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10 Video Games That SPOILED US

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Some games do really special things that make it harder to enjoy regular old games.
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  1. Titanfall 2 is the one that spoiled me. Every other multiplayer shooter made me feel like I was moving through mud after that. I’ve never felt that level of intensity with any other game.

  2. My favourite is Elden Ring. It pretty much spoiled every other game for me.

  3. Rdr2 and witcher 3 has ruined my experience with any other game since! It was too amazing!

  4. Hollow Knight’s price tag ruined my expectations for content-vs-price when it comes to indie games.

  5. #8 Bethseda encourages mods in their games because it allows them to release buggy, broken, garbage looking games and have the modders FIX it so they dont have to put in as much work. Look at the trash state Starfield is. It looks like a last gen game!

  6. Dark Age of Camelot. No other game (to my knowledge) or rather, no other MMO, does or did PvP combat like that game.

  7. Isn't your Number 6 about all updating an indie game with charging for it… a better example would be Minecraft?

  8. I could never get into Hollow Knight, and I tried a couple times over. Cool art style but I found it oddly boring. I'm sure it's a great game if it clicks for you. I did get into Salt and Sanctuary, which I think is underrated in the genre, and definitely got into the amazing (but unusual and slightly harder-to-get-into) Rain World. Those are my top two Metroidvanias on PC.

  9. Skyrim is such a dogshit game – thankfully mods exist to make that absolute trash game playable.
    Mad props to modders.

  10. I got to the Skyrim part and had to stop there to put on my ACKSHUALLY!!! glasses. First release of Skyrim was open for being modded but Bethesda didn't really do anything for the community outside of not going full Nintendo and suing Valve. Valve, now they were the champions of Skyrim modders because they added the Workshop page to Skyrim's Library page and helped the modding community and the players find eachother and communicate proper. Bethesda saw all this going on, and attempted to release a new Skyrim game after they released their middling DLCs that bundled everything together. What they snuck in to that new release was more complicated modding procedures and a storefront for Bethesda made mods that were such a spit in the face that they got review bombed for the release. Todd Howard is a petty child and bad at his job and should leave Bethesda because all of his games release as garbage tier that need to be modded the bejeebus out of to make them entertaining is really what I'm saying here.

  11. For me the game that I feel that has spoiled me the most is Elden Ring. The overall freedom of movement is not something to be overlooked. In many games I always feel like my character has a ball and chain on their ankle or are perpetually stuck in mud. When we're getting games like Lies Of P and Lords of the Fallen where to jump is conditional upon having to be running at the time. Or worst experience I've had is to play a bunch of Elden Ring then go back and play Skyrim. It's so frustrating. Even compared to the Assassin's Creed games which have a ton of freedom of movement outside combat, the combat movements are lack luster by comparison.

  12. TotK Ultrahand is the reason I won't play the game. The problem is they made the entire game about that one mechanic, and frankly it's a boring mechanic.

  13. I'd argue RDR2 just has details but its details for the sake of detail, overall other than doing the wild west setting justice its just a lot of fields and grass not like say ac unity and its amazing rendition of paris just an example

  14. I was getting ready to post about terraria, but you shot them out. 10 years of free updates and enjoyment for $10 is almost unheard of, plus mods, etc. All in all the terraria devs are tops for me.

  15. Bethesda tried to monetize Fan Mods for Console?! Did the give some royalties or anything? (I dont know how it works but seems kinda scum-ish)

  16. Idgaf what anybody says… Skyrim is the best open world, Skyrim has so much god damn Lore and quests story lines! It’s arguably the most replayable video game of all time! Don’t ever forget that Skyrim came out in 2011 and the amount of details in that game is insane!

  17. "And even though thats how it should work."
    Your smoking crack. I really hope this channel doesn't start selling out. Thats not spoiled, thats how games should be and were.

  18. PT is still on my PS4 and it will never leave it.

  19. Elden Ring spoiled me in the exploration department: you could go anywhere, there was always something interesting and the exploration was on you, not some markers or arrows on a map…

  20. Love vids like this keep shouting out games and devs that respect their players and deliver great games

  21. I wish they’d do another RDO and RDO online instead of doing gta over and over and over again 😢

  22. You missed one. Minecraft. Especially the Java edition spoiled us. The modding community made what is basically virtual LEGO become LEGO, LEGO city, Lego Friends, Ninjago, Technics you name it. So many tried to copy it and all failed.

  23. Had to comment when I saw Jak and Daxter, miss those games!

  24. These days, we would be spoiled if we had a game release in a finished state.

  25. Games that spoiled me
    The last of us 2
    Days gone
    Red dead Redemption 2

  26. These games are the reason I really don’t care about getting the newest and most hyped games immediately upon release. I don’t preorder anything anymore. I now shop digital sales and secondhand physics games. I’m going back to offline consoles.

  27. Honestly HOW is terraria not on this list. It embodies the qualities of other games mentioned better than they ever could. It’s something like 10 dollars, CONSTANTLY on sale and is still getting updates almost a decade after release.

  28. 18:13 1. P.T.
    16:12 2. Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
    14:43 3. Hollow Knight
    13:15 4. Jak and Daxter
    11:38 5. Marvel's Spiderman
    9:26 6. Stardew Valley
    7:09 7. Baldur's Gate 3
    4:56 8. Skyrim
    2:31 9. Kirby and the Forgotten Land
    0:13 10. Red Dead Redemption

    Since they felt the need to provide time stamps for the different numbers, but NOT the names of what game was at which place. Because they're lazy.

    You're welcome.

  29. Spoiled? Every triple a release should be within this range.

  30. I refuse to pay to play games that released in an unplayable mess regardless of how fixed they get. I will never pay to play cyber punk, fallout 74 or no mans sky, there are likely more that I have on my do not play list but these are the ones that are always at the top of my released as shit so I wont spend money on them list. If they have no respect to release a decent game I have no respect not to pirate them. (when they are fixed)

  31. Original metal gear solid, so ahead of its time, almost no game comes close in that aspect

  32. Stop saying PROPER made games “SPOILED US”. They are just made correctly. This type of narrative makes these big money hungry companies off the hook.

  33. rdr2 ruined me. It's like once you go rdr2 no other video game really hits the same

  34. Get ready to add Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth to this list.

    Because I’m easily going to drop 1,000 plus hours into it!!

  35. TFW you realize that yeah Jak and Daxter didn't have loading screens. i never even thought about that and i 100% completed that game back in 2004…

  36. These games didn't spoil anyone. These were games done right without a bunch of download dlc BS.

  37. Why use only Kirby as example ? Lot of nintendo games dont require day one patch. even sony first party exclusives generally are solid at launch

  38. Super Mario Odyssey feels like 3 Mario’s on one

  39. Hollow knight was on a different level …bro the price is absurd for the amount of content your getting..hk wax my first game on switch and i playthatbefore my zelda when i got myswitch earlyon when it came out …112 % completion for hollow knight ….no regrets

  40. Maaaan I miss Jak and Daxter. When the hell are they gonna bring them back? 😩

  41. Monster Hunter spoiled me, was the first game i played that actually had difficult battles without resorting to cheesy ass one shots. Also like how enenies dont have leashes and will only stay in one spot/area. As games become more open world, bigger, and better its just so stupid how the ai is sometimes.

  42. Not spoiled us … showed us what Gaming should be in 2023, but it's NOT, because money made by big corporations that monopolize the industry are more important than the product that still doesn't have any rigorous quality checks from the law point of view. You don't see Ford or any other car manufacturer saying that their car will fly and have rocket boosters and go under water, when the final product is not having that, because anyone could sue them and they will loose the company paying bills. The gaming industry has no standards set by the law, but by themselves no wander feels like the wild wild west and majority will sell you the snake oil.

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