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10 Biggest Battles EVER In Video Games

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Video games are known for battles, but only a select few have legendary massive ones we still talk about. Here are our favorite examples.
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  1. How is it all these old ass games can have tons and tons of enemies on screen fighting but the brand new ac game valhalla and odyssey before that doesn't. It takes me out of the moment so fast when you are going to storm a castle during the Viking age during the time the great dane army invaded England and yet you storm a castle and even make a big speech and there are like a dozen dudes max there. It's not a war its not even a battle 12 dudes is like a skirmish and in odyssey you compete in the Olympics the biggest even in the ancient world in Greece and there are like 3 dudes in the stands wtf madden figured this out 20 years ago. Get with it ubisoft that shit is so jarring and it makes every dramatic moment feel empty.

  2. Bro the Immorra battle in Doom Eternal, Ancient Gods dlc should have been in here

  3. I think shadow of war would be pretty sick when ur army clashes against saurons

  4. I love hearing about Eve shenanigans, but would never play it.

  5. Ninety-Nine Nights had some awesome battles, and also there's that game (spacing name) that takes place during the hundred years war where you play a mercenary that commands groups of warriors and can change the tide of the war to french winning or english wining.

  6. WTF!? That's EVE Online? Man I've been curious to give it a go, but it's basically clash of kings, but even worse money grubbing wise. I can't believe that big battle costed people that much money. Ya'll need to play games to enjoy them, and leave money out of it. Pay to win is absolute Garbage, and an absolute insult to true gamers.

  7. The spiffingbrit had something like 2k on that planet first person shooter game

  8. Supreme Commander 2 – not even talking about the mods the community has but the vanilla SC2 surely brings big battles that Ashes of the Singularity even followed but still can't match SC2.

  9. I would’ve thought EDF would be here
    You’re literally fighting swarms of enemies

  10. “Isn’t completely accurate sometimes” 400 tigers have entered the chat

  11. I dont know if it qualifies for this
    But I seem to remember the narnia pronce caspian video game having some huge battles

  12. I'm hurt that Falcon didn't mention the final battle in Halo Reach lol

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