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10 BIGGEST Game Worlds of the Last 3 Years [4K]

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Video game open worlds are getting bigger and bigger. Here are some of our favorite examples.
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  1. elite dangerous is a game tha have a 1:1 scale of the known universe

  2. Would something like no mans sky or elite dangerous count as open world lmao

  3. am i the only person who was offended when he said forza was set in England when its Scotland.

  4. Minecraft Players be like: My disappointment is unmeasurable .

  5. I feel there should be a honorary mention for Daggerfall by Bethesda which in 1996 had 209,331 square kilometres and also over 750,000 npc’s 🤯

  6. "The Saboteur" is the masterpiece, it should be remastered

  7. JC4 is just pure fun. That game never gets boring, for me at least.

  8. If you believe that Breakpoints map is larger than wildlands, I dare say you’ve never played wildlands

  9. Whats the 3th one i think he siad the crood 2 lol anyone tell me

  10. the fact that CP2077 even got mentioned is a joke, the game isn't what I would call finished lol

  11. Surely if we’re including Flight Sim, then ED or NMS would be first.

  12. I love RDR2 but my favorite is actually Breakpoint. 😅

  13. Well there's a new world record Roblox is now the biggest game outage ever being down for about 2days now

  14. I’m surprised no man’s sky didn’t make this list. It’s easily gotta be the biggest game ever made.

  15. I've always wanted something like GTA Vice City, except because the graphics are so bad, make the map extremely massive, world size even, or half, idk. Current gen hardware should be more than capable enough to scale up to such a big map. Fill it in with lots of random activities, add racing, shooting, eating, taking care of a sim, wrestling, golf etc, a true all in one, but just with shitty graphics, a massive massive map and a ton of stuff to do.

  16. no MMORPGs? 🙂 i don tknow WoW but there u have sure hours to get 1 time fly over all Expansions. or Minecraft is sure bigger then Flight Simulator. this issnt the biggest. and if u go SPacegames there some even bigger. Elite Dangerous or No Man Sky.

  17. Says MS flight sim is the largest open world
    Minecraft: hold my milk

  18. Ok, at least there’s Forza Horizon 4 in here, HEY THE CLIP HAS A ORANGE DODGE CHARGER, that’s one of the starter cars, WHICH I PICKED CUZ THATS MY FAV CAR

  19. Who else knew that MS Flight gonna be number 1?

  20. Technically minecraft has the largest map!!!!

  21. diablo II
    blade and sword (best feature is combos which i miss)
    dungeon siege
    Fable The Lost Chapters
    dragonage origin
    Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem
    Divine Divinity
    torchlight II Titan Quest Anniversary
    Hazen : The Dark Whispers
    Shadows Heretic Kingdoms
    Victor Vran – Overkill Edition
    Van Helsing
    silver gog game
    Warlords Battle Cry II
    Heores of Annhiliated Empires

  22. Just cause 3’s map is bigger than my future

  23. Cyberpunk – You missed the very important aspect of verticality, we not only get access, even if not all, to some floors in the same building, but there's some suspended pedestrian walks to explore in corpo downtown, it's not a lot but it's really cool, it looks like it's an area that was thought for the npcs who work in the skyscrapers to hang out during their lunch time instead of having to travel all the way to the ground floor.

  24. Why does flight simulator has so many unique textures while mine look like google maps in 2000.

  25. Wasn't Elder Scrolls Arena the size of Georgia? And shouldn't No Man's Sky be number 1? You will literally never see even a single percent of that game.

  26. My mum is pilot. Flight Simulator is much bigger than just a game.

  27. nobody mentions the OG No Man Sky? People can't even find each other

  28. You missed a couple space games that are much bugger than some of the first games

  29. 2160*60p and boom video stoped 😂😂

  30. One of these days I'm going have to get ms flight simulator. That game is just insane.

  31. Biggest Open world games yeah that's like a week or two play so now do Open Galaxy games like No Man's Sky with countless planets and space to explore and so much to do.

  32. Hate this evergrowing open world RPG gaming trend where most of the gameplay is travelling and doing errands repetitively over and over and over. Very little story and too much mindless filler content. What's the use of massive worlds if gameplay is just tiresome repetitive shit. Farcrys and Assassin's creeds every year are the shining examples of massive but useless maps. This trend needs to stop.

  33. Night City is not LA actually, it's in Northern California and is it's own city in Cyberpunk lore.

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