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10 PS5 Games To Justify Buying A Playstation 5!

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Here are 10 Games That Will Justify Buying A PS5!
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All games featured in this video were captured in 4K running at 60fps using performance mode.
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  1. Evil west is hot garbage felt like I was playing an xbox 360 game (yes I have ps5)

  2. Your funny 😂😂 nice vid and I subbed. Keep making great work. Also you convinced me to getting a ps5.

  3. "cross between devil may cry and god of war, an unlikely pairing"

    Ik its not really the case anymore but God of War was literally inspired by dmc and was basically the westerns DmC.

  4. I just bought a ps5 for ff16 and it was definitely worth it

    Let me clarify the game itself is amazing and fun as hell, but the console version is absolute shit, the 60 fps version gives you an horrible blurry 1080p resolution and the 30fps is very VERY sttutery and the visuals don't increase that much.
    Such a shame because the art style is beautiful.
    The game runs and looks way better on my Steam Deck than it does on my PS5, let that sink in. Lazy ass devs

  6. I’m Not Impressed I’ll wait the PS4 is still pimping and Same Games no difference

  7. Evil west has some of the most original monsters and the most disgusting levels. It is just a fun game. Doesn't take itself too serious, its just a good time. The combat gets pretty addictive.

  8. Save your money folks. Mine is a glorified paper weight now !!

  9. It didn’t NMH3 came to PlayStation
    Damn I need it now

  10. I think only 8 hours for a 60$ dollar game is annoying just make it cheaper

  11. Note as someone debateing about to get a PS5 or not there is like 0 – 3 good games on this list

  12. Literally only dead space is next gen only, if you don't mind gaming at 1080p I'd say you're good holding off for another year. The only games i played on ps5 that are exclusive that I'd say were worth it are dead space returnal and demon's souls if you don't have a ps3

  13. for me only two of these are worth playing them…

  14. God of War and Forbidden West. Other that that you are better of with a PC

  15. Watching several of these "ThEsE Ps5 GaMeS WiLL JuStiFy BuYiNg a Ps5!!1!" videos and all they did was convince me to definitely NOT buy a PS5.
    Games are all garbage, a great many of them are just slightly brushed up remakes and a great many of them are available on other platforms. All these asian games are utterly hysterical, ridiculous, corny and over the top. And they have the gal to call this next gen?
    Bwahahaha get outa here.
    Not to mention: The PS5 is huge and ugly too. Thing looks like a refridgerator.
    Inside of it is just a PS4pro2. Scam of the century.

    I'll just stick to my PS4 and my PC. Bye Sony!

  16. Did you call the red hair of Horizon beautiful? WTF? Do you like chicken gay and lame? I got one more reason to sell back my PS5, the good game can't really run properly without cooking the console.

  17. The Last of Us 1 Remaster, RE4 Remake + Seperate Ways DLC, Dead Space Remake

  18. It's a bit of the pot calling the kettle black when talking about the nasally voice in re5

  19. I’ve played pc for years, rtx 3080. I decided to finally get a ps5 because sm2 and i heard a lot about the haptic feedback. Ever since i bought it, I’ve hardly touched my pc. So worth it and the performance is truly incredible for the price

  20. Dead Space and few ps5 exclusives were possible on ps4, especially when graphics has peaked since ps4, anyway am holding back ps5 until 2025, peace ✌ out

  21. Evil West does not deserve to be anywhere near this list. What a generic boring ass game.

  22. What a joke.
    The only games worth mentioning for ps5 is Rachet and clank….oh wait, that's just one game. All the others are available on ps4 or xbox one/series S and X..
    Both these next gen consoles are an absolute joke that were released at the very least 3 years too early. They have nothing. No games at all. All they do is load games faster and look slightly prettier. For alot of money. They simply are not worth it.
    I still have an xbox one and a ps4 pro. You know what i have missed out on? Rachet and clank, that is it. What an absolute joke.

  23. The RE4 remake is undoubtedly good, but I still prefer the RE2 remake. What I personally don't like about the RE4 remake are Leon's new movements, it just feels spongy and not as precise as in the RE2 remake.

  24. Kena 8 hours to finish ? ….your avin a laff ! …..this game is a wolf in sheeps clothing ie
    Very hard it aint no kids game lol (platinum trophy holder)

  25. So basically, 9 games with violent brutale killing and GT7 , which can be pretty violent online and also is crap without spending 100's on a steering wheel. The game industry has never ever been in such dark desperate times. Hideous

  26. U really got a hard on for 60fps, U repeat it multiple times per game, one mention in the opening about the hardware would be fine.

  27. Miles morales ? Spiderman remastered ?? Ratchet and clank please update this list

  28. What is the number one best one of 2023

  29. I just got a hardrive to play my PS4 titles on. Buying a PS5 was a good day.

  30. Yes. You're going to regret not getting it sooner

  31. Most of the games are PS4 games then what is the use of PS5…👎
    PS5 – shit console
    Shit gen

  32. I have to say that gran turismo looks like a PS3 game.😢

  33. Just got the PS5 and shit it’s incredible.

  34. How you leave out Star Wars outlaws? Game looks incredible

  35. As long as the PS5 has been out, the few games worth playing have been very short and easy to beat. There are only 3 games in this list that held my interest. Not exactly a reason to justify getting a ps5 especially when talks of ps6 are floating around

  36. Definitely gotta pick up Dead Space soon.

  37. The Dead Space remake was amazing on PS5, had a blast playing it.😊

  38. I agree about cut scenes. I’m a full time employee with a part time business… I literally have no time for cut scenes. Like when I log on, I only have 1 hour to play a day… unless it’s my 1 day off a week.

    I literally have no time to play FF7 or games with a waste a time objective, running around to talk to people, or cutscenes.

    I wish they allow you to turn off stuff like that or make them optional task.

  39. Already bought it. Just here to find another argument to explain to my wife 😅

  40. Damn, i was all ready to like and subscribe, but Returnal isn't on the list

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