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10 Best Open World Stealth Games That Let You Sneak Endlessly

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These are the biggest stealth games we could find. Here are some games with wide-open stealth opportunities that we love.
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  1. I always use silenced sniping in Ghost Recon and Far Cry series

  2. Now what happens if u played all the games in this list Anyyy any other games

  3. As it happens… I just recently (and succesfully) modded Skyrim and boy, how I missed this game. Going stealth in every encounter is the way to play and it makes you OP as hell in the latter levels.

  4. Not an open world but Tenchu series is fun.

  5. Great vid. Woulda got my sub if you didn't already have it.

  6. Suprising that all of these mentioned assassins creed features are present in a 2003 game like brotherhood.

  7. Far Cry stealth is awesome that's how I play the game killing
    with a bow

  8. ye with a fucking ring around you the hole dam time

  9. Not gonna touch the Thief series I see.. Interesting.

  10. Is it just me or does Hitman Absolution way more believable world and settings then the new ones? I freaking loved that game. Linear yes but just oozes style and replayability. I atually hate how open ended the new ones are and they feel plastic.

  11. YOOOOO I forgot about The Saboteur… Now I need to find and replay it!

  12. DEUS EX! That definitely deserved to be on this list!

  13. "open world games that let stealth endlessly". Whoever made this top have no idea which game must be at number one place,not even a honorable mention, but I will help you. Top 2 – Skyrim and Fo4. Top 1 – fallout 76. In 76 you can literally (and this is the only game that offers it) have a build that let you to be in stealth and never ever be found by any enemy, period. You can play hundreds of hours without being detected ever. So just for this top 10, fallout 76 is in top place. You didn't even mention it as honorable mention, so this top is a complete fail.

  14. i do love to use stealth.. because it is the best way to deal enemies with.. than just running in with gun blazing around and being filled with lead faster than you can say "Banzai!"

  15. Honestly I would put Breakpoint ahead of wildlands if you play breakpoint with no loot levels and use takedowns a lot. Seriously all the takedown animations made me feel like I was in a splintercell game sometimes. Other than that all the gun and world mechanics are better in wildlands

  16. Talks about stealth games…

    shows footage getting caught in every game

  17. Thanks for talking about The Saboteur. I played this game so many times and it's on top 10 games I love playing in my entire life (with GR Wildlands, Far Cray 3, 4, and Primal, AC Origins…)

  18. You could still go a bit stealthy with 𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐃𝐞𝐜𝐚𝐲 but it's harder to pull off especially for tightly packed group of zombies. Takedowns and Silenced Gun kills can still aggro adjacent zeds.

  19. Dishonored isn't on here?You literally make a build and get a different ending for stealth and not killing. Better Stealth then this crap list lol

  20. AC Syndicate is pile of garbage from the AC series. MGS guy is made like a tank 😅

  21. in my opinion, The Saboteur is one the best underrated games of all time. Really wish they had a remastered version or something.

  22. Assassin's creed a stealth game?! Haaaaahhahahhah… Even Thief 2014 ain't a stealth game! My list would be – Thief, Thief, Thief:dark shadows, Splinter cell (even the "blacklist" was not that bad) "Dishonored" – all of'em!, Mark of the ninja, following Oddworld, then DEUS EX, all of them… want more, ya kaksaka?!

  23. What's the next one – DoOM 5, as a stealth genre game?! Kaksakas!

  24. "Project: IGI" is more of a stealth game than "Far cry".

  25. Days Gone should be here, because you can be very stealthy in most of the missions

  26. I'm just happy you mentioned MGS5 and Sniper Elite 4 😀

  27. What is the 1st games name if anyone know tell me.

  28. Youtube thinks this vid is about Dishonored

  29. Been playing Ghost of Tsushima nearly non-stop the last week, the stealth in that game is pretty damn fun XD

  30. What game is being showed during the intro that has the pelican under the water?

  31. a shame dying light or even dying light 2 arent on here

  32. Its nice to see different games then the mostly same games you guys always talk about. 7 days to die, Valhiem, the rogue from WoW, could all be on a list like this. I think I spoke to soon about hearing about the same games over and over again. It seems like so many of the same games you guys talk about almost all the time make a lot of list. It's almost like you guys don't play many games.

  33. I never understood even that moderate amount of hype around Saboteur. The game is forgotten for a good reason, because in terms of mechanics it's essentially nothing but a weird Frankenstein's monster sewn together from other, much better games, like Mafia in terms of open world mechanics, Assassin's Creed in terms of parkour and regions system, Hitman in terms of disguise, Splinter Cell in terms of stealth overall and some of the gunplay, and Red Faction Guerilla / Just Cause in terms of destroying enemy infrastructure as well as being a guerilla in the first place. There was almost nothing fresh in this game save for the setting idea and some cosmetics like the color system. Change my mind.

  34. Are these stealth games available on the Nintendo switch ?

  35. I know you didn't just do a top 10 open world stealth game list and not include Ghost of Tsushima :O

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