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10 Best Open World Racing Games You CAN’T IGNORE

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Love car games? Love racing? Love big open worlds? We’ve got you covered with these great games.
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  1. WTF how is crew 2 worse than burnout paradise remastered

  2. a lot of these games are fun but the lack of like cars in some games just makes it not as fun because you can't drive your favorite car

  3. Cool thing about beamng is there is another game called Automation that allows you to build your own car and put it into beamng.

  4. Midnight club 3 dub edition remix will always be my #1 racing game.

  5. I wonder if Car X street will make it to a list like this when it releases on console and pc

  6. When I switched from Xbox to PlayStation because I could get the ps5, I knew I was going to miss playing forza the most and that still stands to this day. I just wish somehow they could make a forza game for all consoles.

  7. I can't believe this person put gat5 at 9th place

  8. I did a bunch of midnight club and really enjoyed Driver LA with the weird driving and story

  9. MySummerCar is gold. I used to pee all over teimo and I frikkin loved it xD

  10. I have over 1300 hours crashing cars in beamng drive

  11. The real number 1 is need for speed most wanted 5 and 12 and heat 🌮😎

  12. I own some another free world racing game like The Crew, Need for speed most wanted with great games I can say are free mode.

  13. I think as far as realism and physics go forza is the way to go drifting and losing control of your vehicle in that game feels a lot like how it would irl in nfs heat everything feels super heavy and the slide mechanics are whack as hell

  14. can someone make fh 5 with the crew 2 map pls?

  15. Driver San Francisco is amazing I played it a lot as a teenager with friends BUT it’s very old now and online matchmaking is completely dead. You could sit in matchmaking for hours but you won’t find anyone.

  16. Forza Horizon SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKS, ain't even close to real driving at all

  17. I was blown away by Burnout Paradise first and then obviously NFS Hot Pursuit 2010… 😍

  18. I'm sorry, but NFS Heat sucked. I much preferred Payback, which I know had mixed reviews as well. I actually bought Heat because I liked Payback so much, but after playing for a couple days I really felt like I wasted my money. The world was boring, the races were boring because it was easy to upgrade the cars to a much higher level than what the race calls for. However, it's also easy to make the cars completely undrivable, which is what made me stop playing altogether. Payback, even with the RNG of the speed cards, just seemed a lot better to me.

  19. I searched and couldn’t figure out the name of the game I use to play tons and drives me crazy I couldn’t remember ,,,,then you mentioned midtown madness in ur vid and completely made my day by bringing it up and finally helping me remember!!!

    Keep it up brother!!🙏🙏
    Definitely a new follower now

  20. GTA would be fun, if you didn't need to log-in and install like 4 fucking shit programs. got GTA5 for free, played it for a couple of weeks and deleted it. fuck loging into that trash.

  21. I feel like racers need to let the driver out of the car to do more things

  22. this guy has GTA and mud runner on a racing game list…..

  23. It's too bad though, Crew 2 requires internet to play even in single-player

  24. Crew game should be number one based on open world racing right? ,but I'd even include Mad Max as honorable mention not much racing though

  25. Who else noticed how terrible the captions are ?💀

  26. What SONY should do is to make another DRIVECLUB game and this time it should be an open world with the gameplay system of TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2, with a better driving physics of course. Incorporate it with good storyline. Or maybe something like a GTA 5 style world, eliminating all the bad stuffs, just plain racing where your character can walk and interact with the NPCs and the environment. Forza Horizon is a bit lacking compared to TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2, only thing that shines is the graphics department.

  27. Where is the game list writen?
    My english is very poor.
    Dint understud the name of #4.

  28. Good luck getting a wheel to work with need for speed hot pursuit remastered.

  29. I’m glad to see msc getting some appreciation for once

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