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10 BEST PS5 Games That Are ALWAYS Ignored

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Some PS5 games are released and respected but quickly fall out of the limelight when talking about the console’s best games.
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0:00 Intro
0:26 Astro’s Playroom
2:02 Neon White
3:00 Guardians of the Galaxy
4:20 Scarlet Nexus
5:18 Ghostwire Tokyo
6:10 Kena: Bridge of Spirits
7:21 Solar Ash
8:06 Rollerdrome
9:45 Deliver Us The Moon
10:57 Immortals: Fenix Rising


  1. Im just seeing this video, but I decided to play Immortals Fenyx Rising about 2 weeks ago on gamepass, game was incredible. Beat it and all trophies.
    Underrated af.

  2. i think the Avengers game really turned people off from GotG; the game was so much more than I thought it would be!

  3. Dude, I loved hyper light drifter. I didn’t even know about Solar Ash. If that game was available on Xbox I’d get it in a…Heartbeat? Like Heartbeat Studio, the people that developed hyper light drifter….I’ll see myself out.

  4. Immortals fenyx rising is included in PS+ right now go I'm getting it

  5. I recently started Ghostwire Tokyo and was so surprised to find that a lot of the mechanics/abilities I regularly use and rely on were a result of the DLC updates. Im really enjoying it a lot

  6. Most were already on my list, but Solar Ash is a new one on me. Shame it's only digital. Also sold me on getting my hands on Guardians of the Galaxy eventually. Just gotta find a decent deal.

  7. Astros playroom is so fun. All the stuff the controller does on there is so awesome too. You really can see what the controller is capable of.

  8. Definite yes to Kena, Solar Ash , and Rollerdrome…

  9. Currently playing Kena and I’m enjoying it a lot

  10. What's that avatar when you were showing off astros playroom? It looks cool

  11. I got the Platinum for Immortals on the PS4 actually

  12. Astro's Playroom was my first platinum trophy. I never thought i'd enjoy a game in that style so much these days, but now i wish i knew more platformers of its kind. Any suggestions?

  13. Neon White soundtrack was made by MachineGirl. Very good music

  14. completely agree with Kena and guardians. I couldn't personally get into scarlet nexus

  15. every game yall miss in these videos is sable. that game is amazing.

  16. Saints rows newest reboot i thought was good and exactly like GTA. Not sure how that game did so bad that they closed down the studio. And Fenyx Rising looks like Zelda on switch

  17. Didn’t immortals get overlooked cuz ppl kept saying it was a BOTW ripoff?

  18. The choice in guardians of the galaxy were you are given the choice to hug the mom or shred her with lasers left me heartbroken

  19. Demons souls is highly under rated even for those that dont like the difficulty. the atmosphere, visuals, and controls are worth giving it a shot it was a ps5 launch game and still has arguably some of the best graphics of this gen of consoles

  20. Played Astros playroom … loved it.
    Played GOTG …. loved it.
    Played Ghostwire Tokyo … loved it.

  21. Immortals Fenyx Rising is one of the best games I’ve played in the last 10 years or so. Such an amazing game. Everyone needs to try it.

  22. great list. stumbled upon Immortals: Fenyx Rising free in the PS Store and became addicted. a breath of fresh air for a Ubisoft title. ended up loving it and getting the platinum.

  23. I played guardians of the galaxy on ps extra not expecting much but it was a great game that everyone should Play

  24. Ghost Wire bites (way too repatative) and Kena is wild. And man, I have "Deliver us the Moon" but I never got by the first 20mins. Another really fun game that is not on the list is "Stray"

  25. Honestly, Kena was a huge disappointment for me. (I completed this game)

    – The story was dull and extremely short and linear
    – The game difficulty progression goes from 1 to 10 really quickly, one minute they're super easy, next minute I'm playing demon souls, especially the last boss, your timing needs to be near perfect. It felt the equivalent of fighting the Valkyrie Queen in the latest God of War.
    – The cut-scenes were extremely poorly rendered, you could count the pixels on screen and the frame rate massively dropped everytime and I sat there with hope that it was just a bug for certain scenes. Nope!
    – The character's movement is stiff and heavy, especially when jumping or lunging forwards towards platfroms. There was no true fluidity of character movement as my expectation was to be similar to something like Ratchet and Clank. This felt like it had PS2 game mechanics built-in.
    – There's no true incentive for you to run the game again for a platinum.
    – Although the world is beautiful and dense, at times it felt empty for when you could run for ages without anything happening in terms of interactions with your character.

    There were some good elements of it:

    – The characters are cute and the gameplay graphics are good.
    – The powers you have are cool and can be fun
    – There were a few challenging puzzles
    – Although the story was "meh" there was a few emotional moments, but it's not anything we haven't seen before.

    I guess I had set my expectations a lot higher and was expecting something premium to the likes of Jack and Daxter or Ratchet and Clank as I had been waiting for a long time since its first announcement.

    For me it's a pass and only really stuck out to it because I had paid for it, if it was free, I wouldn't have bothered after the 1st few hours.

    Bare in mind that I played this on release day, so maybe now they've improved it but there's better things to play now.

    For those who pick it up today, I really hope they've done some good updates on the moving mechanics and cut-scenes. As for the game difficulty I dono, I've played a lot of souls games and this one takes the cake with some side challenges and bosses.

  26. As a Japanophile I absolutely love Ghostwire: Tokyo and all the references to their myths and culture

  27. Deliver us the Moon is excellent. I tried to get my friends to try it but they ignored it. Definitely a sleeper hit.

  28. How is Astro playroom ignored? It’s the first thing everyone talked about whenever they reviewed the ps5. You ran out of ideas for content didn’t you?😂

  29. ELEX II never gets a mention anywhere. I guess not flashy enough battle; but to me more realistic battle in an interesting dystopian world; can align with different factions based on decisions as well as some great RPG quests. I really enjoyed playing it.

  30. I picked Kena expecting it to be light hearted but then using your words besses were bullshit

  31. I love Deliver Us The Moon! I'm so glad I've played it.

  32. Angry Joe give Guardians of the Galaxy such a mediocre review and it was definitely one of the moments where I lost a bit of respect for Alex in particular

  33. Evil west is another very fun game that is overlooked on PS5. Great List. Thank you for the Content

  34. I'm gonna guess I've beaten them all. Physical games wise, on PS5, I already own 205 games. Another 30 or so digital. So yeah…also I bought my PS5 on launch day at my local GameStop before they sold them only in bundles.

  35. Played Neon White on my OLED Switch .
    Bought Guardians day 1. Great game. Everyone else thought it would be like Avengers. I pre-ordered and bought and loved it. Beat Scarlet Nexus. Great combat. Didn't even know it was on Xbox.. my only issue was it's a little long. I really liked Ghostwire Tokyo. Not incredible, but very good game with good story. I own Kena digital and Physical. Awesome game. WAY more difficult than you'd assume by looking at it and it's Disney appearance.

  36. No Returnal on this list?

    Also, I can't believe you didn't mention that Immortals was basically a BotW clone, where you can climb anything, and there are over a 100 puzzle and combat based "shrines" to find and enter.

  37. 2 childish, is why they r lowly rated 😮

  38. Kena is an amazing game and I really hope that they make a second game

  39. Guardians of the Galaxy looked dope from Day 1, Most people were turned off because they just expected it to be another Avengers "GaaS" type game and immediately wrote it off

  40. today we just wanted an excuse to talk about some games we don't highlight enough 👍

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