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10 Best SUPERHERO Games of All Time

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Everyone loves superheroes, right? Their video games can often be hit or miss, but we’re highlighting our all-time favorites today.
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  1. Arkham city was the first game that I really felt enjoyment playing New game plus.

  2. X-Men 2: The Clone War should be on here. It was an incredible game and I'll still fire it up to this day.

  3. Still waiting for the day when bro gets so good that you basically feel like you are a superhero

  4. How did Arkham city beat Arkham night , Arkham night is one of my favorite games

  5. You have all of my respect for putting Infamous 2 on this list

  6. In Games and Animated Movies I think DC is better than MARVEL

  7. Ok admit it, who knew infamous was gonna be in here?

  8. Hey gameranx guy, thanks for saying my game is your favorite of all time…. I legit designed that game from the ground up as a kid. I still have all my original stage layouts and everything. If you guys ever want to do an interview I'd love a chance to tell my story. Tduk says he loved it too.

  9. I miss injustice I used to play it every day during the summer

  10. What about marvel nemesis rise of the imperfects that game was amazing

  11. Tf you mean Punisher for PS2 wasn't great? It literally lets you punish your enemies. You can even use the envirioment on them. Cut their fsce with a drill? Put their heads on a Rhino cage and let the Rhino ram him? Launch them into a huge anaconda so they get swallowed? Everything!!

    Its only drawback was the lakc of melee attacks. Something that was bothersome when you ran out of bullets

  12. Batman is a hero, not a super hero. So none of the batman games should actually be on the list.

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  14. 2 of the most underrated games ever, InFamous 1 and 2. 2 was by far better but only if you play both. One of the best games I’ve ever played. Refused to play Second Son though.

  15. Ultimate alliance!!!! They went unavailable the same day a decided to buy them for the ps4… those were my favorites on 360.

  16. I feel like peopling realise that the deadpool game was made trash on purpose, at the beginning of the game deadpool forces bro bro to make him the game son short notice

  17. Kinda sad that the Lego games weren't up there

  18. What about LEGO Batman 1 and LEGO Marvel's Superheros?

  19. Be prepared to add Gotham knights and suicide squad to this list next year

  20. I feel prototype should have been in here

  21. The order of this list is whack. Infamous 2 at number 8 but Captain America at 7?

  22. If inFAMOUS made this list, Saint's Row 4 should have, too. Playing San Andreas I would always say, "This game would be amazing with superpowers!!"… Enter SR IV.

  23. How could you mention City of Heroes. I know you can not play it anymore but it was one of those games that should not have died.

  24. Batman Arkham City is my favorite combat game ever

  25. I 100% got every achievement for mortal kombat vs dc universe. And it’s not even on the list but you’re going to put on injustice?

  26. X-men legends 1 & 2 are amazing the couch co op with those games gave me many great memories

  27. Justice League Heroes was an awesome game that was missed off this list

  28. I actually had x men wolverine game when I was like 5

  29. The wolverine origins game and all of the arkham games (and I mean all I completed them all, not so subtle flex even origins) where my childhood I still go back to the arkham games and I remember how damn cool the regeneration in the wolverine origins game was

  30. If you're talking superhero games, you gotta list City of Heroes.

  31. Ay, where are the marvel and dc Lego games at?

  32. I feel like the Lego Batman games should get an honorable mention

  33. I hope we see a Sequel to Spiderman cause I would love to see more then they make SpiderMan miles morales

  34. Yes! I love me some Batman: Arkham City! My only complaint is that you don't get to kiss Catwoman. I'm glad you at least mentioned the Marvel vs. Capcom games too.

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