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10 Shooter Games With OVER THE TOP ACTION

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First and third-person shooter games often have stylish shootouts. We wanted to highlight some fun games here.
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  1. That Titanfall wall running, and maybe the sliding, should be added to the next doom game.

  2. Plz don't make list with low graphics games we are expecting( Titan fall 2 ,rage 2 )like games in the list plz plz stop including low shit games in the list and you do it in every video , can you plz stop doing that brother

  3. It's not a shooter, but the amount of over the top action and insane maneuverability in Horizon Zero Dawn is INSANE

  4. Great to see FEAR here! Still looks incredibly good considering it came out seventeen years ago

  5. Doom Eternal "is it perfect?" Of course it is!

  6. I don’t know about y’all But Titanfall is my favorite game in the whole wide world

  7. Tbh i would be pissed if you didn't add dying light and doom cause those games are way out there honestly especially doom eternal cause i mean…its 1 vs millions of DEMONS if thats not badass idk what is

  8. New Dawn made the list but not Blood Dragon ?

  9. am i the only one who thinks wolfenstein games should be first

  10. Improve gaming skills in shooter games when camping, ensure the cursor is not pointing at a wall, but point at blank space where enemies are likely to appear

  11. A year too soon for Cyberpunk, which despite its launch, is a fantastic game.

  12. pls make at list one video about dirty bomb. I realy love the game but it needs support and players so much. thanks in advance!

  13. Where is just cause on this list? Basically any game in the series has the most over the top action

  14. can I get a link to download titan fall 2 for pc

  15. WET was a pretty fun underated bulletstorm game

  16. No shooter beats the fun and enemy masses of Serious Sam series.. especialy first and second encounter and the first game

  17. i am realy speechless why cnt find just normal game fps that have cool missions like metal gear or bf or cod real wepons real gears real weapons no washy moves and ppl who are taking drugs to play games we need old games back remastered no bs

  18. This one is focused on first/third person gun games mostly. We'll make another one about melee/swords/etc. Let us know what you think we should include!

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