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10 Best NEW PC Games To Play In April 2022

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Let’s check out the 10 best looking NEW PC games launching this month!


00:00 Best New PC Games Coming in April 2022
00:33 Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga [PC, PS5, XSX, Switch]
02:21 Demeo: PC Edition [PC] – April 7
04:27 Forgive Me Father [PC] – April 7
06:05 Back 4 Blood: Tunnels of Terror DLC [PC, PS5, XSX] – April 12
08:10 Uragun [PC] – April 12
09:30 GhostLore [PC] – April 14
10:45 The Serpent Rogue [PC, PS5, XSX, Switch] – April 26
12:01 King Arthur: Knight’s Tale [PC] – April 26
13:37 Dorfromantik [PC] – April 28
15:47 The Cycle: Frontier [PC] – April TBC

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  1. I’m glad this month we don’t have any heavy hitters because with KoF XV and Elden Ring my wallet it’s crying out loud right now.

  2. B4B seems dead unfortunately, maybe this will give it new life, but atm l4d2 is still better.

  3. Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers edition is the only April game for me.

  4. If anyone is interested, Demeo has a Steam Demo PC version available now. You can play through a short tutorial and then 1 floor of the game.

  5. Oh hey, more B4B content, hopefully it's not fun or the devs may nerf it…

  6. omg I loved the cycle! I think I found out about it from you tbh. haven't played it in years but def gonna play it when it rereleases

  7. "Not a lot of blockbuster titles"
    -immediately hits LEGO STARWARS lol

  8. The Cycle looks like REcycled (failed assets everywhere).

  9. I went back to Conqueror's blade to the new season. It's still anoying like hell, but fun. 🙂 I would like to a see a game like this in a scifi setting.

  10. Can you do a top10 list of best PvE games. I'm still playing Back 4 Blood and Deep Rock Galactic, but getting a bit bored with it, and want to try other games that are similar.

  11. Coromon just released today as well and if you are looking for pokemon clone with a great art style and really customizable difficulty options then you should look into it, I think the demo is still available too.

  12. I had to check the callendar to make sure its 2022…What are these companies even thinking…These are mobile games at best… Thank god for FromSoftware..

  13. I don't get Lego games, why put the effort in to make a great game and then use Lego models, it is crap and just rubbing in how little Star Wars games we get with real looking characters, it shits me.

  14. Long time D&D and MMORPG player… and… remember Dungeon Keeper? I'm stoked for this!

  15. I've put close to 100hrs into Dorfromantik so far. I can say without a doubt this is digital crack. What a fantastic game!

  16. Why can't arpg just use movement keys. Nobody likes clicking around like some mobile game..

  17. Really enjoyed The Cycle! looking forward to the revamped version

  18. Bloodhunt will release aswell!!! 27 april thats my big game this month man can't freaking wait

  19. For JRPG fans out there, Chrono Cross releases on Steam on April 8.

  20. Glad YT algorithm rec this. Love the presentation. Defo Subbing.

  21. No planet crafter, just in early access. I really like it.

  22. KIng Arthur Knight Tale and Demeo are games I would buy for sure

  23. Bloodhunt? One of the most anticipated games?

  24. "Best looking" – first game is Lego. Second game is a top down table-top RPG. I guess best-looking must mean something different where he's from.

  25. All crap games my god, why are developers stuck on making crap games, it must be depressing to develop and release this crap.

  26. I play Dorfromantic from that list. As a rule, I boycott "everything" German. But this game is so good that I made an exception and bought it.

  27. oh wack 4 blood is adding a 5th zombie type. oh, but u got to pay for it lmaoooo good thing idgaf, i wouldnt play that trash for free

  28. Just me or does each month in gaming get less and less enticing…

  29. Shockingly feature-rich FPS Battlebit Remastered is having a public playtest sometime later this month. Have played in several previous tests and it's fantastic.

  30. All shit games. I have nothing to play but Skyrim.

  31. Great video, you showed games that people have no idea about, not obvious stuff that is on every second video 🙂 Thank you!

  32. I really don't know why people don't like back for blood it was quite fun

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