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10 Best Open World Games With A Great Storyline

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in this video, we are going to talk about some of the best open-world games with the best storyline. and high graphics all games are top open world games.

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  1. cyberpunk gta 5 shittiest story bahi and where is daygone?

  2. TLOU2 Isn't On XBOX Nor PC.
    And It's Not an Open World.
    GOD-OF-WAR Isn't On XBOX Either.

  3. Last of us 2 is not available on pc, I think

  4. Days gone is such an underrated game

  5. bro nice video but I think you forgot to add : Dying light 2

  6. Last of Us and God of war are not open world games.

  7. God of war story maker is god in himself😌

  8. God of war open world game nahi hai bhai get your facts straight. Koi bhi aatu jhaatu channel kholkr baitha hai

  9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and its expansion stories are enough to make a teardrop for an adult man unless you are a gamer who skips every time. You are truly missing out for what you purchase.

  10. Kha ho bhai ghost bulleye pubg pc khelte ho kya ??

  11. Dude Last of Us is not open world by any measure

  12. Last of us 2 is not available in PC. Get your things right.

  13. God of war .. last of us …. Open world nahe hy brooo …. 👍👍👍👍👍

  14. I think horizon dawn is best games and top 1 also Because I love this game🥰🥲🥰🥰🥰

  15. Days gone se last of us 2 replace kro because days gone open world hai aur last of us 2 pc xbox pe nhi hai chutiye

  16. Abe chutiye lodu god of war xbox pe kab aa gaya ghatiya vidio effort nhi Dale reaserch nhi kri tune thik se

  17. Correction: last of us is not on pc and xbox

  18. lou 2 is not a pc game and not even open world u can say semi open world

  19. What in the fuck am I hearing??
    Is it English?? I literally can’t tell…..

  20. 3:46 Slight Correction :
    Last of us 2 is not available for PC TIll now

  21. Last of us 2 in not available on pc my man

  22. AC oddysey had se jada bura ha pahli baat no hidden balde no traditional AC game style and rpg i mean rpg is good but not judges the felk of an assassin

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