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10 Best NEW PC Games To Play In February 2022

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February is looking like a great month for New PC Games To Play, quite a few games on this list I’m really looking forward to. Let’s go!


00:00 Best New PC Games Coming in February 2022
00:31 Dying Light 2 [PC, PS5, XSX] – February 4
03:16 Sifu [PC, PS5] – February 8
05:32 OlliOlli World [PC, PS5, XSX, Switch] – February 8
06:45 Lost Ark [PC] – February 11
10:24 SWTOR: Legacy of the Sith [PC] – February 15
12:01 Total War: Warhammer 3 [PC] – February 17
13:22 Destiny 2: The Witch Queen [PC, PS5, XSX] – February 22
14:54 Elden Ring [PC, PS5, XSX] – February 24
17:09 Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons [PC] – February 28

Other Noteworthy Games…
18:49 Life is Strange, The Waylanders, Warzone S2, KoF15, Martha is Dead, Grid Legends…
19:05 Rumbleverse (Delayed)

19:46 Thanks for watching!


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  1. So stoked for Elden Ring! Also crossing my fingers for an eventual console port of Lost Ark.

  2. I have no choice but to get on PC 🙁
    I hope they finally get their netcode into shape.

  3. I just started getting into total war and man is it fun. Really looking forward to the new one.

  4. Dishonest title.

    SWTOR isn't new. Destiny isn't new. Borderline if Total warhammer 3 is new. Early access releases and remasters of a modern game (i.e. slightly updated graphics and censorship) are a bit sketchy too.

    Maybe title should be New games and expansions to be more accurate?

  5. 10:32 And this is how you know this guy is not familiar with Star Wars. MUH-NAN is cringe, yo.

    Confirmed filthy casual.

    Also, they're separating WEAPON STYLES from your class (giving you a limited choice now). They're not "separating class stories from gameplay". That makes no sense. You simply have a larger choice over weapon styles, and the abilities attached to them. You still get plenty of abilities over your class. Force really should have done more research here (or simply asked someone like SWORISTA for specifics).

  6. Vampire survivors should have made the list at least under indie.

  7. My February, Lost Ark binging until Horizon Forbidden West, then split between them.

  8. i think end of dragons for gw2 got delayed until july of this year

  9. Easy month full of skips! Finally not a thing to add to the backlog this month.

  10. Really glad to have found your channel! You have become a regular on my "while I drink coffee" YouTube lineup in the mornings. Great work! This is going to be an expensive month. Elden Ring, Lost Ark, and End of Dragons are all on my list to pick up. I think I may need a second job. But then I wouldn't have time to enjoy them all! The eternal gaming dilemma. Sigh.

  11. Man, SWTOR getting a significant expansion? Time to dust off my bounty hunter.

  12. My thoughts when clicking this video: ELDEN RING! ELDEN RING!

  13. Great video as usual, i feel like I have a better handle on each of these games. The mechanics for Sifu sound very interesting.

  14. I dont have time to play multiple games so I just drown myself in Lost Ark.

  15. also path of exile launches a big expansion this friday !

  16. Hey force have you heard of the new evil dead game would love to hear your thoughts

  17. For me it’s King of Fighters XV and Elden Ring. Both of them are going to give me ton of hours of fun

  18. I liked Destiny 2. I spent a lot of time on it. But paying 30 bucks several times a year for what essentially is a few hours of story (which i really don't care about) 1 new dungeon and new guns (which most are just near duplicate replacements for things I have. With the trade off of all my old guns now being worthless (sunset is bullshit), and another endless grind of the same old content to get more levels and replacement guns for what I can't use now.

    And I put a lot of time for those guns, Getting the right perks. I like them. I want to use them. It just isn't worth it. If you have to take away things I worked hard to get to extend playtime of you 30 dollar seasons then your design is shit. I would play the game because the game is fun, good visuals, sound gun play, sometimes fun pvp even though I am not a good shot or normally a big pvp fan, (probably because I am a bad shot). But the money just is not worth the little trickle of content, and continuing to grind the same missions over and over to level up once again.

    Don't bother white knighting the game to me either. I don't care if it is worth it for you. And you won't change my mind that what they add is worth the price. If you don't mind running the same bounties, the same old missions just with new (same gun model and 2 slightly different perks) guns. That is awesome. Go have fun. I am honestly happy for you. I will just fade away like my vault sunset items that are no longer useful.

  19. My February gaming schedule – Dying Light 2 2/4-7, Lost Ark 2/8-16, TW: Warhammer 3 2/17-23(8 player co-op!), Elden Ring 2/24-28 then probably back to Lost Ark and probably buying Sifu to play when I am not playing with friends. Definitely a crazy gaming month. Also got V-Day taking up my wallet lol.

  20. Destiny 2 fans do care when paid content is removed. I abandoned the game (having bought 3 expansions) for that reason alone.

  21. Game #10) PS5- Horizon Forbidden West. Gonna be sick

  22. I got sucked back into Destiny 2 the last month or so. I'll be glued to the Witch Queen xpac when it comes out. also going to be playing POE 3.17 new league, frost slam build!

  23. That Sifu first fight scene reminds me of the original movie Old Boy

  24. For me it’s total war: warhammer 3 and Elden Ring. Both of them are going to give me ton of hours of fun

  25. Iam done with Destiny. The ongoing content vaulting and the issue that you have to pay for dungeons if u didnt buy the expansion realy suxx. I payed for everything up to this point but that has to stop know. The Game is good but the buissness side is sh*t. Im revisiting Warframe, there is a bunch more content and for free if u want.

  26. Man SiFu seems to be really cool shame it's an EGS exclusive.

    @14:30 I quit Destiny 2 because of this. I spend a lot of money on DLC which was removed for no valid reason. They have reasons but they are just dumb. They should at the very least give people who paid for DLC they removed the new DLC for free.

  27. You can't customize your body parts in Warhammer 3, that is only available for the demon prince lord.

  28. your swtor description of combat styles isn't strictly true. You cant be a Jedi with a gun or a bounty hunter with a lightsaber, its split between force users and tech users basically.

  29. another great video as always, I look forward to these videos so I can figure out what to look for, ugh stupid busy life. Pretty pumped for Dying Light 2 and cant wait to get my hands on it.

  30. Wow.. really? You didn’t even mention PoE? What the hell…

  31. When he said "Elden Ring is more modern-day" I nearly fell off my horse

  32. The way you describe the games makes me want to buy all of them, I think the games companies should pay you. Thanks for the video.

  33. Yup Lost Ark, Lost Ark, Lost Ark, Lost Ark, Lost Ark, Lost Ark, Lost Ark, Lost Ark, Lost Ark and Lost Ark everything else is irrelevant they are getting out the wrong month and pobably the wrong year i doubt i even play anything else for at least months and i own every single total war games and dlc and ive finished everything Fromsoft ever did so… Wrong month and year like i dont even give a fuck about Elden Ring and Total War.

  34. The "500 hours" for DL2 involves multiple playthroughs and choosing every different combination of conversation options, game won't be much longer than 40 hours.

    The SWTOR "expansion" will take three hours to finish like all the previous ones, though bugs may extend this play time. The raid also won't even launch on Feb 15.

  35. For real, I had no idea how much I needed that chill lounge vibe music in my life today.

  36. Dying light2, Lost Ark and Elden Ring for me

  37. Can I play elden ring with my buddy without issue? like, Can we play elden ring like anyother online co-op game?

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