video!


00:00 Best New PC Games Coming in March 2023

Best Games:
00:20 Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (PC, PS, Xbox) – March 3
03:02 Thanks To Todays Sponsor!
03:59 Have a Nice Death (PC, Switch) – March 22
05:37 Resident Evil 4 remake (PC, PS, Xbox) – March 24
07:07 Last of Us Part 1 (PC) – March 28
08:43 Ravenbound (PC) – March 30
11:41 Tainted Grail Fall of Avalon (PC) – March 30
13:35 System Shock (PC) – March TBD

More Games:
15:06 Clash: Artifacts of Chaos (PC) – March 9
16:08 Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse (PC, PS, Xbox) – March 9
16:59 Bleak Faith: Forsaken (PC) – March 10

17:38 Thanks for watching!

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  1. Bleak Faith has my main interest of all these…could be a sleeper hit imo

  2. Wow awesome video. Ravenbound looks really interesting. Hoping it works on Steam Deck. Thanks!

  3. man, ravenbound not having co-op is such a missed opportunity. Looks great.

  4. Tainted Grail Fall of Avalon reminds me of might and magic 6

  5. Too many souls-likes again for my taste… =/

  6. Change the tittle in ;
    "10 Best rogue like games single players of march 2023"

  7. Wait… your name is not Wo Long, in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty…? WTF?

  8. Raven Bound had me excited until I played the demo from Next Fest. It has major issues rn, I'd say it needs another year at minimum buyer beware

  9. I’m so tired of every awesome looking fantasy game being a souls like or rogue like. It’s all we get for action RPGs now.

  10. Not sure how I never ran into this channel before. Awesome content. Liked and subscribed.

  11. I'm really interested in the death The reaper platformer game looks the most interesting in that dark souls has a really cool art style😉

  12. Ravenboud has been added to my Steam wishlist. This game stands out by far out of that list. Fingers crossed for decent steam deck compatibility.

  13. Check out The Finals. It looks very promising and there isn't a lot of coverage for it!

  14. The month of the shitty "souls" games. Neato.

  15. Every time you upload it makes my day man

  16. Factions multilayer was such a nice surprise for original ps3 launch, I played it to death. Hopefully a standalone version has the same charm.

  17. Isn’t Amnesia:The Bunker launching this month?

  18. id say tainted grail looks more like oblivion in terms of combat rather than clunky skyrim heh

  19. RE4 remake all the way. Next is Lies of P later this year.

  20. i want someone to make a game so i can play it and not have it ruined i can enjoy the experience. this game would be or be the precursor to the game i want to play. a mmo/sandbox/rts/fps/3rdperson/grandstrategy/D&Dstyle/simulator. i have ideas on how it could work i would want it to lean towards its as hard as you want it to be with a world full of interesting characters. play as an assassins in assasins creed lets you have a scroll that can make a portal for your necromancer ally to send an army thru… imagine this unfolding as your using the mages guild to teleport around to find a product you are looking for in your industry in your own clans town or city…

  21. thanks for posting dude. keepin us all in the loop

  22. Great lighting on the video. You are the best resource for new games. Keep up the great work. 👍

  23. Team ninja I also believed worked and made ninja gauiden

  24. Wo Long and RE 4 are the big ones for me, and System Shock if it actually comes out (doubt).

    Also, I had no idea another Fatal Frame was being remastered. Not gonna grab it day 1, since Maiden is a much newer game (2014 vs 2008) and while I did enjoy Maiden back in the day, I haven't played any of the other games because they looked like they didn't age well. But I'd totally want a brand new Fatal Frame game one day and if this new remaster impresses people I might check it out.

  25. New drinking game, every time this dude says "Jankier" take a shot.

  26. And Valheim will be on Xbox, and game pass FREE!

  27. would love if you made a separate video that only included multiplayer games so i didn't have to comb through the singleplayer snooze fests

  28. Loving this early month released videos, pls continue to do it.

  29. SYSTEM SHOCK?!??!?? I didn't even know the remake is a thing.
    The original was so amazing. Kinda best game of a whole era for me. Can't wait

  30. Does anyone else with a powerful PC (esp if you just built it) have this mental-complex where you feel like you shouldn't 'waste' all that power on, say, a side-scroller? I expect to be called an idiot, but I don't expect I'm the only one …

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