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These are some of the biggest games in the world.
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  1. The fact that GTA V is not only the 2nd best selling game in the world it's also the highest grossing entertainment product of all time there's a reason why I love this game and is my favourite game of all time I fucking love this game

  2. I have bought Skyrim and not played it once since I don't like Bethesda games, but I have skyrim

  3. I'd take passionate, amazing detailed single player games over competitive online esport seasonal episodic bullshit anytime.

  4. It’s crazy as a kid, ocarina of time became my favourite ever game. Now, I haven’t played the previous 2 Zelda games

  5. I’m old enough to have memories playing gta 1&2. The freedom of just going with it like accidentally killing someone and then instantly becoming the most infamous mass murderer is too satisfying 😂

  6. The dreadful state of the video game industry is inextricably tied to the insidious grip of nostalgia! WE NEED MORE AMBITION IN THE GAMING MEDIUM MORE THAN EVER!

  7. Gta 5 was also the only 1 that was fully supported for 10 yrs and was sold 3 different times

  8. I don't know why Skyrim is not higher on the list and Skyrim has sold over 60 copies.

  9. Red Dead 2 is one of the best games ive ever played! I also love Days Gone, fantastic game!

  10. Hard to believe I have played most of the games in this vid

  11. Elden Ring is missing from the list and also sold over 20 million copies,

  12. Rdr 2 didn't sold that many copies because it's a very demanding game, you need a serious machine to run it and we all know the gpu prices have blown up, gta sold that well because sure, it is older but the prices were decent back then and that game was running great even on a GTX 760 and also because of the modding community.

  13. hold on…..regardless of how you FEEL , Minecraft should easily be number 1

  14. Um, hello? Minecraft? 238 Million units sold by 2021

  15. dying light wasnt fun for me i always die

  16. There's at least 2 things I like to remember in my old life and that's that COD banned 50L people in 1 day and that the initial release of the PS2 in america got recalled. Almost no one remembers a thing about it.

  17. Please SOMEONE tell me what the deal is with RDR2? The most boring drawn out game I’ve ever played in my life. Bored me to tears and sent me to sleep. Absolutely atrocious game.

  18. Learn to make actually useful bookmarks. "Number 9, NUmber 8, etc" is useless. Put the actual game names. I didn't watch and will never watch any video with that useless clickbait garbage.

  19. Next generation version Red dead redemption 2? Shit, RDR2 is a next generation game made on the old generation. I remember first playing it, it blew me away

  20. The last of us online was super underrated. It’s so good

  21. i beat gta 5 is over 10 years ago and havent played it since. Are they ever going to release gta 6?

  22. i havent played the walking dead myself but watching gameplay of it i did in fact find clementine annoying

  23. @14:04 that is not a bug. If you hit the chicken a couple times in a row in any Zelda game, then you will get swarmed by a group of them attacking you as you seen in this video.

  24. བསོད་ནམས་དཀོན་མཆོག་ says:

    i hope Resident evil 4 shoud be on top 10 list also.

  25. Elden ring sold 20 million as of february and its new

  26. easy to believe dying light is there, they still make updates for the first game and it is awesome, there's seasonal events since ever, you can easily find people to play with.

  27. Thanks for the video! I'm definitely among the numbers for many of these! 😛

  28. How RDR2 lost to God of War for Game of the Year is still mind-boggling to this day, to say the least

  29. Falcon 'i like the game because i can shoot basketballs and they deflate'

  30. Surprised Elden Ring isn't on this list. Sold more than 20 mil copies, and one of few on the list (like Dying Light) that just came out of nowhere and broke into the mainstream.

    In fact, it was even more impressive, because it was already niche, and many already avoided Fromsoft games due to them being hard.

    They completely shook up the gaming formula and it paid off big time, with it being 1 of 3 games to pass 300 GOTY awards.

    If a random really good game comes out, it has a chance of great success. I do think this is harder to do when a lot of people already avoid a companies games due to the reputation they have.

    I think the most impressive 20 mil+ sales is Elden Ring imo. The others make sense as they either use a popular genre, or, use a popular long-running franchise. Elden Ring was a brand new game with zero prequels, deffo deserves to be on this list.

  31. Stardew valley sold over 20+ million copies too

  32. For Skyrim you have to divide sales by the number of times it's been released lol

  33. For all the people constantly complaining about how ES6 or GTA 6 will never come out, consider this, how long does it take to do something to the highest possible quality?

  34. Love hearing people talk about Super Mario World.

  35. A. Breath Of The Wild sold a bunch because of Femboy Link and B. MineCraft has left the chat

  36. huh … i thought there will be GoW series up there …


  38. My absolute favorite R* hidden detail was from GTA:SA. There are several martial arts studios around the city, but instead, they're spelled "Marital Arts". I don't know if it ever got discovered or if there was an uproar enough to patch it, but my old copy from 2005 still had it

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