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10 BIG Games That Aren’t Like Any Other Game

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Some AAA/mainstream games are incredibly unique and have no imitators. Here are some of our favorite unique games.
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0:00 Intro
0:39 Ghostwire:Tokyo
1:59 Undertale
3:21 Bully
4:32 The Hitman series
6:06 Splatoon Series
7:58 Sea of Thieves
9:19 Driver San Francisco
10:12 Brothers: A tale of two sons
11:04 Shadow of the Colossus
12:24 Death Stranding
13:44 BONUS


  1. “You can move much faster through your own ink” quote of the year 😂

  2. Hitman is the greatest series of all time, their level based on the film Knives Out is a thing of art

  3. Shadow Corridor's randomised map🥺.

  4. Shadow of Colossus is so damn special, man. I just couldn't put it down first time I played it. The music really makes it for me.

  5. The guy at the intro: No indie games here cuz they all really uniqueThe exact same guy 1 min later: Well and here at number 9 we have Undertale

  6. Bra you have to try murdered soul suspect.

    God damn NOTHING scratches my itch for a game like that.

  7. Says he wont talk about indies.
    Cites undertale

  8. Says he wont talk about indies.
    Cites undertale

  9. "Don't think about it, that's more difficult than the game itself"

  10. Awesome list. Please honorable mention: Catherine

  11. Beyond Good and Evil? – Not really a "big" game but definetly one that's not like any other.
    Also yes, Driver San Francisco is truly unique driving game and even someone like me who doesn't like draving games that much can have tons of fun with it!

  12. First one is basically jujutsu Kaisen the game

  13. I love only the shadow of colossus in this video, it's so amazing. The graphics look so cool and also gives a bit of AOT vibes.

  14. The Untold Truth Stupid People Do Not Want to See says:

    I don't think we will ever see again an epic driving game experience like "Driver San Francisco' that is one unique driving game to say the least oh though i do agree it truly an underrated gem that deserves a modern update.

  15. i mean before 'It takes two' there was 'A Way out'

  16. I can't find the comment button on my keyboard?

  17. I feel like Starfox 64 deserves to be on this list

  18. I wish kids didnt shoot bullets at each other…

  19. Bully the first thing that come to my mind.

  20. One games series that I will always love is the darkness and the darkness 2. Dantes inferno is good too!! Bad*ss games!!

    Yeah see there YouTube, I censored MYSELF. Ban me again!!

  21. Driver san Francisco – very good game – never really got the recognition it deserved

  22. For some reason the game Bully has you play as a delinquent school kid in a private school in a Western Country. I mean you do play as delinquent school kids in other video games like River City Girls but it's not like they're JUST at the school, with Bully you spend most of the time at the school instead of having it be a set piece of a Beat'Em Up game like how the River City games are or a JRPG like how the Shin Megami Tensei games are. Bully just feels like a school simulator where your only choice is the school delinquent with a heart of gold more or less. As for Splatoon I love it so much and when the game was first announced on the Wii U there are people who would have concepts of Squid Girl with the Inkling right beside her and they even have the Squid Girl outfit as gear in the first Splatoon game, which is the coolest thing ever.

  23. How you didn't mentioned Spore? I'm quite literally shocked, it should be number 1. There's literally no other game in existence even remotely close to Spore.

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