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10 Best Open World Games of 2022

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2022 brought us a solid handful of compelling open world games on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One and Nintendo Switch.
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0:00 intro
0:16 V Rising
1:23 Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord
2:14 Sonic Frontiers
3:27 LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
5:13 Slime Rancher 2
6:07 GhostWire Tokyo
7:02 Dying Light 2: Stay Human
8:11 Horizon Forbidden West
9:15 Elden Ring

10 V Rising

Platform : PC

Release Date : 17 May, 2022

9 Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

Platform : PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S

Release Date : October 25, 2022

8 Sonic Frontiers

Platform : PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S Switch

Release Date : November 8, 2022

7 LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Platform : XSX|S Switch PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One

Release Date : 5 April 2022


Platform : PC PS5 XSX|S

Release Date : December 2, 2022

5 Slime Rancher 2

Platform : PC XSX|S

Release Date : September 22, 2022

4 GhostWire Tokyo

Platform : PC PS5

Release Date : March 25, 2022

3 Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Platform : PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S

Release Date : February 4, 2022

2 Horizon Forbidden West

Platform : PS4 PS5

Release Date : February 18, 2022

1 Elden Ring

Platform : PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S

Release Date : February 25, 2022

Bonus :-

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

Platform : PC

Release Date : 12 August. 2022

God of War: Ragnarok
Platform : PS4 PS5

Choo-Choo Charles

Platform : PC

Release Date : December 9, 2022

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Platform : Switch

Release Date : July 29, 2022


  1. Elden Ring is the worst game I ever play 🙂

  2. Worst list I've ever listened too besides number 1 lol.

  3. All these great open world games, and still to this day nothing comes close to red dead redemption 2, the detail and effort put into that game is on another level



  6. I dont get it. Elder ring seems very button-smashy

  7. I dont get it. Elder ring seems very button-smashy

  8. All these great open world games, and still to this day nothing comes close to red dead redemption 2, the detail and effort put into that game is on another level

  9. Cyberpunk 2077 should be branded as a game that came out 2022. They released the game in it's supposed launch version in year 2022. The 2020 version is basically an unfinished open beta test game.

  10. God Of War: Ragnarok was such a huge disappointment. They should NOT have taken off Cory Barlog as Director. They fucked that game up pretty bad.

  11. I havr played a ton of games that are open world. I never played a souls game so I didn't know what to expect with elden ring. This game is a masterpiece there is so much variety of weapons armour talismans and consumables. Lots of places to explore challenging bosses and super fun pvp (not until you run into an intelligence spammer). It blew me away and only half way into my first playthrough I declared it as my favourite game.

  12. Hol'don'ow… LEGO Star Wars is an open-world game? Oh wow!

  13. Valheim is one of a better ones with a coop, thats what i love the most

  14. I find Elden ring really boring with the open world thing, it`s like a running simulator, i prefer the classic linear style a thousand time better.

  15. None of these games peeked my interest not even the need for speed game

  16. I just wish Elden Ring had different difficulty modes.

  17. This list sucks! Top 2 Games are Obvious and the other 8 suck B@lls… 🙈💯

  18. Great games, how long does it take to try them all? Oh, it's a pity there are not 60 hours in a day (. In addition to any reviews, I'm still looking for games on Steam, and purely by chance I stumbled upon Primal Menace, I was very interested, but there is not much information about this game, has anyone heard anything about it?

  19. I don't know why you had to say "say what you want about the game but it's a very impressive open world" about Horizon Forbidden West. What might one say about the game itself? Lol
    The game is almost flawless. Any issue to point out would be next level nitpicking. Best game I've played in the last few years

  20. ghost of tsushima is my number one at the moment

  21. Forbidden West P'd me off. I'm a PC gamer so it hasn't arrived. And B: why change the weapons so a dumb buggers like me to have to learn all over again what works and what doesn't.
    Also I've looked at some playthroughs while waiting and waiting and waiting for the pc port, and they seem to leave me not sure, dissatisfied probably hits it best.
    I looked at Elden Ring intro, my first impression was YUK! I was put off initially by flashy/unrealistic opening . Then I heard you had to hunt for stuff instead of being led around by the nose with pointers to where you needed to go. So I had another look and found it was a console game not a pc one. Putting it on pc came 2nd.
    Hogwarts Legacy taught me playing a console game on a pc while doable you couldn't EASILY, use all the keys because my finger have bones in them. having too select the fire numbers 1,2,3,4 while directing where I was going with a dodge using wsad, was difficult. But also using the keys at the bottom of the keyboard in a hurry was a stretch too far. I put 700 hours into it. Called it quits on the last update that changed Bombarda from an area effect to a one-shot if something died in the area. The broom controls were just so frustrating. And unlike Witcher 3 HZD and Skyrim. The though of the frustration in-game is just too off-putting to play it again.

    So until I get a many key programmable mouse or better they set those games up for a proper flight sim Joystick. I'm stuck playing Witcher 3, Skyrim, HZD, all three of them great stories. But after thousand of hours in each, they are coming to an end for me. I'm finally going around both Witcher 3 and HZD for the 100%.
    Yet I know I'll still play them again. Because they are that good.

    I'm trolling the net for a game with something in it to make it worth playing in between those three games.
    These days games seem to be mostly a flash blinding unrealistic story lacking, waste of time.

    OR game producers producing all inclusive games that have sex interactions 95% aren't interested in because we don't screw the same sex. Do what you like with those who want you to. Don't shove it up my nose I like the opposite sex. Because I was made for it. For you who are gender challenged my sympathies. Stop rubbing my face in your problems. I have enough of my own. If there is a smart scientist out there how about some chemistry to stop sexual desire altogether. Then all our problems will be solved.

    Entertainment industry including games. inserting what 5 to 10% of the population like and pissing of 90 to 95% is not good profitable business model. But a great way to go broke. Do the numbers. Talk to a booky. If you must. But while we are waiting for you to get over this brain fart I am getting bored. Give me a game I WANT TO PLAY. Story based founded in the real/normal/usual/possible fantasy. Not a monster so tall the feet are as wide as a football field and the player should have been squashed after taking four paces. A sword so small in comparison to the monster it would be like a prickle to us. All right a small exaggeration.

    So far, Witcher 3 is the only one that really did it. HZD was good and almost got there. Both games had flaws that P'd me off. Geralt can't walk up a hill or down stairs without flattening his nose, or sitting on his ars. Made climbing to the high place for the view (which was worth the struggle) worth it.

    HZD an open world with signs stay here and we'll reload your last save. GRRRRR. And what you saw wasn't always what was there. And you died because it wasn't a ledge you were jumping onto. It just looked like one. So you die……….. And go back to the last save.

    Any who disagree, please feel free to offer suggestions. I'm getting desperate 🙂

    Cheers Bob.

  22. Fr i love driving cars and fighting in free roam ganes

  23. this dude dont even knows what open world is..its alot but shure not V rising

  24. I wish there were more games that don't include fantasy elements. I don't want dragons, sorcerers, vampires etc.
    I want more games that play in reality, such as gta, rdr. how about detective games placed anywhere between the 19th and the 21st century. I feel I might be one of the few who desire that.😅

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