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10 Best Third Person Games of 2020

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2020 was a big year for third person perspective video games on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and more.
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#10 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Platform : PC PS4 XBOX ONE XSX STADIA (November 10, 2020)

Release Date : PS5 (November 12, 2020)

#9 Immortals Fenyx Rising


Release : December 3, 2020

#8 Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Platform : PC PS4 XBOX ONE

Release Date : January 17, 2020

#7 Final Fantasy VII Remake

Platform : PS4

Release Date : April 10, 2020

#6 Genshin Impact

Platform : PC PS4 iOS Android

Release Date : September 28, 2020

#5 The Last of Us Part II

Platform : PS4

Release Date : June 19, 2020

#4 Demon’s Souls REMAKE

Platform : PS5

Release Date : November 12, 2020

#3 Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Platform : PS5 PS4

Release Date : November 12, 2020

#2 Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Platform : PC

Release Date : March 30, 2020

#1 Ghost of Tsushima

Platform : PS4

Release Date : July 17, 2020


Nioh 2

Platform : PS4

Release Date : March 13, 2020


Platform : PC PS4 XBOX ONE May 22, 2020

Release Date : XSX November 10, 2020 (PS5 November 12, 2020)

Zombie Army 4: Dead War


Release Date : 4 February 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Platform : SWITCH

Release Date : March 20, 2020

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

Platform : PC PS4 XBOX ONE

Release Date : September 8, 2020

Resident Evil 3

Platform : PC PS4 XBOX ONE

Release Date : April 3, 2020

Yakuza Like A Dragon

Platform : PS4 PC XBOX ONE XSX

Release Date : November 10, 2020

Mortal Shell

Platform : PC PS4 XBOX ONE

Release Date : 18 August 2020


  1. Last of us 2, good gameplay,scenery and graphic. WORST STORY FROM CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT TO WHOLE SETTING OF LAST OF US 2

  2. Ghost of Tsushima hands-down the best game in a long time. The last of us two that shit is trash I hated seeing it on here. Played both games so I’m not just hating on the last of us but that shit was trash.

  3. Character was way too small in valhalla.. Look at the other ac games its like playing fucking Warcraft

  4. Most of the people dont even know why they hate ubisoft

  5. Fenyx rising is a lot like darksiders. It doesn't have much in common with breath of the wild, or assassins creed, or even dark souls.

  6. assassin's creed valhalla… not a good start to the list. lol

  7. you should call this top ''top anime and japanese bullshit games''

  8. I’d add Nioh 2 high on the list. It’s an amazing third person game

  9. The way u gush over anything Chinese or Japanese is weird! But to each their own.

  10. I respect that you like assassins creed Valhalla but the fact that it is named under “assassins creed” is just blatantly wrong, you are a ruthless, violent fucking viking, the game has terrible stealth and even though they tried to bring back the old stuff they still did a poor job. Ubisoft should have released this game titled “Valhalla” or “viking” but no they used the title assassins creed so it would get noticed and people would be head over heels to buy it because it claimed to bring back the hidden blade and stealth combat, but if it didn’t have so many fillers and didn’t try to be a ASSASSINS CREED game but a rpg game no stealth included it may have more respect from the AC community. All we want is our hoods, hidden blades, parkour and true stealth back. Thank you.

  11. I prefer 3rd person games to 1st person games

  12. I’m so tired of all these stupid ps4/ps5 exclusives like seriously..why can’t all games be played on all devices

  13. Ppl say a good Superman game is hard to make but dragon ball z is proof you can

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