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10 Game Levels With The MOST REALISTIC GRAPHICS [4K]

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Some game locations and levels really stand out and look truly believable. Here are some of our favorite recent examples.
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  1. Ghost of Tsushima, just after the title displays, it takes a couple of seconds to realize it isn't a cut scene.

    If RE2 remake was thrown in there, then the Final Fantasy 7 remake should have been in the list too. I couldn't stop looking up at the upper pillar after the plate fell or looking down at the destruction it left behind. Amazing!

  2. Pls tell which game was there on 8th position pls tell

  3. Were these from a single console or multiple ones?

  4. Surprised nothing from Shadow of the Collosus wasn't mentioned

  5. As a call of duty fan, I can't watch this properly since I'm daring to play codmw 2020 and also cold war.

  6. Ghost of Tsushima and Assassin’s Creed Unity

  7. Holy shit yeah I just played battlefield 1’s starting mission it’s beautiful

  8. Bro plz can you do the most amazing graphics games in android 😍

  9. Rdr2 at night on 4k looks so real on my pc.

  10. I have a so bad monitor even with if i run them on ultra 1080p with 60 fps or 20 fps it looks shit ..

  11. Disappointed !. Crysis wasn't mentioned here 😓.

  12. Ian Hubert just turned in his undead grave! 😂

  13. Using photos on cg creations makes them look real. There is a mastery to creating the initial shape, then they add the photos and let the engine work out the rest. I doubt it is purely node created as that would demand to much of the P. C/ console cpu and gpu.

  14. I played mafia DE AND COMPLETE yesterday 😃

  15. Watching most realastic games video and rdr 2 not come impossible

  16. Actually I'd give Forza Horizon 4 a nod for nice realistic graphics. A beautifully crafted world that's a homage to the developer's home country made even better by the ever changing weather and time of day effects.
    For an older game Tomb Raider Underworld had some stellar levels.

  17. Graphics would look more realistic if the colors weren't so vibrant

  18. Where's infamous second son?, the enviroment in the night of that game is AMAZING

  19. Feel like tlou2 should be higher, I rlly did feel like it was just like real life.

  20. Now I know why they are called NAUGHTY Dog…..

    ps exclusives… ☹️

  21. Where harvest moon save the homeland?

  22. assassin creeds
    all of them
    and anno 1800

  23. i already knew that rockstar will be first cuz when they make a game….. it becomes a world

  24. Id like to say cyberpunk but it doesn't deserve to be on any such list while it's impossible to play without serious glitches or shockingly poor attention to to detail.

    You'll have an amazing street but with janky animation or endless asset reuse and zero animals and all doors are locked and nothing to do with very basic weather and sub par light cycles.

    So many serious issues stopping it from being great. Yes it often looks great from a distance or in stills… until you scratch the surface. When compared to rdr2 or most of these games which don't have those issues.

    I presumed cyber would build on rdr2 detail and immersion but it doesn't by any stretch of the imagination. An example of how bad cyber really is and why it can't ever be on a list like this is the saint denis tram lol

    In rdr2 I didn't expect a tram but there is one and I didn't expect to be able to ride it but you can. And you can sit down and chat to the woman next to you who will look at you and react. And there's a train next to the tram and a horse or 10 and it all works perfectly. Amazing.

    Then we have cyber which heavily shows a train/ tram in its advertising but you'll be hard pressed to find it and when you do…it doesn't work. Nothing works. It's all fake. And when you look closely even the game train looks like junk with junk assets and bad animations and zero realism. There is no life to it. Npc are going no where while in rdr2 you can follow them or talk to them , assault them , fight them or Rob them haha Just so much variety and the illusion of life.

    Witcher3 is so much closer to rdr2 in realism and almost as beautiful. I don't know why cyber is so bad…but it doesn't hold up under scrutiny and so doesnt deserve a place next to these fantastic working game worlds.

  25. Tbh just want a game with good story and doesn't bored you

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