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10 Best NEW PC Games To Play In February 2022

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February is looking like a great month for New PC Games To Play, quite a few games on this list I’m really looking forward to. Let’s go!


00:00 Best New PC Games Coming in February 2022
00:31 Dying Light 2 [PC, PS5, XSX] – February 4
03:16 Sifu [PC, PS5] – February 8
05:32 OlliOlli World [PC, PS5, XSX, Switch] – February 8
06:45 Lost Ark [PC] – February 11
10:24 SWTOR: Legacy of the Sith [PC] – February 15
12:01 Total War: Warhammer 3 [PC] – February 17
13:22 Destiny 2: The Witch Queen [PC, PS5, XSX] – February 22
14:54 Elden Ring [PC, PS5, XSX] – February 24
17:09 Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons [PC] – February 28

Other Noteworthy Games…
18:49 Life is Strange, The Waylanders, Warzone S2, KoF15, Martha is Dead, Grid Legends…
19:05 Rumbleverse (Delayed)

19:46 Thanks for watching!


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  1. He went through with Feb content as soon as possible to create some time for Lost Ark =) same here bro same here..

  2. Lost Ark, SWTOR, GW2 are all interesting to me. Thanx for the list.

  3. when it comes to lost Ark:

    NO. This is not where we are in games. There are great ftp games like POE that dont do this crap. The fact that people are waiting for this piece of crap game like it'll be the savior of all MMOs shows the mentality of gamers today. 3 days headstart? a million ptw fearures? Wtf is this shit? Why are we accepting this?

    It's just sad

  4. we total war fans stick to our little community

  5. I can't stand their pay service either. I wish they would either make us buy the game or have a subscription service, keeps the game completely fair for everyone.

  6. You should try total war super fun it was my first dip into a rts like that

  7. Lost ark finally on some English servers after 6 months on kr cant wait, and elden ring if I can get off lost ark

  8. Dying Light 2 and Lost Ark launching almost at the same time is tough

  9. "Pay to skip the grind" is that what we call Pay To Win now? …. Whatever lies you gotta tell yourself I guess.

  10. Are there any other types of characters besides the Warrior class in lost ark?

  11. I can't imagine playing a beta for 100 hours, and wanting to play more after release….lol

  12. So stoked it's time for Olli Olli World to release! Been excited for that one for a while.

  13. For me there is only 1… Total war warhammer 3.

  14. I’m definitely going to try lost arc, will it be in steam?

  15. I don't really get the aversion for having some form of "pay to skip" in a huge MMO game like Lost Ark. The people that have a lot of gaming time on their hands can just play it all day, while the people that have jobs and responsibilities can choose to pay to skip some of the grind. You can not buy items to make you directly stronger in any way and you can choose not to engage with the paid content at all.

    I think it's a great addition to a F2P grindy game, and I totally understand that the developer wants to earn money outside of vanity skins. It sounds entitled to expect that the only form of paid content in a game like this is skins.

    This model is mechanically similar to Warframe and other games like that, and it works great.

  16. You're like the Mr Rogers of Youtube video game channels. So genuine and humble. Keep up the great work, brother.

  17. Elden ring for sure. It took them way too long to release lost ark to the west. I wanna play it but them kinda games I’m too competitive and I know people will just wallet through it. So it’s a maybe. Tempted to go back to destiny with that dlc. I might try war hammer but I never played the other games so I’m not too sure on it. Life is strange is the only game I watched someone Ells play lol. Loved it. It was like a big movie. dying light looks a little boring to be honest. Peace ✌️

  18. Dose Lost Ark still “Force 21:9” Aspect Resolution?? 🙁

  19. Is Destiny fans do not care makes them stupid!! 🙂

  20. Great overview. I wish Lost Ark was single player. Still, if it wasn't for this channel, I wouldn't have realized that the game even exists.

  21. Yo you hit the nail on the head with the comment about Destiny 2 when you said "You dislike the fact that you no longer have content that you paid for" This is 100% what I tell my friends or people when they ask why I no longer play or like Destiny. I've played Destiny since it first came out on PS4. Hell my PS4 was the white Destiny edition. I wanna play the content that I paid for not play it for a few months and then get replaced by new content never to be seen again.

  22. Is RUMBLEVERSE Made by the creators of knockout city?

  23. Horizon should have a PC version, the forbidden west also come out in Feb and there is crossfire X along with Martha and Grid legend

  24. Dying Light 2, Lost Ark, Warhammer 3, Elden Ring!!!!, Gw2 End of Dragons…awesome month for games!

  25. @force why would you support games that sell power? plz have better values

  26. These are all trash except for elden ring (probably)

  27. Hey Force, would you mind adding Epic Games exclusive to the description where you put [PC, PS5]? Thanks, love your videos, they are the best game news videos on YouTube for me. Been watching since the Force Feed days.

  28. Is SWTOR good lately?
    I remember that i loved to play, but the thing that made quit the game, was the crafting and everything about it. Was so limited so frustrating to do that.
    It was a good game, but that craft BS made me hate it so much.

  29. The movement and combat looks insane in SIFU

  30. Can we please stop misusing the term MMO to describe RPG elements? Lost Ark is NOT, by any means, an MMO

  31. Enjoying the layout of these game reviews and looking forward to Elden Ring. Lost Ark seems cool but the game seems extremely grindy.

  32. I was excited for lost ark but my god SIFU IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE

  33. I just tried playing SWTOR again after several years…. after playing ESO and New World…. I just can't get back into that tab target playstyle. I wish I could because I loved the story and voice acting

  34. I've been looking for 5 months for a game to look interesting to my taste. I loved Subnautica (one). I enjoyed Riftbraker, Grounded, God of War and I found Horizon Zero Dawn an excellent game. Elden Ring looks promising. Lets wait and see.

  35. Considering the "pay to progress faster" aspects of Lost Ark apparently do not give advantages or disadvantages to classes during PVP, I don't think there is anything wrong with giving the grinding experience an optional, paid boost.

    I believe you can essentially pay for a skip in FFXIV, which is a game you must already pay monthly for once the trial is up.

    And I've heard WoW has gotten even worse with this stuff.

    Either way, an otherwise completely free to play game such as Lost Ark needs some way to pay its already underpaid but devoted employees, so I won't count this monetization as a negative until I hear it annihilates the balance of the game.

  36. Man if you people think Witch Queen is going to be amazing then you're in for a major disappointment.

  37. Kids in 2022 ? I GOT NOTHING TO PLAY. Full steam Library.

  38. Destiny has so much potential, hopefully one day they will stop their war on solo players.

  39. I don’t play KTOR because it’s responsible for the death of Rift, and I feel had it not been overhyped than Trion could of made a bit more cash for it expansion and wouldn’t have been sold off. Then the original team could have done what they planned.

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