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10 Best Racing Games With Steering Wheel Support

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Playing racing games on the steering wheel and pedal setup is on another level. In this video, I will show you the 10 Best Racing Games with Steering Wheel Support to enjoy in 2023.

0:00 Start
0:14 Forza Horizon 5

0:37 F1 2021

1:04 Dirt Rally 2.0

1:26 Forza Motorsport 7

1:51 DiRT 5
2:07 Project CARS 3
2:29 WRC 9
2:56 Need for speed Heat

3:22 Assetto Corsa
3:41 iRacing

4:02 End

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  1. I cant find any games that support the logitech 923g with shifter. I downloaded a few and had to give them back because none of the games recognized my wheel. i cant stand it anymore its annoying.

  2. Come on NFS Unbound!! A bit too bounded to the conventional controller.. just add option to edit keys at the least…

  3. Dirt 5? LMFAO, bro doesnt play racing games

  4. Good video but this guy sounds human but reads the script like AI

  5. How to set up a wheel on Assetto Corsa, because it doesn't respond at any command

  6. Forza and nfs with a wheel are worse then with a controller the Arcady build don’t feel right on a wheel beamng drive is a easy BEST and I’ll say it confidently( it is my opinion don’t get upset reply with a way defending the games besides sales that’s cuz of marketing and fan base)

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