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100 Best Games of the Decade (2000-2010) | Games for OLD Laptops and Low-End PCs

Gameplay icu
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it’s time to take look back at all of the games that brought us joy and/or introduced new ideas. We’ve picked the very best games released this decade. Guess which titles ended up at the top? SUBSCRIBE for more content and turn on the notification bell 🔔
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Just because you’ve got an older pc doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy gaming.

I hope one day you all get whatever you wish and have your dream gaming pc or laptop!
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  1. Ok,i saw a lot of people trying to find some games and i'll try finding mine. The only thing i remember is that the game situated in an alien planet,you could use an alien glove to pull enemies and shoot them in the air,another thing that i remember is that one of the main character's name is Isaac,hope someone helps me.

  2. Childhood just flashed before my eyes in 10min

  3. I used to play two games when I was younger, around the beginning of the 2000s I guess. The first one was a RTS, I think it looked like Warhammer and that you were able to create giant robots in some points to fight.

    The other one was an RPG, but I don't really remember a lot from this one. Just that I kind of looked like a game called gothic and darkstone. and also that you were able to buy dogs to follow you and that you were in some kind of town/forest

  4. I played at least 80%of these games, nowadays im looking for something to play, but none of these games made me feel like oh yes im gonna download it and play…:( I just dont know what to play…I dont even know what genre I want XD well definately not shooters

  5. Im looking for an old game guys please help. In the beginning of the game some guards are pissing and are attacked by monster. It's an old rpg with 2d graphics. please helpp

  6. It would be a 100% video if not for this annoying transition lighting animation..

  7. 7:48 wtf??????????? this is the first crysis, broooo??what's wrong with you? if you don't know don't creating a videos.

    Crysis Warhead Specs : Supported OS: Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or Microsoft Vista

    Processor:Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz (3.2 GHz for Vista), Intel Core 2.0 GHz (2.2 GHz for Vista), AMD Athlon 2800+ (3200+ for Vista) or better

    Memory:1.0 GB RAM (XP) or 1.5 GB RAM (Vista)

    Graphics:256 MB

    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (Radeon X800 Pro for Vista) or better

    DirectX Version:DirectX 9.0c or 10

    Sound:DirectX 9.0c compatible

    Hard Drive:15GB

    this game is created in 2008

  8. Guys im searching a game that we can move from house to another house, then there are npc and if I remember there is one npc that has a squirrel at his shoulder please I need to know

  9. I wud have reported him if he he didn't add NFS most wanted 2005

  10. Damn – I just noticed, I actually played 42 out of those. 😲

  11. All call of duty games still look modern

    Because they never changed. They only changed the title and in game menu

  12. Battle Realms is really good guys I didnt even know how to play it as a child but i still enjoyed it

  13. Left 4 dead 2 is a masterpiece. I invite you guys to try it. Too much fun

  14. Quando cheguei no GTA Vice City e lembrei que tenho ele e o GTA SA o celular… fiquei abismado com o avanço da tecnologia.

  15. Everybody gangsta till farcry 1 comes in with no crysis allowed sign

  16. Blood rayne best game i ever played when i was a kid and other games like:Street Racing Syndicate,Heroes of might and magic 3,Rally,Scrapland, and many others

  17. Battle realms was my best strategy game that I’ve ever played when I was a kid
    Same as Warcraft III Reign of chaos and The Frozen Throne
    Good old days

  18. lol. is r9 3900x or i9 9900k with 8gb graphics card and 16 gb ram sufficient to run crysis warhead? can it run crysis? XD

  19. please rename this video to "every FPS game older than 10 years"

  20. There was game with silver car a very advanced car which could turn in a bike also and in the start of game there were driving scene on train tracks , I don’t remember that game wish I knew or remembered it’s name

  21. i'm looking for good 2d titles among that age of ugly 3d games…

  22. This guy have the biggest colection of good old games ever.
    I got a strong pc but i still love play old games i din't know exist, nice channel, u got a new sub.

  23. Where was a game in which we have to go through farm without being noticed plz please let me know the name

  24. Jedi Outcast, first Battlefront, Battlefront 2 and Republic Commando is missing but for that yet is fucking awesome video.

  25. Thank you dayum i have been look for the game prototype for so long forgot the title of it

  26. i'm impressed by how many great games my old potato can run ^..^

  27. Total overdose,spiderman,iron man,hulk,WWE, cricket why not in list

  28. Does anyone know the game that had a Boat that was Circling an Island and there were multiple teleports in different colors where you could fight Monsters ?. I forgot the name of the game but i played it a lot when i was younger around 2010-2013. It's a Online Game kind of like a Vikings/Soliders vs Monsters on an Island.

  29. I know that this game isn’t from 2010, but terraria is a good game that can run on low specs, e.g I have an Intel i3 m370, 4gb ram, original Intel hd graphics, and the minimum are Intel core 2 duo, Intel hd 3000, and 2gb ram

  30. Do you know how I can download need for speed underground 2

  31. Dont laugh at these games just cause they're old

  32. Bad thing is,that it's not possible 2 play some of these games online 🙁 4 example BAd Company 2 🙁

  33. Titles: Low End Pc

  34. commandos 2 man of courage has my whole childhood green barret❤️

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