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10 MOST LIVED-IN Open World Games [Part 2]

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We wanted to acknowledge MORE open world games with truly convincing looks and atmosphere – the places where it feels like people really inhabit.
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0:00 intro
0:31 GTA 4
2:20 Kingdom Come Deliverance
3:34 Far Cry 6
5:09 Fallout 4
6:22 Metro Exodus
7:32 AC Odyssey
8:42 Dying Light 2
9:50 Mafia Definitive Edition
11:01 Cyberpunk 2077
12:31 Watch Dogs 2


  1. What game is from the clip shown at 20 secs????!!

  2. Red dead redemption 2. The npcs literally have a daily cycle

  3. Ever used the Chaos Mode Cheat in GTA San Andreas?

    That would make a good No. 1 Spot 😂

    Of course just using it after the Mission "Madd Dogg"… If you know, you know 👀

  4. Don't forget about Days Gone. I really hope they start development on a sequel

  5. Gothic was the first 3d open world game where the NPCs had a daily routine

  6. the only thing in which ac odyssey is better than other ac games is the world and thats it

  7. 1 game is missing from this list.. gavin also still missing 🙂

  8. But mafia 2 is an underrated game in both story and graphics

  9. CDproject have you fixed pop in render?

  10. I would have to say mafia 3 was an amazing game I found myself a lot of the time just getting out of the car and just walking around taking a view of everything

  11. I would like a ps4/ps5 remaster of gta 4.

  12. Wwe 2002 on ps2 made me feel like I was an actual wrestler

  13. GTA 4 was off the scale considering how old it is, absolutely brilliant. Rockstar owns the open world games and I think GTA 6 whenever it arrives will change the gaming industry

  14. Spiderman (ps4) or Miles morales (ps5) feels pretty nice to me

  15. Imagine all games combine intro 1 big multiplayer game

  16. Wow, I was surprised that Ghost Recon Wildlands and Breakpoint didn't make the lists. If you ever do a Part 3, you would have to check out those games (tho I'm sure you know about them) and correct these injustices. They both have awesome worlds to explore and the level of detail in both are second to none.

  17. Mafia 2 is still undefated imo. The city, theme, music, story, characters, the whole vibe.

  18. open worlds ?

    more like lil bit opened parts of lil cities for the most part…

  19. how come you mention cyberpunk and not just cause 4
    it had some amazing environment and even tornados

  20. Villidor is my favorite but that's me being a dying light fan freak I loved the first dying light completed the story plus the following dlc and the hellraid bonus dlc mode when dying light 2 was first revealed at e3 me and my friend jasmine were going nuts so in 2021 it became available to pre order I pre ordered the ultimate edition beautiful world night to me is very scary it gets frequent updates the second expansion has been delayed till 2024 which we don't know much bout dying light is really more fun the sequel was a fun sandbox to explore but thats what I think

  21. I think you can add horizon zero dawn aswell its npcs look like they are doing their job and everyrhing

  22. I’m surprised rdr2 isn’t in here. That game has so much life throughout the countryside and in the dense towns

  23. I lost respect for far cry when you were ordered to go around and slaughter christians for being christians.

  24. I will recommend AC Odyssey with very good graphics story and the city are very beautiful and big and U will love it do tryy!!!!

  25. KCD is one of those great games that didn’t get as much attention as it should have

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