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10 Unique Games Worth Spending 1000 Hours In

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Some games are just perfect for spending endless hours in. Here are some of our favorite recent(ish) examples.

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0:00 intro
0:14 No Man’s Sky
1:18 Number 9
2:44 Monster Hunter
3:45 Path of Exile
5:11 Rim World
6:26 Crusader Kings 3
8:15 Fallout 4
9:29 Final Fantasy 14
10:52 Stardew Valley
11:40 Factorio
12:31 SKYRIM


  1. I don’t know why but I don’t see the appeal to playing threw a campaign more than once, I’ve tried so many times and I just can’t seem to do it

  2. So nice to see youtubers showing up FFXIV. Usually gamers just forget 11 and 14 exist and are MAIN game titles

  3. Unique games worth 1000 hours and you missed Kenshin.

  4. Two other games that I’d highly recommend are Kenshi and Mount & Blade Warband. These 2 have taken more hours from me than I care to admit.

  5. CS:GO should be up here. Having 1000 hours is nothing in cs. Whether we enjoyed it or not is.. up for debate.

  6. Problem with NMS is that there is a ton of stuff to do, but no reason to do it, you aren't really pushing towards anything.

  7. a skyrim chat gpt character in starfield that is the adoring fan and says your mom jokes to everything

  8. a mod that adds total war combat to crusader kings.

  9. Gregtech New Horizons. Minecraft is the best game.

  10. Me seeing this with actually more than 1000 hours in FF14

  11. May just have to install Crusader Kings 2 again. I have 300 hours in this game, so still a beginner.

  12. Never start Factorio! Really, I’m serious, trust me on that one, never, ever launch Factorio! You’ll never come back from this planet…

    … The Factory Must Grow📈

  13. Monster Hunter World, 20 minutes hunt feels like 5 minutes…

  14. I'm crazy about fall out 4 and still wanting to dive in the complete warhammer universe. I wouldn't say 1k hours, but at least several hundred of them with RDR2. And like it or not one of the game with less story and most likely less map or any other stuff to explore where many invested k's of hours is the champion FPS Counter Strike in all it's versions and it's certainly not dying with global future release of another refurbishment, CS2 (not many and surely no novelties introduced worth noticing). I'll try to keep a tab on some other games you mentioned, but overall thx for the great video. Cheers. PS – Also starfield and even Eve's online and similar versions of Eve as some other older games k's hours enjoyable could have been worthy to mention. 👍

  15. Who is white head character before clicing this video?

  16. There is not and never will be a single game worth spending 1000 hours of your life in

  17. Total war series, fallout series, elder scrolls series are my top 3 most played games ever. Now, to enter the starfield

  18. For me Skyrim should be on the list.. I probably got 1000 hours there.. one of the greatest games of all time for sure.. starfield not near as good

  19. 12,000 hours in Dota player watching 1000 hours deal

  20. I have no idea how people can speed 1000+ hours in any game without moving on to something new lol. Doesn't it get boring or not enjoyable or just tedious. I think the longest for me at a time is around 200 hours in RDR2 or maybe a fallout game or even NFS underground 2 back in the day and then you just get over it and seen most of it, completed the main story etc. I could play like 5-10+ games in the same time someone spends 1000 hours in 1 game which seems alot better to me lol. I just dont get it but thats just me i guess. Variety is the spice of life. No game is meant to last 1000 hours non stop, im sorry. If you need mods etc to mix up a game and make it feel fresh, maybe its time to try a new game haha

  21. Next video: "Better things to spend 1000 hours on"

  22. Stalker with anomaly mod .. with Escape From Pripyat mod now that is time there!

  23. I think the only game I’ve played close to 1000 hours is Diablo 2.

  24. Arma 3 with its campaign, multiplayer and editor.
    Easy >3000 hours.

  25. You never quit runescape, you just take really long breaks

  26. I'm surprised that Warframe was missed here….

  27. So far there are only two non-MMOG I've played for more than 1,000 hours: Kenshi and Project Zomboid.

  28. I wanted the game in the thumbnail to be real.

  29. I've sucked some 4,000 hours on Skyrim and the same on Fall Out 4.

  30. why you give gamers your bull shit? We HAD a BRAIN and can THING, no? OKay, no worries, keep posting

  31. Please do something similar but only for single player games. Most of these are MMOs and the whole point is ongoing gameplay. Games that are released to play alone and finish a campaign and yet keep you coming back year after year are much more impressive. I am disabled and game therapy keeps me sane. I would never have survived without the 1000s of hours I have placed in Skyrim, Fallouts, Witchers, Elden Ring, Dark Souls, Red Dead, and other worlds that beg you to explore every ending, role, mechanic and build. A list of 10 single player games that consume you would be great. Thanks

  32. Well I will add shadow of war also it's a pretty good game in which I might not have spent a 1000 hr mark but I have gone back to it from time to time again

  33. I appreciated the Bonus Skyrim mention. Elder Scrolls Online easily makes this list.

  34. Warframe! 2,000 hrs +. Gameplay is top tier!

  35. I love final fantasy 14 but unfortunately I can’t afford the monthly sub so I never got the chance to play after the free trial

  36. WOW / Lineage 2
    Witcher 3
    Diablo 2/3/4
    Counter Strike
    Dota / LOL
    GTA 5
    RdR 2
    Street Fighter
    Tibia (a lil meme, but if you play, you'll spend 1000 hours)
    Dark Souls / Elden Ring
    Dead Cells
    Super Metroid
    Dragon Age

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