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10 Best NEW PC Games To Play In December 2021

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Welcome back! Last episode of this series for 2021, checking out the 10 best looking PC games coming this December. Things are slowing down but there’s still a solid list of games to look forward to. Let’s go.


0:00 Best New PC Games Coming in December 2021
0:56 ANVIL: Vault Breakers – December 2
3:23 Century: Age of Ashes – December 2
5:49 Solar Ash – December 2
7:18 Chorus – December 3
08:26 Icarus – December 4
10:59 FFXIV: Endwalker – December 7
12:26 Heavenly Bodies – December 7
14:10 Halo Infinite – December 8
15:56 Breakwaters – December 9
17:18 The Gunk – December 16

Other Noteworthy Games…
18:38 Wartales – December 1
19:05 Corepunk Beta – TBD


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  1. Years and years ago there was a Dragon riding game. I remember playing it, but cannot recall the game’s name.

  2. Thanks for describing all of them before I sat here and watched. It's all trash I'll move on.

  3. Final Fantasy XIV — #1 WORLD's MOST POPULAR MMORPG.

    Play the entire A Realm Reborn and Heavensward Expansions.

    FREE with NO Restrictions on playtime.

  4. wow, even the game situation looks dire for this winter. why cant we get a divinity 3 (just a few new levels, same mechanics) or a new fallout or elder scrolls? we need good games now, not studios working on these kinds of trash games !!!

  5. Heavenly Bodies is the name of a strip club in my area…

  6. That dragon game looks cool. Skill only is smart. Idk why aerial mmos are not more common. I like Super Mecha Champions because it is skill based and the mechs in the game have clear limitations that are easy to learn. This allows you to focus heavily on timing, positioning, and blind spots. I hope I can do more quality videos like yours!

  7. Icarus:
    You play a spacefarer in a spacesuit!
    Now go build your stoneaxe!

  8. Imagine paying so much for a game thats gonna get boring after a while

  9. Vault Breakers looks similar to Helldivers

  10. I’m definitely going to try century. Would be cool if they made it into an mmo where you go and capture or hunt your dragons, each with different skills and effects.

  11. Great list.

    ✔Halo Infinite without doubt was the best game in the list!

  12. that century dragon game feels like a good game of quidditch lol

  13. I really need something new to play, GTA is not the same no more

  14. Every game looks like trash besides halo…. Who wants to play PVE games, or games 💯 copied from other ones?

  15. Since I don’t have the money for a gaming PC and don’t have an XBOX (I have a PS5 and even that was a wedding present), I have to use a cloud gaming service to play PC games. That means I can’t play Halo Infinite because its anti-cheat system doesn’t allow playing it on a virtual machine. 🙁

  16. 15:54 I'm 15 hours into Breakwaters , super fun game. $19.99 well spent even in early access form.

  17. dude just move an inch back from the mic, jeezis

  18. Discord server roles LOL.
    Gee, thanks for the unpaid JOB!
    I wonder if they added the lol or if that was the OP…

  19. Interesting that you compared Gunk with Kena. Game-wise it's a world apart but I suppose you could make a connection based on the "plot" premise. That said, I personally don't put much weight on the premise of most games because they tend to be weak as far as storytelling goes. There are major exceptions, of course, but most games really fail when it comes to plot/story so that aspect tends to be insignificant. But nice call out for Kena. Great game.

  20. Imagine the dragon game but its a battle royal that would be so fricken sick.

  21. 39.99 for an expansion and then a monthly fee, yikes

  22. Final Fantasy XIV — #1 WORLD's MOST POPULAR MMORPG.

    Play the entire A Realm Reborn and Heavensward Expansions.

    FREE with NO Restrictions on playtime.

  23. Crab game for free on steam for the win

  24. companies need to STOP making these multiplayer based games that will die off in months' time to be left empty and unplayable because the decided to make it solely a multiplayer experience, I swear every single one is a quick cash grab hoping that they could be the next apex or Fortnite, but being satisfied even if their game dies in months because these game always have a wicked over priced in game store, also dragons flying around killing each other it honestly kind of looks like a ps3 game or some shit I mean yes the graphics look decent but its wicked arcade-y looking and just not fun it's like the developers didn't realize the only way a free multiplayer game succeeds is its it's wicked competitive and FUN, century age of ashes just looks so stupid it's not even funny what a waste of companies time and money to develop something this stupid, that is designed to fail. I can't even say that much though because single player developers literally make games for day one sales and preorders knowing it's a blatant cash grab that won't be what they promised cough cough the new harry potter game coming out * cough cough*.

  25. LMAO we wont offer advantages in store on this game, he literally shows the pack and what do you know its got 3,000 gems in it, how much yall wanna bet you can level your character or dragon with those? sickening.

  26. Solar Ash looked amazing but then he said it’s an Epic Games exclusive and I got bummed lol. The epic launcher is so bad, I just can’t use it tbh it’s too bad.

  27. Wow force nearing 1 million subs , gl man watching since d3 teaser days 😉

  28. I am a PC owner and I am getting so frustrated with gaming in general. Great games, however, so many frustrating situations
    Updates, launch issues, platform issues, driver updates and then there are glitches, loading preferences (to get the game working)
    That’s all before I get to play one of my games
    It’s just so frustrating. One day a game load, next it doesn’t

  29. I’m really enjoying Halo Infinite so far.

  30. loads of boring codswallop like most games these days. I would have liked to play half life alyx without vr that would have been nice so i'll make do with firing up guilty gear strive every now and then for some fun. Maybe im just not into games anymore :

  31. 7:41 Trăng rằm có bánh trung thu. Tiện cho em hỏi gu anh là gì

  32. Trúc Vy 600k vào (chonbantinh.xyz) says:

    1:01 Em đây không thích la cà. Em đây chỉ thích mặn mà với anh.

  33. Khả Hân 600k vào (chonbantinh.xyz) says:

    8:09 Bột ngọt thì ngọt nhưng gây ung thư. Còn anh cũng ngọt nhưng gây tương tư.

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