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10 Best Video Game Sequels Of All Time

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Assassin’s Creed 2 elevated EVERYTHING. #assassinscreed #ubisoft

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  1. With how often Red Dead Redemption 2 is mentioned on this channel, starting to feel like the only one not interested in the game.

  2. Pokemon silver/gold, the introduction of breeding, two regions to explore and two sets of badges

  3. What is the clink sound throughout? I thought I was having a stroke at first.

  4. I feel like RDR2 is a great prequel for RDR

  5. What? Call of Duty modern warfare 2 is not in the list? Buuuuu, What Culture Gaming

  6. Quite a heel turn for you guys, suddenly calling MGS2 a masterpiece. You’re usually trying to convince listeners that it’s the worst. Glad you’ve come around.

  7. Dark souls 3? It's a sequel to dark souls 2 so I think it counts.

  8. not surprised Last of Us II isn't on here but it should be

  9. Surprising to not see Borderlands 2 on there honestly, especially because it's just a big step forward from the first and gave birth to one of the most iconic villains in video game history

  10. Yeah nah – Street Fighter 2 is the most important sequel of all time, it literally defined and created the fighting game genre.

  11. The video has just started, and if I don’t see RE2 here, it’s WRONG!

  12. The fact that ssx tricky and fifa Street 2 aren't here calls for yall to get canceled 🤣

  13. "Just Cause 2" was much better than the first…

  14. Redemption 2 is a prequel, not a sequel.🤷

    Also, how was God of War 2 not on this list??
    Talk about basic entries…😂

  15. Rdr 2 should be number 1
    Then uncharted 2
    Then halo 2

  16. I'm starting to think that Scott has only played like 10-15 games since that's all he ever talks about

  17. Assassins Creed was really at it's high point with 2. Brotherhood was great as well, as it was like Assassins Creed 2.5 but it really fell apart for me with 3. The world wasn't interesting, the characters were bland, it only really picked up with Black Flag but it will never be able to make me as excited as I was when I first got into AC2.

  18. Resident Evil 2 (1998) really hit the spot. I remember playing it in the early 200’s I had the platinum version. It was so cool that I could play a game that was so advanced back in its day and be able to get to the end without dying every 5 minutes like I did when I played NES games when I was a kid. The original trilogy will always be one of my favorite trilogies of all time. I played the updated version of Resident Evil 1 but it didn’t live up to the original even thought graphics were better

  19. Last of us 2should be on number 1,but then again not a popular choice bc of reasons si I get it

  20. Spider-Man 2 on PS2 should have an honorable mention

  21. Hopefully you didn’t put The Last of Us Part 2, because it’s really bad

  22. I'm happy as long as HL2 and ME2 is on this list. Although I would definitely put them higher.

  23. I was waiting for Resi 2 and glad of it's position.

  24. Dead Rising 2 should’ve been here it made zombie slashing fun again

  25. ME2 was a storyline/combat triumph for its part in the series but the mining? Dear Void the mining that filled the hours when you weren't on a story-based mission just to get all the stuff you needed to make your ship and gear strong enough for the end. Sure it was all there for you in future runs but the slog of mining, spending your credits on probes and having no radiant missions to boost your account made the first run a tad difficult to where you maybe got through by a hair. This was also a bit of a problem when I got the chance to play ME3 where a fair chunk of gameplay was wrapped up in online stuff that I will never touch cuz a) don't have the bandwidth and b) I'm not made of money even if I did. Not having enough Paragon influence as a result (a nod to my fellow Paragades out there) did make me miss out on getting the Illusive Man to shoot himself.

    Ya know, just like Saren but apparently because you weren't online for half the time you were even playing this game, you aren't as persuasive anymore. And the only way to see the cutscene is online when someone else got footage of it. Yay.

  26. This list needs a do-over, sequel, a commentor edition, or something. Great presentation as always but, in a list that specifies "all time" to forget Street Fighter 2, is a miss, because it improved upon Street Fighter by: 1) having eight playable characters instead of two, 2) those playable characters not, in most cases, just being pallete swaps of each other, 3) having different endings for each character, and 4) massive audio and visual improvements overall.

    In addition Street Fighter 2 was the catalyst most directly responsible for the "Versus / Fighting" game genre. Combos, which were orginally a coding delay, have now become an integral and necessary part of fighting games. This title also spawned many similar titles such as Mortal Kombat (which now has eclipsed Street Fighter in terms of cinematic value), Fatal Fury, Primal Rage, King of Fighters, Fighter's History (which caused a court case due to, basically, plagiarism) amongst quite a few others.

    Street Fighter 2 wasn't just one of the greatest sequels of all time due to its' improvement over its' predecessor but, for its' influence on the industry as a whole. I'm glad you mentioned Resident Evil 2 (also made by Capcom), to which both of those statements ALSO apply, so again, still a great list.

    Now, normally, you knock it out of the park, but excluding Street Fighter 2, definitely a miss.

  27. Great games on this list all around! Absolutely pleased with RE2 at #1. That made Biohazard (Resident Evil) a great franchise. Kinda in the same genre I think Last if US Part 2 could have easily been put on the list. But, Scott says it best, which one already on the list should be dropped?

  28. WHY U NO MENTION MAJORA'S MASK!? Modern Warfare 2 and its series sucks so it doesn't need to be on this list.

  29. Weird Street Fighter 2 wasn'y included, seems the most obvious choice :-s

  30. This list is horrible. THE two best sequels are Warcraft 2 and Diablo 2.

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