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10 MOST LIVED-IN Open World Games

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We wanted to acknowledge some open world games with truly convincing looks and atmosphere – the places where it feels like people really inhabit.
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  1. In an alternative reality cyberpunk made this list 😭

  2. I prefer Kingdom Come: Deliverance, rather than Skyrim

  3. I finished RDR2 and I cannot set my mind into anyyy game I play after it. RDR2, Arthur, John the vast open world and the music just sticks into the mind for a long long time to come. Every other game feels nowhere near satisfying

  4. Make place for the best assassin's creed 3

  5. Fable the lost chapters, or the anniversary is one of the best games I ever played in my life.

  6. I felt like BioShock Infinite had a very nice Atmosphere and felt Vibrant and Living, just to add one more to the list

  7. A weird but in my opinion worthy addition to the list: Dying Light.
    For an open world game inhabited mainly by undeads, with so many repeated assets featuring in every loot centered interior you can visit while roaming around, it really gives a dynamic and satisfying feeling when you parkour your way through it.
    It was very unexpected to me when I played this gmae, and I think that a large part of DL's success was due to the surprisingly enjoyable open world it features.

  8. AC Unity should have a spot in the list since AC syndicate is in it

  9. Rdr2 is brillant game ❤️❤️❤️ I love to rockstar and I hope same houser and dame houser meet one time partnership ❤️❤️

  10. please help me reach 10k with no videos thx ily says:

    at the start of the video i said "i swear if they dont but red dead 2 on this listim going to lose it"
    and let me tell ya

    ( My happiness is inmesurebale and my day is made )

  11. Dude you didn’t mention ghost of Tsushima

  12. Kingdom come deliverance… skyrim like and witcher

  13. Can you link us up with one at this AAA grade that is not violent?

  14. Watch dogs 1 is criminally underrated i love that city

  15. What the hell? Fable 3 was the best in the series.

  16. I am watchdogs fan. I like the storyline, graphics and mostly characters who work like a family I am so attached to it. After a long tiring day of work I spend 30 minutes playing watchdogs 2

  17. Fable was amazing .. loved you can really choose whom you become as far as Good an Evil… which RedDead used later…. only games i know to do so

  18. Division should never been in the last the fact that it's empty should have taken it out for some reason he thought that was a good reason to put it in

  19. Dishonored is probably the one item from this list that I disagree with. Rapture and Columbia from the Bioshock series were more believable and "lived-in" worlds by far.

  20. that area in the witcher 3 where its a series of islands with that vikingish feeling was the best to play for the first time

  21. Really wanna play Witcher 3 but never played 1 or 2

  22. U missed the most lived in open world game of all time….World of Warcraft

  23. It's not proper open world so it makes sense is not in this list, but I always felt like Vampire Bloodlines Los Angeles districts felt really lived in…

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  25. 12:09 I was scrolling over it to see the #1 game and I thought it said/it was called valentine

  26. I definitely root for the Elder Scrolls games here simply because everything is accessible, every house can be broken into and so on.. I'd really rather see a new GTA etc being a lot smaller, but sharing more of this philosophy. That's to me what makes the world feel lived in… Much more interiors!

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  28. Gothic (2001) and Gothic 2 (2002) had amazing open worlds.

  29. Wtf AC4 black flag is not here
    It's one of the best open world game
    Can't say anything bout livedin world🙄

  30. My dream is just want to play Gta 5
    But i dont have enough space 😔

  31. RDR2 definitely took 1st place. Truly a place where you can do zero, for hours and hours. Yet feel like you have accomplished alot.
    Finding yourself in the mountains riding horse back. Why? Just to see if I can get up to the top.
    Side mission?
    Main mission?
    All of that can wait, I see I wild horse I need.

  32. Fable 3 was the best one… wdym ??!!?! Although I love them all

  33. Dishonored… really? It's like a stealth 3d platformer. It feels totally linear.

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