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Many games are announced and then take years to release. A specific few are often forgotten. Let’s talk about some of them.
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  1. Gta pisses me off…. its been like 8 years.

  2. I just want FFVII on PC
    Edit: and Bayonetta, and Metroid Prime, and Dragon Age, and Scorn

  3. I think that the elder scrolls 6 should be here

  4. Rockstar is too busy to work on GTA6. Busy selling shark cards for GTA Online.

  5. One not mentioned is Vampire Masquerade 2. Working on it for 3 years and over night the studio was dropped. And now it's TBC

  6. Fable so excited and a little nervous about it hope it doesn't lose its british humour

  7. I feel like Wild will never see the light of day just sayin….

  8. +gameranx Thoughts on Lies of P the bloodborn like steampunk action horror RPG I think it has tons of potential. That new trailer blew me away!! Hope their work on the game goes smoothly and we get buttery smooth combat with equally as beautiful graphics as the trailer’s.

  9. SO I HAVE BEEN SUPER EXCITED ABOUT GTA 6….BUT WITH THEM CONSTANTLY RERELEASING THE SAME GAMES OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN….just has me with just a bit of negative feelings about Rockstar and GTA currently. Because a remastered GTA 5 IS THEE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT WE NEEDED

  10. I don't know if it will be released but I'm still waiting for the SCORN.

  11. Seen no.10… ‘believed it’ and switched off

  12. You forgot Squadron 42 and Star Citizen, which are literally the biggest games "still coming"

  13. I expected TES:6 to be #1 tbh but somehow it wasn't even in the list besides a "honorable mention"

  14. zelda botw was released in 2013 and still no botw2

  15. guess what.. all of the games that are still in development has som pretty lazy devs.

  16. what about legends of Zelda breth of the wild 2

  17. Black Flag was one of the best pirate games made.
    Mediocre AC game at best….but as far as pirate games go? ABSOLUTELY spot on!

    That being said, it's Ubisoft. Don't buy it until a year after the original release when it's finally out of their "sucker's Beta" phase and it actually works correctly.

  18. Haven't started the video….SKY-WIND! I know its a mod…

  19. What game which is currently being developed do I want to see the most – easy Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West. Finally coming in February, but could still be in development.

    Tom Sisson

  20. Fable should be on the next list for sure

  21. Camelot Unchained, anyone? A friend of mine actually preordered it a really long time ago for a couple of hundred Euros to play it without a monthly fee, when it ever releases.

  22. I can't believe that I'M still coming it's been like half an hour and it's still coming out Help

  23. I'm bit disappointed but theybdidnt mention The Outer World's 2 by obsidian but still a great vid

  24. Games should never be rushed, let them take their time. Cyberpunk and BF 2042 should not be made the norm!

  25. Star Citizen and Breath of the Wild 2 are the two that popped into my mind first.

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