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10 Games That SUCKED in 2020

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2020 was filled with great games, but there were some stinkers too. From boring stories to micro-transactions, to broken console version, we’ve got a bunch of disappointments here.
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  1. Somewhere Greg Miller is screaming for dissing all of his fav games in this list

  2. The RE3 remake wasn't very good. So much was taken out. Don't try to lie saying it's good ok?

  3. With the Cyberpunk 2077 on my x Box 1x it looks good and the bugs are mostly fixed the game is awful because of the LIES the game was sold with on advertising people bring up bugs and glitches that weren't the main issues CDPR got sued for their false advertising and take a hit in their stocks.

  4. Fourrrr hours. I fell your anger joe.

  5. madden has sucked footBALLS (like this pun joke) for 15 years.

  6. If it’s not Rockstar or The far cry series I’m disappointed

  7. Madden 21 is a prime example of what's ruining some franchises and developers. Instead of being a dope NFL game, it focus on asinine modes (who wants a dumb down underdeveloped story on a freaking football game?!?) and, of course, microtransactions. As long as I'm concerned, EA Sports may rot in hell.

  8. Why put madden on the list? Its literally just like all other EA sports games, the same game for the past 10-15 years. It's so bad its shouldn't even be on this list since it's not an actual game.

  9. Gameranx: Puts madden in worst games list
    IGN: wait that's illegal

  10. Please explain at the start of your videos that these are your personal reviews not everyones, alot of people will watch your video and go by only what you say and in alot of cases its not true and many people find some of these games great

  11. You also forgot Fortnight and how its a major cash grab and uses gambling attributes to keep children hooked which yes their is a documentary about it

  12. The moment u know u're gonna find some cool games here u actually loved 😂

  13. i was gonna get F&F crossroads

  14. Just like games don't always translate well to movies – that fast and furious game looks like movies don't always translate well into games…

  15. i wish they just made a law if they charge you for the game you cannot do micro payments

  16. I got my money back for Cyberpunk after playing for 3 hours if that tells you anything….and that was the "good" PC version lol

  17. I watch A lot of Gamesranx I just noticed I'm not subed! Why am I saying this?
    No one cares! IDK- Pretty good channel 🇨🇦💜🇺🇸 I try to comment if I watch for more than a few minutes! Even when I have nothing to say!!
    🖖Love Long & Prosper🖖

  18. That thumbnail beats Any type of clickbait i didnt even read anything i saw this amazing creation and had to click

  19. Damn you guys still play video games. I dont buy anything until it's been out 6 months – year. If it's a good game people will still be playing it and it would probably be on sale in that time. If it sucks, who fuckin cares

  20. Okay, Cyberpunk earned its bad reputation on console versions but its good on PC . The problem is not many people can afford a RTX 3080 or 3090 just to play Cyberpunk.

  21. I had just recently bought cyberpunk and other than a slight texture lag and more annoyingly a glitch where I couldn’t proceed thru the story I had a great time playing it

  22. Advertisers: the real evil behind the curtain.

  23. Madden used to allow glassbones greg to actually break his bones instantly. Now those stats seem to not even matter anymore

  24. don't forget last of us 2 lmao, absolute dumpster fire supported solely by shills

  25. Sadly the problem with Madden is that the entirety of its fanbase(at least most) is they don't watch or read any of the articles of the scummy EA business practices and continue to buy it. If you know a friend who actively buys these sports titles yearly maybe send them articles or videos like this. EA won't change the formula until people actively stop buying it

  26. 'Why does your guy drive a pink minivan?' Paid assets, my friend.

  27. I’ve been saying this for years… EA needs to make ONE final game for football that updates the roster

  28. I loved Cyberpunk 2077 while the campaign lasted, and I was playing PS4. Though after that the side quests were just too god damn repetitive. It'd definitely worth buying for the campaign imo.

  29. there must be something wrong with your installation of cyberpunk, the game is one of the best. i had it the day it came out. one of the few that i played again.

  30. That's not Dom that's Mr. Clean 😂🤣😂🤣

  31. Waiting to see The Trilogy Remastered in 10 Games that sucked in 2021.

  32. For Pc Cyberpunk was an amazing game. Too bad they fucked it up by greed and tried to launch it wayyy wayy too early.

  33. Nobody needs a good game….. when you have family!

  34. >disney's infinite money
    they were literally in debt when this game came out by several million: new park additions and buying foxx.

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