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10 Levels That SUCKED in The Best Video Games

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Even the best video games have moments of weakness. Here are some of the worst areas and levels in the greatest video games.
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0:00 Intro
0:17 Cortana – Halo 3
1:35 Ascension – Crysis
3:07 The Fade – Dragon Age: Origins
4:39 The Hedron Chamber – Contro
6:03 Gears of War 3 – Chapter 6: Watery Grave
7:42 Wolfenstein: The New Colossus – The Courthouse
9:05 Diablo 2 – Act 3
10:16 The Sewers – Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines
11:35 Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy
12:58 Lost Izalith – Dark Souls


  1. Diablo2 A3 there is a skip you can perform if you have a friend who already suffered through it. That way you only need to do the last dungeon.

  2. Batman: Arkham Knight – Riddler's final batmobile race – (tedius)

    SnowRunner – Ride-On King & The Slope trials – (extremely tedius & time sensitive & both require a bit of luck).

    The Simpsons: Hit & Run – final mission – (not enough time)

    Zelda: Orcarina of Time – water temple – (getting lost & confused)

    GTA: San Andreas – Driving school & NRG challenge – (both very tedius)

    I know some of these games arn't the greats amongst the reception, but they're great to me.

  3. Honestly most of these aren't even bad. Git gud bro

  4. Cortana was annoying but at the same time fun

  5. Best add-on ever is to skip The Fade mission

  6. Ds2 shrine of amana (not sure if this is the correct name xD), is still my top 1.

  7. The frustration was real in some of these levels

  8. That one Mission in Ac Blackflag where you have to stay completely unnoticed on the Island of Assasins

  9. ALL YOU HAD TO DO was add the mission in GTA:SA.
    you know exactly which one, CJ

  10. The fade is good if you actually know the lore. Most people don't get the level and treat the game as an action title.

  11. The nightmare levels in the first Max Payne. jumping from one invisible platform to another over a bottomless drop. With only a thin red line to tell you wear to step. Nearly ruined an excellent game.

  12. Banjo kazooie- The quiz level you had to pass before meeting Gruntilda for the final boss fight. That, and the fight itself, was enraging. Managed to finish it though. But didnt bother playing it again.

  13. FF15 Chapter 13 pre patch, they decided to go survival horror 30+ hours into the game….which at first sounds cool, till you're only given a ring that didn't one shot, and no team mates. That was patched accordingly, but no one will ever forget.

    Spiderman – The mary jane segments….not only is it forced stealth in a game that never mentions or has it once….its done with a clunky MJ, its not hard, just brutally sluggish….because you know….shes not Sam Fucking Fisher.

    Mario 64; Rainbow Ride…probably the biggest let down, since all of the game is unique and memorable….all that to have us ride carpets on a bland and desolate level….the Mario Cart Rainbow Road was more fascinating and thrilling. You could tell they just wanted to wrap it up quickly at this point.

  14. The Far Cry x levels where you've been drugged, kidnapped, your gear is gone, and now you have to make your way out of a hallucination.

  15. The end of Control was sadistic. Turning on aim assist and immortality was the only way I beat it.

  16. Lost Izaleth is still clear of Blightwood Town. The vertical drops, poison at the bottom, darkness, no fast travel unlocked yet and the annoying enemies oh and I never mentioned the fire spider boss at the bottom. That area was so punishing and if you felt you wasnt powerful enough you had the longest walk to and from that damned place because as I said no fast travel yet.

  17. God of war 1 or 2 dont remember which one
    Looking for the sirens in the desert before finding kronos

  18. I'm surprised there isn't an "honerable mentions" with "all ice and water like levels in every platformer ever"

  19. My hot take for this is Alfheim in god of war 2018. Dark elves can go die.

  20. I actually really liked the desolate creepiness of cortana and the sewers from vtmb.

  21. The RC airplane mission in GTA San Andreas! 😅

  22. I always loved that mission in Dragon Age Origins. Didn't know so many disliked it.

  23. Any ease drop/tailing mission in any Assassin’s Creed game.

  24. Baldurs gate 1/ 2 for ps2 on harder difficulty as a kid created a level childhood anger nobody should have been privy to.
    Especially if playing multilayer and you needed to double back half the map for a save point to respawn you friend….
    Still my all time favourite game ❤️

  25. Don't agree with the Gears of War 3's turret section. It is far more entertaining then most games turret section.

  26. I would like to ask something for the following videos: stop using those gifs/memes. It gets tiring to see the ones with John Travolta and the guy saying no with the finger in every video on every channel.
    For the rest, I haven't played any of these games, except Crash Bandicoot N' sane Trilogy. And yes, you can really notice that they changed the controls in those levels. What I don't get is the reason. To make it more realistic? Really? Realism in a platform game in which you control a bandicoot who must stop an evil genius with an oversized head?

  27. Also any levels where the character is dreaming or hallucinating, Farcry, Dying Light etc.

  28. Another honorable mention is having to use the submarine in Star Fox 64

  29. I was reaaaally expecting to see Xen from the original Half Life

  30. The final level/s of Half Life. The change of physics, blandness and awkward layouts made me end my game there and watch the rest online.

  31. Definitely hated the Fade in DAO, but I loved it in Inquisition.

  32. Idk but i kinda like Watery grave from gow 3. I can see why others dknt tho

  33. Why does everyone complain about Halo 3's Cortana mission? Run that thing, done in about 5 minutes(even on legendary)… at least back on the 360. I haven't tried in years.

  34. Totally agree on Lost Izalith. So bad, and because of the Bed of Chaos you usually have to make the run from the bonfire at least 2 times. The only good thing I can say about this area is that it is at least Different, and gives you the helmat to get through the Valley of the Giants.

  35. ….bed of chaos is the biggest pain in the ass

  36. Title should read: "10 Levels That Some Idiot Named Falcon SUCKED at in The Best Video Games"

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