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10 Seriously Good FPS Games on Xbox Game Pass

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Xbox Game Pass has a wealth of top notch first person shooter games for you to blast your merry way through. If you need help picking your next FPS game then here’s 10 of the very best first-person shooters currently on Xbox Game Pass.

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00:00 10 of the very best FPS on Xbox Game Pass
00:32 Quake II
01:25 Deathloop
02:19 DOOM Eternal
03:17 Halo Infinite
04:19 Titanfall 2
05:32 Battlefield 1
06:51 Deep Rock Galactic
07:54 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
08:51 Insurgency Sandstorm
10:14 Prodeus
11:08 Call of Duty on Xbox Game Pass?


  1. I would not listen to ANYTHING this site says: they just gave Starfield GOTY over BG3 because salty. Clearly, this is a shill-site first, and fans are a distant second.

  2. seriously how did deathloop get on thius list

  3. Love this list literally just downloaded all of them 😂😂😂 AND it was only 90 GB!!!

  4. I really enjoyed Redfall.Just wish you could match make online with strangers as when your friends are busy you can play with other people.

  5. Uhh battlefield 1 has no lobbies….I tried getting into games for that and BF5 without any luck zero lobbies one shitty lobby all day on 5

  6. Bunch of old games that most people already played

  7. No halo MCC ? Man that’s a magnum opus for Xbox games .

  8. Titanfall 2's campaign is so damn good and Quake II is an all-time classic!!

  9. This is a great list! I'll have to check out Prodeus.

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