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10 Best OPEN WORLD GANGSTER Games of All Time

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Mafia and gangster games aren’t as common as you’d think, so we wanted to highlight some of our favorite ones throughout the past few gaming generations.
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  1. Is Mafia 2 actually open world? Because Mafia one is called open world but isn’t really

  2. Scarface, TheGodfather and Mafia games are my favs. I love GTA VC and SA. IV was cool too. GTA V… Nah.


  4. Scarface should atleast be top 3. Man is smoking something

  5. what about Jet Li: Rise to Honor i haven't see anything about that game on this channel just saying lol

  6. Mafia 2 is shit. Mafia: Definitive Edition is amazing and Mafia 3 is okay but Mafia 2 shit, shit and horse shit. Shit graphics shit story I could write a doctoral thesis on the shittiness that is Mafia 2.

  7. Mafia Wars! haha wow i'm suddenly 16 again

  8. Gangstar crime city it was a top down open world game no one every talks about

  9. You're tripping the best are GTA V and RDR 2 no other games even compare

  10. When the only one you haven't played is #1 :/

  11. Gowtham the legend man Gowtham the legend man says:

    What was the 5th game

  12. nobody mention Konami's Crime Life : Gang Wars PS2, it was bad but its fun

  13. You left out true crime and bulletproof

  14. For me the top 4 are rdr2,gta 5, mafia, and any far cry game tbh

  15. the mafia series is just like the godfather seriess the third one never happened

  16. I prefer Mafia 1s story tbh. I love Mafia 2 but I only played the Definitive editions.

  17. GTA 3 staple for sure, although I'd go a bit further and say GTA IV had a bit more up to date story and crime feel to it.

  18. briuh saint row is listed above sleeping dog? smd that shit is garbage

  19. We need a GTA like mafia game. A serious one. No satire like GTA

  20. The problem with including RDR2 in this list is it has to be #1. I wouldn't have included it myself, but I understand why you did.

  21. My favorite game was Gangster 1 : Organised Crime, omg , I played so much time this game, and still have a Virtual Machine with Windows XP only to play this game.

  22. Really need a remake of The Godfather.

  23. Warriors definitely top 4
    Godfather mafia warriors gta sleeping dogs top 5 🔥

  24. Jake finally got to make a Top 10 on his favorite subject. Thanks for watching!
    One other honorable mention that fits: Omerta: City of Gangsters.

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