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11 Best Apple TV Games (2018)

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Have an Apple TV? Well, here are the best Apple TV Best Games you need to try this month.

Crossy Road
Beach buggy racing
Splashy dots
Into the dead
Asphalt 8
Song Pop party
Sonic 2
Just Dance Now

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  1. Modem combat 5 has been down for months lmao

  2. Clash of clans on apple tv gaming test pls

  3. Nice showcase video 🙂

    You said you’re a “hardcore gamer” but Sonic was the only “gamer” game you mentioned. The rest are casual time-filler games you play in the toilet. Nothing wrong with them, just a bit inconsistent

  4. I cant run my modern combat on apple tv it says. That theres no internet connection but it works on my ipad and cellphone

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