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10 Best Video Game Unlockables Money Can’t Buy

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These unlockables are not for sale.

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  1. Completely completing hades is one of my life's biggest achievement

  2. Triple triad grinding isn't even a grind, it's a delight

  3. Shadow of War gets way too bad a rap for its MTX. I played that game over 200 hours and never once felt like i needed to spend money on anything.. FFS you could buy the boxes with in game currency

  4. 8. never fully upgrade all the character's weapon to the ultimate one.
    6. cool, but i mostly used someone's 100% file or cheat.

  5. The majority were before the paying money for in game things really existed. A game from 98? Really?

  6. That bloodborne item is still pay to win. Cause its a DLC you have to buy.

  7. Welp wont be seeing Ubisoft on this list then!

  8. It's easy, I see Jess, I open the video.

  9. Microtransactions underestimate my cheapness.

  10. Expected Aerondight from the Witcher series to be here

  11. Omg normally whenever I watch these videos it's never something I've done myself but I actually did unlock the unmakyr! I know it's not that difficult but I'm just happy about it

  12. Most of the music in Brutal Legend. If you want the really good music to rock out to while driving around the world, you need to get the collectibles.

  13. Kos parasyte was fucking garbage
    Sorry not sorry

  14. "best unlockables" very first one on the list is just the ending of the game lol

  15. Dragon Bone Smasher deserves to be on this list 😆 they do mention a Bloodborne item so I guess one FromSoftware game is as good as any – the Gon feature is a neat surprise though LOL 🥊🎮

  16. Micro transactions is anoughter reason why I woun't upgrade to the PS5 I expect microtransactions R going to be 2 were U have to buy them to even play the games soon

  17. 0:49 You are insanely beautiful, Jess!

    In case nobody has told you that lately.

  18. Hades has 3 endings to unlock imo. finally reaching Zags mom is the first ending; bringing her back home is the second; and the final reward ending is getting the family together. you can stop at any one and be wholly satisfied with your experience of the game and go further and get more. even after you get all 3, there's still a bit more new NPC dialog, so still more story building after the final ending. truly a perfect game

  19. Horizon Zero Dawn nano tech armor is also a great unlockable

  20. >Kos Parasite

    Wait, I've achieved one of these?! But I suck!

  21. All the beads in Okami was an entire chapter of the game that was completely optional but made you feel overpowered

  22. You can have any games with unlockable content, that doesn't have DLC. For me it's Road Trip Adventure for the PS2. If this game was made up to 10 years ago, you could just pay for the special parts.

  23. Surprisingly, I took out Kos in one go. It took like 25 minutes but I did it 😁

  24. Well in Borderlands 3 you now have access to every special event the base game has as well as adjusted difficulty for the Takedowns so you can take them on solo. The Cartels event has some of the best weapons of the game as well as a decent source for Eridium, the in-game premium currency used to buy skins, weapon cameos, trinkets, ect.

  25. I am a simple man.
    I see Bloodborne and the kos parasite and milkweed head I like.
    (Mostly because it is My favorite build. 😆)

  26. Normal when I see these videos I never done any but I have done two
    1. Shiny charm
    2. Getting Luigi on Super Mario Galaxy

  27. True gamers don't pay for unlockables with money, they pay with skill and game time.

  28. Gotta say silverhands gun was one of the best in my opinion

  29. Unlockables money can't buy? But you buy dlc

  30. This is how all games should be. You play to earn rewards, not buy them. It's insulting to the players to purchase a game, just to have to purchase more in game.

  31. Locing tge new haircut, you horror gal – brilliant video!

  32. Jess is so hot. No dis, just admiring beauty.

  33. I actually started playing Hades in the last couple weeks and I am totally in love with this old school dungeon room crawler with updated graphics n the one thing that drove me to it was how it's not a money gobbler you got to play n get better n your inclusion of this on the list is exactly why I am playing it..

  34. Ff8
    Glad it was included and I am a ff fanatic n everything you said was absolutely true because I had to do just that with the card game

  35. And I'm also starting to play doom eternal too..Dang you are good

  36. All those extra modes in the DMC series. For the true masochist lol. But it's nice to be able to still unlock things thru sheer gameplay.

  37. I'm sorry if I seem like a downer….. but I do not like Jess. She's not funny and I just can't wait till she stops talking.

  38. me: "new video sounds cool!"
    sees someones face in the first second
    me: clicks back

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