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10 Games to Play While You WAIT FOR GTA 6

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Games like GTA have been all the rage for years now, but with the inevitable release of GTA 6, you might be clamoring to play something cool. Here are some recommendations for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X & Switch.
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  1. Ahhh, we might as well remake this video😂

  2. @gameranxTV maybe an update to this since a lot of games has been released since then. thanks!

  3. Watching this in 2023 after the official GTA VI trailer as I wait for GTA VI in 2025 🥳

  4. BeamNG fans chill, that's not beaming drive 😂

  5. Sleeping Dogs is one of my favourite games ever! Saints row 3 is mental but some of the missions are really annoying and I never really completed it. Same thing with Just cause 3, which is super fun but super frustrating

  6. you call watch dogs legion amazing but hate on watch dogs 1? okay…

  7. I recommend metro exodus because of the story you can literally make the wrong or right decision and the scenery and the story is pretty immersive like I said your actions have consequences sometimes tho this game is beautiful if you like post apocalyptic titles definitely check out the metro series if you want a good story with great visuals might feel stiff for some people but you’ll get your way around it like I did and now I love the series it’s been 2 years since I’ve beat exodus and the dlcs with it are extremely worth it

  8. I have just uhd 620 graphics i cant play with that bro 😢 im so excited to play these games from my childhood😢

  9. For gta 6 lookalikes.. watch dog series, control, mafia series these match more

  10. Sleeping dogs ❤️🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️

  11. Guess I better start on this, end of 2023 lol


  13. so in your point of view even farming simulator is a little like gta ? its seams like

  14. Actually sleeping dogs beats gta and mad max at hand in hand combat wei sheng is a martial artist like jet lee

  15. As for saints row eh my favorite is the 2nd one idk why but it seems so perfect from the rest of the series

  16. As for watch dogs i prefer the 1st one with aiden pearce has a good story and the game is awesome legions is just stupid and watch dogs 2 got boring for me the other 2 had to much hacking while the original felt like gta 4 in a way

  17. It’s October 25th, 2023. This video is still relevant…

  18. Am I the only one who liked the original Watch Dogs?!

  19. Mafia 3 sucked. The first one remastered was the best

  20. The fact that this video was 2 years ago is sad

  21. I would sat watchdogs 2 is the one to exclude, that one was not good to me

  22. I would like to addDays GoneGhost of TsushimaTo this list.

  23. Of all the Saint's Rows you chose SR3? The worst one by a large margin.

    I haven't played the reboot.

  24. Mafia 3 had great story telling and cutscences. So sad that the missions had boring gameplay

  25. After 2 yrs GTA 6 isn’t still here 😫😫

  26. I've been playing the mafia games and L.A Noire

  27. Actually… Some ways actually would need the original watch dogs to understand some lore in the other watch dogs have mainly like Aiden Pierce appearing as a DLC pack in watch dogs Legion… Which note that the name IS THE SAME AS WATCH DOGS ONE (it is named "BloodLine") and you need thet original to under stand more of watch dogs Legion "BLOODLINE"version

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