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10 Games to Play While You WAIT FOR GTA 6

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Games like GTA have been all the rage for years now, but with the inevitable release of GTA 6, you might be clamoring to play something cool. Here are some recommendations for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X & Switch.
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  1. The fact that this video was 2 years ago is sad

  2. I would sat watchdogs 2 is the one to exclude, that one was not good to me

  3. I would like to addDays GoneGhost of TsushimaTo this list.

  4. Of all the Saint's Rows you chose SR3? The worst one by a large margin.

    I haven't played the reboot.

  5. Mafia 3 had great story telling and cutscences. So sad that the missions had boring gameplay

  6. After 2 yrs GTA 6 isn’t still here 😫😫

  7. I've been playing the mafia games and L.A Noire

  8. Actually… Some ways actually would need the original watch dogs to understand some lore in the other watch dogs have mainly like Aiden Pierce appearing as a DLC pack in watch dogs Legion… Which note that the name IS THE SAME AS WATCH DOGS ONE (it is named "BloodLine") and you need thet original to under stand more of watch dogs Legion "BLOODLINE"version

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