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10 Best Single Player Games That Only Take 10 Hours

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There’s only so many hours in a day and as much we’d like to game all day, there are other things that gotta get done. Here’s a list of the best single player games you can finish in about 10 hours.
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0:00 Intro
0:24 Dead Space Remake
2:15 Super Mario Wonder
3:45 Ghostwire: Tokyo
5:27 Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart
6:34 Resident Evil Village
7:59 Mafia: Definitive Edition
9:11 A Plague Tale: Innocence
10:29 Robocop: Rogue City
11:54 Hi-Fi Rush
13:06 Batman: Arkham Asylum
14:11 Bonus


  1. Just what I needed! Think you should add that this is perfect for parents of young kids who don't sleep that much 🤣

  2. Feetus monster takes my 3 spots of most terrfying moments but also my only 3 terrifying moments, I have a backbone unlike my brother who nopes out if there is even a whif of horror.

  3. I am happy to see Kena mentioned. I enjoyed that game much more than I anticipated. Really pretty with great combat.

  4. Great list! Titanfall 2 and Tomb Raider were also great 10 hourish games

  5. 2/3 of this list are NOT around 10hrs 💀💀💀💀💀

    There about double imo, there just counting if you just blaze through the Main Story🙄
    Who does that⁉️

  6. Naaaaahhhhh 30-40 hour is a sweet spot. 7-10 hours is not worth full price. There is no reason why a longer game is boring. Take a day off lol. Recover those neurons.

  7. What stops me from buying Robocop is specifically the short campaign. Robo cop. A Dollar Per hour is a good pricing strategy. So Robocop should be 15 dollars tops.

  8. My favorite 10 hour game I've played in the last year and I know this will sound crazy is man-eater. Just disengage your brain and be a shark for a few hours it's fun.

  9. Being an adult means knowing the wonder flower is really just LSD lol

  10. Ghostwire Tokyo is way longer than that if you do everything.

  11. I wouldn't call Kena souls adjacent, it is actually fun.

  12. Nice list of games. Hard to think any games like this would be that short.

  13. Having just finished the Dead Space remake and seeing it immediately on the list – absolute truth. Brilliant game – more like a sci fi horror short series! Having kids these days and zero time, fully appreciate these games.

  14. These sorts of games are a dying breed. Far too many games are too long for their own good – looking at you Ubisoft. Just so much filler

  15. No way this man said not as scary as the other resident evils the baby scene scared me so bad!!

  16. We definetly need more lists like this. I'm getting annoyed over the amount of stretched out sandbox games and was looking for something shorter

  17. Mario Wonder is only 9 hours? I've been playing that one on and off for over a month now. 😂

  18. Wait you mean people actually seek out short games??? I feel ripped off if it’s not at least 30 hours, and I get people get busy, believe me between running a business and managing multiple properties I hardly turn on my pc during a week, i guess it a “journey not a destination” thing,

  19. I remember playing dead space when it first came out and by the mid point of that game i was walking around shooting corpses because of all the jump scares.

  20. Harry Potter took 10 hours just to get passed the tutorial. No thanks.

  21. Elongated Mario is looking a lil phallic. 🤣

  22. I replayed arkham asylum this year, and my god that game was ahead of its time.

  23. Mafia: Definitive Edition is terrible, frankly laughable that it's on this list. Only game I've finished only to feel like it was incredibly anticlimactic and a completely irredeemable waste of my time. It's also apparently a sad shell of the game the original was.

    Haven't watched the full video, and don't intend to because these sorts of list-videos are almost always a waste of space, but this just popped up as a recommended video and I recognised the thumbnail.

  24. And also Mafia DE got a free ride mode, can unlock some really cool cars and stuff.

  25. Hifi rush looks terrible will never play it

  26. I would recommend the quarry, it’s not for everyone but it takes around 9-10 hours average to finish but can be longer or shorter depending on your choices in the game.

  27. No no no! No game from £50 and up is worth ten hours 15/20 min I’m sick of paying money for a hop skip and a fart when it’s over tenth of the cost of a console each time

  28. What website are you referring to that tells you main story play time? Thanks

  29. Games that took me 6-10 hours and were fun IMHO:
    Deus Ex: The Fall. This mobile port is better than people say when you're craving for more Deus Ex.
    Neon Struct. An indie lo-fi Deus Ex from the devs of Slayer Shock and Eldritch.
    Homefront. Suburban areas in a shooter are a rarity. John Milius script. Took me that long because I wanted to find all collectibles for the Steam achievement.
    ABZÛ. Relaxing.
    Submerged. Old-school action adventure.

  30. come on bro you don't need to tell us for every single game that it takes 9.5 to 10 hoursish or along those lines – you already told us they are all 10 hours in the title! I'm seriously considering unsubscribe to you because of this blunder. You should really rethink your life because if you can make this mistake then who knows what else kind of mistakes your making in life.

  31. Well I love >30 hours main story in a games plus another >30 hours great side story mission to be honest but when u talk about short game uncharted trilogy is great they make it big with uncharted 4

  32. Two indie games DEFINITELY worth mentioning and playing even more are:
    – Stray (Annapurna Interactive)
    – Death’s Door (Acid Nerve)

    Two often overlooked gems that you can complete in a couple of hours or even one sitting.
    Just be warned for Stray as I can tell you, you don’t want this game to come to an end as you’re going to be highly invested emotionally if you like cats or have a heart for animals in general. You will be up for an emotional rollercoaster with this game but it absolutely worth it! Such an amazing game, it’s astounding!

  33. I honestly never finish longer games, even when I have no complaints about them. Meanwhile, I religiously stick to shorter games.

  34. I think the uncharted series should be included in a part2, but great video

  35. Sadly the goddamn race in Mafia is still annoying as all get out. I'd add Guardians of the Galaxy to this list as well.

  36. I just realized Falcon looks like Mighty Eagle from Angry Birds….any relation? A long lost brother perhaps?

  37. How many games have you played dude I couldn’t finish dead space because I have the attention span of a goldfish

  38. What about the Crysis Remastered Trilogy 💎

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