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10 Games You Should’ve Played SOONER

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Here are some games that hit mainstream but still don’t quite get enough love.
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  1. Sad to hear Fenyx Rising and Kena didnt sell well, they were super fun games. Good quality SP games are hard to come by these days

  2. I had much more fun in Wildlands than in Breakpoint.

  3. I remember jumping into squadrons when it released and , with my newly aquired Elite Dangerous space sim flight skills, totally dominated for a couple of days. Maybe i should jump back in someday.

  4. 7d2d is one of my all time favorites. Definitely play it. If you're on PC, it's updated and looks much nicer than the clips shown.

  5. 7 Days to Die is the best survivable/building game we've played. Me and my friends played for more than 200hrs.

  6. No one talks about Astral chain, because along with limited availability, the combat system was a disaster, and the story wasn't good enough to keep you going. Could've been cool, but it wasn't.

  7. Call of Juarez Gunslinger is 2,4 eur on instantgaming rn

  8. Immortals fenyx rising was actually really fun and kept my attention for months which most games like that absolutely don't. It got repetitive at parts (all the dungeon purple sky areas were super similar) but the overworked area was super cool and I had tons of fun playing it.

  9. You can tell the gaming industry got broken when a game that does something different, it is "special".

  10. ah a list of games worth skipping, Great work team.

  11. good selection, i addes 5 of those games to my wishlist

  12. What's The name of The numbers 1 and 2?? I didn't get it

  13. About time I heard you guys talk a little about 7D2D lol. I personally have been playing since 2017 when I first got it for console. Another good one is The Long Dark.

  14. when i seen number one i out loud said "YESSSSSS BASED" can we get more people into quantum break?

  15. Tried Immortals on game pass. Pretty good but started crashing all the time so I quit playing. Searched for a solution but none exist and many have this problem. Devs do not seem to care…

  16. Quantum break is a really cool game. Played it on my TV via Steamlink which turned it into a pretty cinematic experience.

  17. Shadow of War definitely fits the mold in my opinion, after the microtransactions were dumped, it became a fun game with a few cool online elements.

  18. Bro star wars jedi : fallen order is too good , the puzzles are kinda hard though but at the end the game is really good and damn the cutscenes and story 🔥 …

  19. @gameranx Quantum break is on game pass. But the PC version has a seizure light bug that completely ruins the game. I was unable to get through the first mission because of bright green and white lights consistently covering my entire screen.

    If anyone knows a way to fix the issue. Please let me know

  20. Really happy A Way Out and Immortals Fenyx Rising made the list. Had a ton of fun with both. Played through A Way Out with my wife and enjoyed Immortals enough to grab the platinum trophy. Felt a lot like Breath of the Wild with extra powers and mechanics. Try it out! ✌️👍

  21. Great call on SW Squadrons. I still play that game today. The only downside was the voice acting was sometimes not good, and that Gunny character was so annoying that I simply skipped everything with it in it.

  22. Not a single one is worth it which explains why not a single one is heard of…..nice worthless video

  23. Yeah, I gotta agree that Alien: Isolation is one of the best survival horror games I've ever played.

    The AI is of the alien is scary smart and often feels like another player is controlling it.

    The resource distribution is PERFECT. I'm not kidding. I ended the game on hard mode with 1 pistol bullet, and zero leftover aid items.

    Also, It can be a pleasant easy romp or a legitimate struggle to survive, depending your selected difficulty.

    I am a big fan of the Alien franchise… So I did not expect to be scared or stressed… But holy crap, this game had me jumping and sweating all over my controller. Lol.

    Trust me. If you like any combination of:

    > The ALIENS Franchise
    > horror
    > resource management
    > Survival gameplay
    > Legit difficulty (Hard or Nightmare)
    > Or Strategic combat scenarios

    Then you will love this game.

    I just hope we get a sequel one day, because this game is a masterpiece.

  24. Call of Juarez… somehow reminds me of the day I get to play Gun.. man I wish that game to have a remake, or at least faithful spiritual successor, if that's how to word it.

  25. 7 days to die is why i no longer back any game projects on crowdfunding platforms. Still waiting for the "early beta" access and the full game to be released.

  26. I hated the building system….so I quit and returned it xD LOL!!!
    The infected is a bit easier to figure out. I just hate that I can only have one spear, they lose durability too fast.

  27. Why is the book marks called number 1 etc? That's going out of your way to inconvenience viewer. Likely in a cheap attempt to get engagement stats up? I'm clicking away due that alone sorry rubs the wrong way

  28. I feel like prey should be on this list.

  29. Outer Wilds belongs on the list IMO, totally unexpected enjoyment out of it

  30. One of the biggest crimes in video game history is that once Call of Duty 4 came out, everybody forgot just how goddamn good Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter was. Cod4 is a classic, but GRAW is equally deserving of that classic status.

  31. Fresh video, really enjoyed this would like to see if as a series.

    Immortals Fenix Rising was just BOTW for people without a Switch – I wish they would have done their own thing a bit more than just copying that formula, a lot of potential in that game but I never finished it

  32. I wish I'd been able to finish Alien: Iso… got too stressful for me to enjoy. 🙁

  33. Oh man, glad to see that I’ve played most of these games. It’s unfortunate how many of them fall to the wayside in the midst of so many greater ones every year

  34. I really wish Special Teams Forces X had a bigger community. it was kinda generic but the controls were really tight and it had some of the best gimmicks I've ever seen in a shooter. There was a Teamwork Multiplier, there were asymmetrical game modes, and the best thing was the slice based map generation. before each match you would choose slices on a model to change the configuration and whatever pieces got the most votes would stay. really cool, highly underrated

  35. I appreciate the list. I was hoping to find something cool that I would be into but I think I'm getting old lol. Give me elder scrolls and please don't make it like starfield cuz I try to play it every once in a while and I'm an explorer so I don't get much done and ALOT of the game is locked behind challenges for perks in massive trees. I can't imagine playing more than one character but to experience the whole game you'd have to play through 45 times it feels like. Sorry for the rant 😂 cheers motha f***AS

  36. I miss lollipop chainsaw so much and wish they remastered it for the future gen consoles

  37. Squadron would be great if morons in EA did not throw support for most common HOTAS out of the window.. I swear there has to be a gas leak in that office!

  38. Honestly combat was the weakest part of Quantum break for me; I loved everything else.

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