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10 Single Player Games That Were ALMOST A Masterpiece

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A select few games are held back from greatness by a handful of smaller issues.
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  1. Far cry 5- the endings suck otherwise its an awesome game. .

  2. Blight town is fine, it's seems like people jump on a band wagon for saying blight town is bad. Lost izalith is way worse as that's just lazy. Atleast there is effort put into the level design of blight town

  3. Anthem / battlefield 2042 / Saints row remake

  4. I thought u wanna say sandicate not unity

  5. Sinverse wasn’t almost a masterpiece. It’s a masterpiece

  6. Notice how rdr2 isn’t on here because it’s already a masterpiece

  7. No Sinverse? Need to hear your review on it

  8. KCD for me best game ever made, only a few small problems that I can live with.

  9. Great list,really amazing. You missing out on Sinverse tho,really enjoying it and it’s really amazing. Worth a review

  10. Enjoyed solo game play like it’s a $SIN

  11. Built with Unity, Sinverse has PVP, Single Player PvC, and RPG.
    And its the kinda games you get paid for playing 🔥

  12. Given the fact that sinverse is a single on multiplayer game is so crazy, its a very amazing P2E game

  13. It's 2023 you should play games to earn. Games like SinVerse Sandbox, Illuvium and others. Even gta6 is rumoured to be a crypto game

  14. Nice list,played quite a few on here, but Sinverse is my favorite single player games,the mafia styled theme makes it so intresting… really fun

  15. Batman arkham knight was dope but those tank battles for bosses killed it for me especially after city!

  16. When I played ACU, it was really a solid game. Not too big, not to bloated with busy work. Decent story. Yeah, def worth playing today.

  17. Ghost of tsushima, all the gameplay is slow everything go so slowly!!!

  18. MGS 5 for me was the worst MGS. It’s so boring

  19. This channel is one of the internet’s great treasures. 😁🙌

  20. Surprised these cvnts didn't mention ME:A. They love to shit on the greatest game ever made.

  21. Cyberpunk 2077 is STILL far from being Masterpiece. The game is still not of the size and variety promised in the trailers and announcements. In many respects, it has mechanics that are even older than GTA 4. The story is not of good quality, there are too many lowkeys and gaps. It's far from being an RPG game as it was introduced and advertised. What they call an "open world" is a empty city with neon lights everywhere. NPC AI is still stupid. Without DLSS, CDPR would have gone bankrupt long ago.

  22. Not that Blight town was great or anything, but there was much bigger problem with the original Dark Souls – Lost Izalith – I mean, path being restricted by lava and dragon butts, combined with the least liked boss of the game (or maybe even series?)… It just screams "ran out of time"

  23. I want a refund on Diablo 4 that game is horrible in every way possible

  24. I think that Fallout 4 is one of the best games of all times. But!… It has too many bugs and exploits

  25. Cyberpunk wasn't the developers fault, it was the toxic fans. Cd Project Red kept saying it wasn't done.

  26. Great list, but I disagree with GTA V being on here. I rather enjoyed the smaller moments that allowed you to soak in some of the world and allowed more time with other interesting characters

  27. My thing for GTA 5 is the ending. Had decent buildup during the rest of the story that was all tossed away in a ‘none of those problems actually matter because we have money’ moment. Felt like a cop-out.

  28. I thought a game from far cry series would be present

  29. Batman: Arkham Asylum IS a Masterpiece

  30. For me Spiderman was boring. I got tired of swinging around within the first hour of the game. The side quest material was a chore to do and the mobs of enemies drove me nuts. I wanted to like the game, but I just couldn’t get into it. I haven’t even played the DLC content even though it came with the game because it is just too tedious.

  31. I am so sad cyberpunk was so shit when released, it could be one of the best games of this generation. Well nowadays after all the patchs i think it is, but is reputation is ruined and ppl will not remember it and many wont even try it after the fiasco the launch was

  32. Bro blightown is a necessity in that type of game, and Dark Souls is absolutely a masterpiece.
    The point dark souls made in blightown is that this isnt a power fantasy, and the world itself is a enemy of sorts.

  33. Cyberpunk is a great game now one of the best games that came out recently

  34. For a really recent game: Starfield has some of the best questlines that bethesda has made with extremely interesting twists plus a new game plus with an in game mechanic that changes the context of the story but buggy mechanics, scale that was just as small as skyrims civil war stuff and very boring exploration that run counter to what people looked forward to in previous games.

  35. Psychonauts final level "Meat Circus" makes the list for me. The number of players who loved the game and then just never completed it, because of the insane difficulty ramp in the final mission, killed it.

  36. The game which has frustrated me to no end I can't even remember the name of. You're given a mission by some "friend" (gangster, maybe?) To pick up a car at a certain place then pick someone up at a club/hotel/restaurant and drive them someplace. But the SECOND you get inside any car at the place they require you to pick up a car, Chicago police show up and immediately bumbard you with 100k bullets into your body and game over. I just looked through my PlayStation app game list and the only one I can find that maybe(?) it is, is Watchdogs. As a result of being killed till I die from it EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to do the very first required mission I gave up on the game. It's completely unrealistic that Chicago police would shoot you 1000+ times through the car (destroying the car's value) they are supposedly trying to protect. I want to know which game it is and how in g*ds name I do the VERY FIRST mission without being killed because I did exactly what was asked by the person who asked me to do.
    I looked over all games I've played on my PS4 Pro and PS5… I feel like Watchdogs is the only one it could be.
    Does anyone know how you do the very first thing asked of you without being killed by 1000 bullets from Chicago police pistols in that game?

  37. I usually agree with your views but sorry this list I can't get with. Mass Effect 1-3 is a masterpiece. The ending did leave a lot to be desired but It's still top tier in my eyes.

  38. The issue I had with GTA 5 was not the mundane missions, but the fact that you essentially have no money until the game is over.
    Utilizing the stock market you can have more money than you would ever need but that means playing through all of the missions with very few upgrades. Then once you have all the fruits of your labor, there’s not much to do with them besides the few side quests you never got around to.

  39. For BOTW (and TOTK), I definitely agree with the weapon degradation holding it back, but my other major complaint is a lack of a curated dungeon. All the big dungeons just felt like they threw maybe 5 or so shrines together and stuck a boss at the end. I was really, really hoping they'd see come complaints about that from BOTW and add a few for TOTK, but no dice. If they had the cool open world and exploration, no weapon degradation, and real, traditional Zelda dungeons in the next game? It would very likely be one of my favorite games of all time. But as it is, BOTW/TOTK were undeniably great but not anything I ever plan on revisiting.

  40. Gameran I love your vids most of the time but this one is 100% your opinion. Msg 5 hell no just hell no how do you put that over 4 or snake eater, gta 5 how do you put that over either red dead or gta 4 and sa, and lmfaooooo ME 3 over 2???

  41. Batman arkham asylum is a true masterpiece considering the year of release. It is 2009yr game! You berely find anything like that at those times.

  42. Opinions are not facts. So none of your opinions about these games should piss anyone off

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